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I stood at the cemetery beside Cece. I forgot my damn tissues. Tears were streaming down my face and onto the dirt that would be placed on top of Eli's coffin. Cece handed me one of the spare handkerchiefs she had and she grabbed me hand, squeezing it tight as they lowered him into the ground. I can't believe he's gone, I can't believe he's dead. He died of a brain aneurysm. The ceremony was over and people started to walk away. I was stuck there though. Something wouldn't let me move. It's like my feed had grown roots in that space. I think I half expected Eli to get out and say "just joking!" I know that wouldn't happen though. He's been embalmed… There's no possibility he will ever get out of that grave again. Cece and Bullfrog hugged me before getting back into the family car to go to their house. All that was left were Adam and I. We stood there like two lost baby ducks longing for a leader. What would become of us now that Eli is gone? We hugged each other and then we walked out of the cemetery and into the taxi we went in half to rent.

We had the cabbie take us to the Goldsworthy residence. There weren't many guests there. Cece and Bullfrog had asked that they not come over today, but Adam and I were invited. We ate lunch with them… Cece made the chicken I always loved to eat when I would eat with them and Eli, but I wasn't in the mood for food.

"Clare and Adam… Would you clean out Eli's room?"

"Are you sure you want us to?"

"Yes. I would but… I just think he would want you guys to do it."


With their permission Adam and I went upstairs and to the room where I spent most of my days this summer. I put in the combination and the lock came off. Adam and I ventured into the room and my head started to spin. It still smelled like him. His bed was still messy because he never makes it. There was even a half eaten apple and half drunken coke on his night stand. At this time a week ago we were lying in that bed and talking about a future together. It's funny how even one day can change everything.

Adam started in his closet and I started in his drawers. There was one drawer full of papers and journals with pictures and other little mementos. This must be his memory drawer. There were concert tickets and even that earring we both got together. We decided to take them out a few months later though. There were pictures of me and pictures of Julia. I went into Eli's closet and I got a shoebox. I took all of the mementos and pictures, notes and journals and I put them into that box.

"Hey Clare. The keys to Morty are on the nightstand."

"So they are. I don't know why I thought they'd be in Eli's pockets."

"We should ask Cece and Bullfrog if we can drive it before they sell it. For that one last memory."

"I have a better idea."

I went down the stairs with the keys and the shoebox in my hands. I sat across from them and I asked them my question.

"I know this might be too early but I was wondering… since you are going to sell Morty. I would like to buy him."

"No Clare."

"Oh okay I understand."

"Eli would have wanted you to have him. We couldn't sell him to you… you can have him."

"Thank you."

Adam and I told them we would be by tomorrow to finish going through Eli's things in his room. We hopped into Morty, I was behind the wheel. Eli taught me how to drive this summer. It still smelled like him in here… there was even another half drunken soda in the cup holder. We took off down the street. I didn't know where we were going. I started thinking about things… particularly about the months of joy leading up to these days of tragedy and loss….

It was the last day at Degrassi and things were chaotic. The hallway floor were covered in notebook paper and study guides. It seemed that everyone had gone and lost their minds but it was summer so nobody cared. The big dance was tonight. Everyone seemed pumped for it. With all the pressures that we'd been under lately, we all needed a little stress relief in the form of a sick beat and strobe lights.

I went outside to see Eli and Adam in front of Morty talking. I went over and Eli pulled me into a hug and then a breathtaking kiss. Right after he gave me that crooked grin of his and I placed my head on his chest.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't think I passed my French exam."

"I offered to tutor you."

"French kissing doesn't count."

"If you say so."

We piled into Morty and it was on to the Dot. It was a bit crowded today but luckily our usual seats weren't taken. We had a seat and I ordered my usual burger with a shake. He got a latte and Adam got chili fries.

"So guys its summer."

"I know. While you two are in lover's land I have to get a job. Meet the new ticket taker for Above the Dot."

"That's cool Adam."

"Yeah I know, and since its summer there is going to be a concert or event mostly every night."

"Adam is a grown up."

"Oh hush Stephanie Meyer!"

"Dude she's right."

"Don't even get me started on you…emo boy."

"Oh nice one. Real mature!"

"So are you and Fitz cool now?"

"We aren't best friends but we are no longer enemies."


After the afterschool snack at the Dot, Eli dropped Adam off and then we went back to his place. I was spending the night with Eli. My parents think I'm spending the night with Jenna though, and they are too involved with their own lives to do too much investigating.

My outfit for the dance plus everything else I need to look gorgeous were already at his place. I've been staying here a lot lately. Not because it's bad at home or anything, I just like being with Eli. I can talk to him for hours and never get tired of hearing his voice. We can also talk for days and never repeat the subjects we've talked about… As of late though I've wanted to do a bit more than talk. So after the dance I'm going to seduce Elijah.

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