AN: Back to Sophie's POV

Abby never called.

At least unless we were meeting up somewhere and couldn't see each other which in reality didn't really make sense considering Abby's stand out fashion sense. Even then, it always started with a standard text of "where are you girl?"

So when the goth called at 4:30 in the morning, I was naturally a little alarmed.

"Hello?" No doubt, my voice sounded a little sketchy. I cleared my throat on instinct.

"It's G-Gibbs…" Abby's voice sounded even sketchier than usual, almost as if she had been crying.

I sat upright in bed and turned my hair behind my ear. "Abby, what's going on, are you alright?" Is Gibbs alright, I subconsciously wondered.

"He's in a coma. He was investigating a ship and – there was an explosion and I went in to see him and he looked bad, like his face was burnt and he had no expression I mean he normally doesn't have that much of an expression except for a little twinkle in his right eye and that mouth twitch he does wh-"

"Slow down Abby," I began rubbing my head, trying to take in at least half of the jumbled monologue. "Gibbs is in a coma?"

"Yeah," there is a loud sniffle that came through the line.

"…I'll be over in a few." Hanging up, I stretched my legs out off of the bed, hearing them pop from being still for a few hours. Ignoring my two yawns in a row, I made my way down the hall for what turned out to be a very long night.


As I drove in the dead of night, I couldn't help feeling how weird and unreal it all seemed. Gibbs had always seemed like an unbreakable source. I couldn't even picture him sleeping like a normal human – not when there were cases to be solved and agents to be yelled at. I blinked rapidly, not realizing my eyes had grown watery. Probably just something in my eye. I took a shaky breath and continued down the road. By the time I got to Abby's building, she was standing sadly outside in well used skeleton pajamas, laced combat boots and holding a far too decorative black umbrella.

She scurried into the passenger seat of my car as if it was pouring cats and dogs outside instead of the dead silence of the early morning.

"Hey, Sof. Sorry for c-calling for late." Abby looked pale – paler than usual. Despite having a face of makeup on, I could clearly see the tear trails down her face. Obviously she had waterproof mascara on since her eyes were puffy and red. She noticed my scrutiny and just gave me a small smile. "I just got back from the hospital and couldn't sleep and Tony, McGee and Ziva are busy investigating already, Palmer's…somewhere and I don't know if anyone has told Ducky yet and I just wanted some company that wasn't running around trying to investigate the bombing!" She wrung her hands into her now closed umbrella. "It's good I guess. I just can't bring myself to go to Major Mass Spec while Gibbs is just lying there in a coma, ya now?" Abby's bangs fluttered as she shook her head, staring at the dashboard.

"I just feel so useless but I knew I would just be just as useless in the lab, trying to work the evidence when Gibbs is just in the b-" She sniffed heavily before grabbing me rather violently into a hug. I sighed and rubbed her back. We stayed in comfortable silence for a while.

Finally, Abby pulled away and gave me another smile. "Thanks Sof. That helped."

I nodded, turning on the ignition of my car again. "How about we visit him? I don't see either of us getting sleepy anytime soon…" And I certainly couldn't distract her from his accident.

Abby bobbed her head up and down. "He would like that."

So back to the hospital together we went. The forensic scientist was unnaturally silent which just made my large sense of dread grow. In truth, I felt more like a friend of Gibbs than just his coffee girl. I never realized, however, what a stable part of my life he had become. The thought of him being in a coma made my stomach flip and my mouth dry. I found myself wiping my eyes profusely even as Abby lead me to Gibbs' room, past Trauma One. The first thing I noticed was the slim form of a redheaded female in red lying awkwardly half in a chair and half in Gibbs' bed. But then I saw him.

His nose and forehead were scattered with burns. An ugly tube was stuffed in his mouth and he looked…not very alive. I gulped and hesitated before coming closer. He looked – strangely peaceful. To be honest, Gibbs while conscious usually was agitated, focused or just stony. He did have his burst of humor and such but – his face in a coma had a look of final rest that was comforting as it was mildly disturbing. My hand drifted over his face.

"Do you know who did this?"

Abby shuffled closer. "We have some ideas – based on what Gibbs was doing but nothing too solid yet." She seemed to be watching me rather closely all of a sudden. I pulled my hovering hand away and rubbed my eyes again.

"Do you think he'll be ok?" My voice was very quiet as I asked. I was no science major and all the comas you ever hear about either come out miraculously or never come out at all. Somehow, my mind lingered towards the darker possibility. I refocused on the sleeping woman beside Gibbs and frowned. "Is that…the director?"

I had seen the fiery female director in action a few times since my first run in with her on a coffee run. She was always kind to me but came off rather rude when talking to her own agents, in particular Gibbs' team. Or perhaps I came in at the wrong times. Either way, it was really surprising for me to see her at Gibbs' bedside, of all places.

"Ya, they have a…special relationship." The goth whispered, her eyes agleam with gossip briefly. "History and all." She smiled at the sleeping figure.

I nodded dumbly again, partially still numb from the whole situation. Actually seeing the older agent tied up to machines made Abby's story so real. I could only hope for the best now. So I simply bowed my head when I felt Abby give me a hug from behind.

AN: Hopefully Abby isn't too OOC - I tried. It's been a while. As you can tell, this is meant to be during the episode "Hiatus Part 1". Thanks for being so patient with my updates and have a great day!