Looking into the eyes of the newly transformed second stage monster named Frieza, he's even stronger than I ever imagined, said the scared Gohan.

Hahahaha fools did you really think your power can match the power of the mighty Frieza.

My power level is over one million.

Dad what's taking you so long, said gohan? Oh no if I don't get healed up soon there done for, said Goku who was healing in the rejuvenation chamber.

Well Vegeta you got what you wanted are you ready to die.

NEVER! HAAA Vegeta rushed to attack Frieza with determination in his eyes.

Before Vegeta could even touch him Frieza hit him right in the gut.

AGH! Vegeta said in pain when he flew to the ground in pain.

I didn't even see him move did you Gohan, krillin said.

No, said gohan.

Oh come on Vegeta I still have two more transformations and I will promise you each of them are stronger than the last.

NO, said Vegeta who was starting to get back up from his knees. My power should be much stronger than this.

Now who wants to die first, Vegeta? The earthling brat? Or the midget.

It doesn't matter to me because your all going to die.

Frieza rushes for the kill.

Narrator: But which one will he attack first? Stay tuned to the next chapter of dragon ball z fanfiction.