Chapter 5: A Slim Change

Finally the kind hearted sayain felt his legendary power being restored to a hundred percent. "Finally I am healed, goku said with joy, now its time to get out of here".

Goku then took off his oxygen mask off and raised his right hand to fire a large hole in the healing chamber. As he fired he flew out, water followed him and splashed to the hard floor of freazas ship. When goku found the exit he flew out and landed in med air, quietly he closed his eyes without a word trying to sense for his team mates energy.

"Now where is-Their, goku said as he found his friends energy's." "I sense a huge power in the distance so that must be freaza, there is also two others powers too so that must be krillin and vegeta." "Piccolo is their too so that must mean Gohan and the others must of wished him back with the namekian dragon balls but his power is decreasing fast, that's not good, said the worried goku." But where is-NO, goku said as his eyes snapped back open losing his concentration." "The power I felt decreasing was Gohans and I can't sense his life force so that must mean… Goku didn't finish as he flew full speed to where the battle was taking place." "Don't worry guys I'm coming" said the spiky haired sayain!

The battle field: "Guys Gokus coming, krillin said happily as he sensed a high power level coming towards them." "Kakarot, vegeta said confused." It is kakarot, vegeta said as he then too sensed gokus power". Vegeta then smiled. Freaza then stopped his rapid death beams. As soon as he stopped the knocked out piccolo fell out of the air, aiming to the ground, I got you, krillin said as he grabbed piccolo and gently put him down to the tiny island away from freaza but right by vegeta.

The cold blooded reptile then looked straight at the lonesome prince and said wait kakarot that's impossible, that's a sayains name! I killed the entire sayain race except you, nappa, and ratize. True freaza but the whole reason we went to earth was to get him, ratizes brother, the son of bardock, the one survivor you never knew about, vegeta said, and you know what else freaza, he's the legendary super sayain that will cause your destruction! YOU LIAR, freaza yelled!

Wait vegeta, krillin said wanting to know, what's a super sayain? A super sayain is a legendary warrior born with impossible strength, kakarot should be able to defeat him in seconds, vegeta said still looking at freaza. As vegeta finished, goku landed swiftly between vegeta and krillin. It's about time you made it, vegeta said looking at goku. Sorry vegeta but I had to heal up remember, goku said staring at the cold ugly face freaza. So is this the freaza king kai warned me about, I know freaza was really evil but not really ugly, goku snorted.

Goku, krillin said in a sad tone changing the topic, I have some bad news about Gohan. He- I know goku said cutting him off. I sensed the entire battle when I was healing. I felt gohans power decreasing to zero and I knew he died from freazas hand. Krillin then swallowed, I am so sorry goku, their was nothing I could do; if I tried to attack he would of killed him before I could do anything. I know krillin, goku said in a light mood, don't worry. Goku then smiled, surprising krillin, if I know my son gohan he would probably be getting his body granted by king Yemma as we speak and getting ready to go to snake way to where the others are. And about the time we battle and beat freaza gohan would be at king kais waiting to be brought back. Are you sure we can beat freaza, krillin said unsure. A hundred percent, goku reassured him.

I'm sorry to interrupt but I was in the middle of killing the namekian behind you, freaza said pointing at the unconscious piccolo. Speaking of which goku said as he grabbed his last senzu bean, tucked in his blue belt. Give this to piccolo and get far away from here; goku said handing the green colored bean to krillin. But go-, krillin then stopped and understood from looking at the seriousness in his eyes. Right, krillin said and then ran to piccolo.

Good luck kakorot, vegeta said with his arm crossed while goku stretched. Thanks for the support, goku said in a battle eager mood slowly flying to freaza who was still in the air. As krillin put the senzu bean in piccolos mouth. As he swallowed he regained unconscious and opened his eyes to see krillin. Get up piccolo, we need to get out of here; krillin said helping him up. Piccolo then understood him as he saw goku. Come on, vegeta yelled as he flew off with piccolo following. Krillin quickly ran behind the rocky hill to grab the forgotten infant Dende and followed them.

As Goku had finally stopped in front of freaza; standing twenty feet away from him. Are you ready sayain, freaza asked? Wait hold on, Goku said while he stretched. Moments later after Goku did a couple stretching exercises, ok all ready. It's about time, freaza said with an annoyed look on his face with his arms crossed. Freaza then smiled, prepare to die and don't worry your death will be slow and painful. Once again freaza began to use his multiple finger beams on the sayain but to his surprise Goku dodged every beam without needing to block. Is that all you got because if that is than your nowhere near as strong as I thought you were, Goku said with a smug look on his face.

"You monkey, freaza screamed!" In rage freaza shot not one, not two, but thirty finger beams aiming for his neck. Not wanting to get hit Goku deflected each beam with his fast reflexes. As the beams flew opposite ways from the martial arts master, hitting islands. All could be seen were islands being destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Finally the other z fighters landed on an island by the battlefield but not close enough to get shot by an energy beam by freaza. As Dende settled on the ground he turned facing the battlefield. "What's going on, Dende said scared as he saw the tense explosions from freaza?" "I don't know, krillin quickly answered, but I just hope Goku isn't getting hit." "I don't think so, piccolo said obverting the battle. See those beams; that's the same attack freaza was using on me." "Either two things are happening; either Goku is dodging the beams or freazas shooting beams all over the place trying to find Goku." "So that means Goku turned the tables on freaza." "I hope your right, krillin said as turned his head to the explosions."

"Freaza finally stopped his useless destruction and said with anger, how can you deflect those beams, they're impossible to block!" Goku then smiled. Freaza then smiled back at him. "So you want to smile, fine, I will give you something to smile about; my final form." Before you arrived I transformed two times, each time growing strong but this will be different, this next form is going to show you how weak you are to me. Haaaaa! "Freaza yelled as he started to transform." As he powered up his body started to crack, his horns started to fall off as he shrunk. His body was the size of his first form with a smooth body. So your final form is getting smaller, Goku said with a calm voice. My size may be small but I must warn you my power is a lot stronger, freaza said as they started to get ready to battle again.

The first move was made by Goku and then Freaza as they both rushed towards each other. All could be seen were quick punches, kicks, and blocks as they teleported from place to place in the green namekian sky.