The waterfall was where I needed to go. Though the fall wind is chilly I need to feel the water on my skin. I need to feel that rushing coolness all over my body. I need something else to remind me of Eli… I drove to the spot and I walked into the water slowly. There was no getting used to it. It was icy. I started to shiver almost instantly but I didn't care. I got under the cascade and it washed over me, making me feel like I was being cut. Cut by the cold I guess… I dipped my head under the stream. I held my breath as long as I could and I still didn't rise because I couldn't. It seemed like even standing up done nothing. I was still underwater. Almost like someone was holding me there. I started to fight, kicking and trying to scream only to have my lungs fill up with the icy water. It started to feel like there was no hope….

I woke up coughing and gasping for air. There was a tube down my throat. It hurt and made my throat sore. I looked around. I was in the hospital… My mother was by my bed and Eli was in a chair in the corner of the room. I pulled the tube from my throat and I coughed louder, fully… My mother and Eli both jumped and came over to me. They buzzed the nurse…

"Well, she's finally awake."

"My throat hurts."

"Breathing tubes usually have that affect on people."

"What happened?"

"You've been out for three days."


They looked at Eli. Tears filled his perfectly green eyes. He grabbed my hand and he kissed it as he told me what happened to me. It all started to come back to me… We went to that waterfall even though it was cloudy. It started to rain and we were going to leave but the roads were flooded, the entire area was flooded, it just so happened that we were under flash flood warning. He tried to drive over the rushing water but the car got carried away…He was able to get out but I couldn't… not in time… The last thing I remember before waking up here was Eli banging on the windows trying to free me.

"Clare I'm so sorry. I should have looked to see if you were out before I got out..."

"Eli don't fret. I don't blame you. We would have both died then...but we are both alive."

"Clare we are so glad you are okay. You dad and I have been worried sick. He was here but he went to get me a change of clothes and some food…"

"You two are speaking?"

"Well…daddy and I realized that there may be more love left between us than we originally thought. We are working it out."

"That's great mom."

Things settled down and I began to think about the dreams I had while I was knocked out. These horrible nightmares. Eli was dead…Eli was a ghost. I was an alcoholic. Adam was a binge eater! Just horrid dreams… They were so vivid though. They were also very detailed. So detailed in fact that I thought they were real! It seemed like I was living that life.

My mom left the room for a second. Eli came over to the hospital bed and he went to kiss me. I moved away because I knew my lips were probably too chapped. He looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face.

"No kiss?"

"Not until I get some chap stick mister…"

"Okay… Why do you look so sad?"

"Oh no reason. I'm happy, I was just thinking about the dream I had…it was horrible."

"Well what was it?"

"You died of a brain aneurysm and Adam and I were trying to cope so he started binge eating and I became alcoholic and your spirit was around but all depressed-like."

"Now I know why you couldn't get out of the car. You were high on mushrooms before you went out like a light for three days."

"Eli that's not funny! That dream was so real."

"Well we are both alive… Trust me if anything was wrong with me they would've found it by now because they checked me out from head to toe."

"Did we miss school?"

"No, we still have a week."

"Oh… Did I get drunk this summer and flash a crowd or was that part of the dream?"

"No that was all you… If you need another reminder… We made love this summer, we danced this summer, we almost became porn stars this summer, and we spent tons of time at that waterfall even though it tried to kill us in the end…"

"Oh. It's coming back to me now. So Adam isn't huge?"

"No. he's just as slender as he's always been."

"Cool…So what happened to Morty?"

"He's fine. I had to pay to get pulled out of the mud, pressure washed, repainted and I had to have him aired out but… he's okay. He's missed you… he was concerned about you."

"I'll bet he was."


Clare did have a weird dream. Me, dying and coming back as a ghost is pure madness. Not that I can't die I just don't feel like my time is right now. I think when you are about to die you will be able to sense it. Even when I was near drowning I knew it wasn't my time. I did almost lose Clare though. The car was pushed to the side by the water after I busted out the window to free her. She wasn't moving. I gave her CPR and she coughed up the water but she was still unconscious. I carried her three miles in the rain and I had to go towards an unfamiliar town because the road was flooded the way we came. I was starting to think they'd find me with Clare's corpse until a police officer passed by us. I flagged him down and he got us to the nearest hospital. They started working to try and get Clare back, now she was suffering from hypothermia and she started flat lining. They had to shock her three times to get her heart beating again. I was about to lose it. I thought she was going to die.

I couldn't even imagine my life without Clare. A world without her isn't a world I want to live in. Not to mention how crazy it would make me seem if two of my girlfriends died. Getting over Julia or trying to at least, was hard enough. Losing Clare would have been unimaginable.


I breathed a sigh of relief when Eli called and told me that Clare was awake and she was okay, though the dream he said she had was peculiar. The only reason I wasn't with them that night is because I was grounded for coming home drunk. No telling how the story would have ended had Eli been trying to save both me and Clare. When day came I went to the hospital to visit. Clare's mom and dad were stepping out of the room and holding hands. I guess sometimes bad situations bring people back together….

"Clare, glad to see you are in the land of the living. Now what the fuck was up with that coma dream?"

"I wasn't in a coma Adam, I was just asleep for a few days. Right Eli?"


"Either way, it's good to see you talking and moving again. Things wouldn't be the same without Saint Clare to keep everything in order and sin-free."

"Hey I'm not a saint anymore, remember?"

"Oh yeah. I forgot that Eli turned you into a sinner."

"He corrupted me."



Though I still have to stay in this hospital for a few days things won't be that unbearable with Eli by my side. He's always been affectionate but now he's kissing me every few minutes and hugging me too. I'm enjoying the attention though. It makes me feel loved.

That dream has made me realize how lucky I am to have a guy like Eli. He's sweet, caring, passionate, interesting and romantic. He's just for me and now that I've seen what losing him would look like while I was knocked out… I will never take that for granted. For the time being we are alive, together and in love…which is how it should be.

The End!

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