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It had been a long hard day at NCIS and 'Team Gibbs' was exhausted. They had finished the case hours ago but with so much paper work they had all been stuck at their computers typing till gone 9pm. Finally Gibbs told them to hand in their reports and call it a night. Ziva was gone before Tony and McGee could even look up. Gibbs shrugged.

"McGee, lock up autopsy would you? Ducky forgot."

Tim nodded, almost dropping the bundle of keys Gibbs had chucked at him from across the room before leaving. Tony leaned back in his chair and put his feet up on the desk.

"Hey, while you're down there McGeek, put the superglue back for me."

McGee picked up the small tube, cursing himself for having fallen for that again. He glared at Tony but decided at least if he put it back himself he could hide it and maybe then he wouldn't get glued to his desk stationary. He had to take the stairs down, Gibbs always made sure the lifts weren't on when he left in case someone broke in during the night.

As soon as McGee was out of sight Tony leapt out of his seat and snuck after him. It had been at least a week of nothing but name calling and a few glue covered pencils and he felt it was time for a proper prank. Otherwise people would start thinking he'd gone soft on Probie.

Tim walked into the bright autopsy room and set the keys down on the table by the door and quickly busied himself with a few drawers over the other side of the room trying to find the best, most boring looking place, to hide the tube of superglue. The more boring looking the better, DiNozzo would never find it then. He shivered slightly, just realising how cold it was down here. He could see his breath. But then it had to be cold, very cold, or the bodies wouldn't stay 'fresh'.

Tony pushed the door open an inch and peered in. His initial plan was to jump out at McGee in the room of the dead and scare the socks off of him but out of the corner of his eye he spotted the keys, just within arms reach. A sinister smirk planted itself on his face as he leaned forwards and silently pulled the keys back through the door, shutting it behind him.

Tim spun round when he head a quiet click. Superglue forgotten he rushed over to the door and shook at the handle. It was locked, just like he feared. He looked through the square window at the top of the door to see Tony grinning, spinning the keys round his finger.

"Tony! This is not funny, let me out of here now!"Tony didn't stop grinning and waved through the glass at the bright red angry looking McGee.

"Calm down, McGrouchy. Ring me later when you've cooled down and I'll let you out. Or you could look for Ducky's spare key."

With that DiNozzo spun round on one foot and jogged back up the stairs, ignoring the pounding on the door behind him.

McGee quickly gave up. No one man, however strong, could knock down NCIS doors. He leaned against the wall panting and frowning. Tony could be such an ass sometimes. No, scratch that, he was an ass all the time. Tim shivered again and reached instinctively to pull his jacket tighter when he realised that his jacket was still upstairs hanging over the back of his chair. Well he hadn't exactly expected to get shut down here. Maybe he should just call Tony and beg him to let him out of this body freezer. Not that he was scared of the corpses that inhabited this room, he dealt with them on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But that didn't stop the thought of it being unnerving. McGee waited ten more minutes before his pride caved in and he reached for his phone. Not there, must be in the other pocket. Nope, not there either. Tim was starting to panic when it dawned on him that he didn't have his phone on him and he wasn't getting out of here till Tony got a call. Taking a few deep breaths he calmed himself down and went back to the drawers to look for Ducky's spare key.


Tony sat in his car, driving home, waiting for that oh so satisfying call of McGeek begging him to come back and let him out. Though knowing Tim he'd most likely found the spare key and let himself out by now. He'd probably give Tony the silent treatment for most of tomorrow, but then that would just give more opportunity for pranks and names to coax him into talking which was always fun. Ziva wouldn't approve much but maybe he could convince her to join in, her quick wit (even with slow vocabulary) was always entertaining. Tony smiled and concentrated on the road. McGee would forgive him eventually, he always did.


A while later McGee looked up at the clock hanging high up on the wall. It was 11:30pm. He'd been stuck in here for over an hour and a half. He'd managed to figure out that there was no spare key, Ducky must have taken it with him, and no phones either. Now he sat against the wall at the far side of the room, away from the bodies and the now very messed up drawers. He only hoped Tony would realised that he hadn't gotten a call and would come let him out, though it was starting to look less and less likely.

12:15am, time was going really slowly. McGee wrapped his arms round himself and brought his knees up to his chin to try and keep himself warm. He caught himself almost falling asleep a few times but shook himself awake each time. Suddenly it felt a little less cold. His eyes drooped sleepily. Something in the back of his head said that since nobody had turned the heat up he shouldn't be feeling less cold. It also said that he shouldn't fall asleep. Tim heeded his mind for a while, trying his best to think of anything but sleep. This was very hard, none of the team had had much sleep in the past few days. He knew the best way to fend off the cold would be to sit close to someone and share body heat. But since the only other 'people' in the room were all dead, chances of them sharing any body heat were very unlikely.

2:00am. McGee's head lolled to one side slightly. He could still see his breath, little clouds of thick mist in front of his face. They were smaller than before but he didn't take time to notice this. The thoughts going through his head seemed jumbled. Something about learning first aid, or needing it… he couldn't remember. His knees had slipped down from being tucked under his chin and he didn't seem to have the strength to put them back, so they stayed with his legs sprawled across the icy cold floor. His arms hung by his sides, unable to stay wrapped round him any longer. More thoughts fluttered through his mind. Something about Tony. And a slap to the back of the head. Again he couldn't seem to figure out if Tony needed a slap or if he was remembering being slapped by Tony. Either way it didn't seem important. He felt so sleepy, so tired. His hazy mind couldn't recall why he shouldn't be sleeping right now. He began to close his eyes slowly and consciousness drifted from him. His eyes didn't even get the chance to close completely but lay half open staring at nothing.