Chapter 10


*One Week Later*

Sophie gripped her white bag. The bag itself hung over her yellow, and white flowerily dress. Her hair was down, and over her shoulders. She was shaking. Christopher sat beside her, he was holding a small glass of water. He was wearing his usual a green top, that had a weird saying on it, and jeans.

"It's gonna be alright.." he said, he handed her the glass. She shook her hand, while taking a sip. A few drops of water landed on her lap. Her mother on the other side of her, gripped her daughter's leg. "Are you sure you're ready?" questioned Kuki.

Sophie let icy cold tears roll down her cheek. She nodded her head. Christopher kissed her on her forehead. "We can always come back.." said Kuki out loud. Sophie quickly shook her head. "We can always give it up for adoption…." suggested Chris. "No.." she said through her croaky voice. "I don't want his baby.." she said, with hatred in her eyes. Even though she saved him from her brother, and boyfriend, she still hated him.

"Sophie Anne Beatles." said a young nurse. She was wearing a bright blue uniform. Her red hair up in a bun. She had a few freckles on her arm, and face. She also wore horrible white shoes. Sophie stood up slowly. A few people looked up towards her. Her breathing began to become heavy. She was getting worst. Her mother grab her tablets, while Chris held her before she fainted. Two nurses helped her to a seat in a different room. Kuki placed a tablet inside Sophie's mouth. She swallowed it down, with the water.

"Are you okay love?" questioned a Scottish Nurse. She had her brown hair up in a pony-tail. She looked like she was in her thirties. "Yeah.." said Sophie weakly. She shakily grabbed hold of the seat. "The Doctor will be here soon." replied the Nurse from earlier. The other nurses left the family be.

"Are you sure you're well enough.." questioned Kuki. Sophie only nodded, as she held Chris's hand.

A few minutes later, and a doctor walked into the room. "Hello, I'm Doctor Mohan." said the young doctor. He looked like he came out of a sun bed. His skin was crisped brown. He had short black hair, and bright piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a white coat. He sat down on his black computer chair. "So.. How are you feeling Sophie?" questioned the doctor, as he typed away on the computer. He turned around in his chair. "Em.. Okay.. I guess." she replied quietly. "Okay, you do know why you're here today.. Don't you?" he asked, as he turned towards her. Kuki lightly squeezed her hand. Christopher had his arm around her.

"Yes, I want to get rid of this thing." she stated, as she pointed towards her stomach. "Well, before you make any decisions… Do you want to see a scan of it?" he asked. Sophie looked down at her small bump. Did she want to see her child… or did she want to kill it?… "Emm.." she began, when she looked over towards Chris, for help. He just stared at the floor. "Okay.." Sophie replied, as she shook with nerves. The Doctor nodded his head, and left the room to get the machine. "Why do you want to see it?" questioned Kuki. She seemed a bit upset. "Because I want to say goodbye to it, before I kill it.." said Sophie softly. A few tears fell down her face. Christopher quickly grabbed a hankie and wiped them away.

A couple minutes later and the doctor walked in. He was strolling a little trolley into the room. Sophie sat on the near by bed. The Scottish Nurse form earlier walked in, with the doctor right behind her. She rolled Sophie's top up, right underneath her cream coloured bra. "This might tickle or feel cold on your stomach." giggled the nurse, as she placed the gel on. Sophie almost scream, from the bitter coldness.

"We will soon start to see the head." said Doctor Mohan. He zoomed around Sophie's belly. "Oh I found him/her.." he said, while the nurse giggled. He showed everyone the screen.

"There's his head." replied Christopher shocked. "Or her…" said Kuki.

Sophie stared at the image. How could this thing be inside of her… This creature, this beautiful creature has caused so much damage, yet it doesn't know. Even though it was going to be killed…

Sophie stared shock ridden. She was going to get rid of this thing, it was her's… Even though it was Randy's too.. She couldn't do it, to it…

"Okay.. So are you still sure with this abortion?" asked Doctor Mohan. Everyone stared at Sophie. She didn't know what to do…

"I think… I'll keep it…" said Sophie quietly. Christopher stared at her in shock, as Kuki stayed silent and emotionless.

"But-.." began Christopher, when Sophie held up her finger. "I know this isn't your child, but I can't do that to my son or daughter." replied Sophie. "Since, you've decided against it. You can now go to parenting classes." said the doctor, rather happy. Christopher rolled his eyes. This doctor was a whack job.

"Here's the name of the career adviser, just in case you miss your exams, because of the baby." grinned Doctor Mohan. Sophie smiled too.

She shook his hand, as everyone stood up to leave. She took the leaflets, and began to walk out of the light green room, when Sophie felt a sore pain.

"Ahh!" she screamed, when she held her stomach in pain. "Sophie!" shouted Kuki, when she saw blood appearing on Sophie's dress. "What the fuck!" shouted Christopher shocked. "Oh no.." said one of the nurses. Doctor Mohan told her to get some help, as he tried to calm down Sophie.

"What's wrong!" she half shouted, half asked. The room's door was wide opened, and passer-by's could be seen peering through. "Okay Sophie you need to calm down… You need to push.." instructed Doctor Mohan. Two nurses came sprinting into the room. One held a blanket, the other a needle, and gloves. "what do you mean push!" she screamed. "I'm sorry to inform you… but you're giving birth!" he shouted. Christopher yelped in pain, as he held Sophie's hand. She was in a lot of serious pain.

One of the nurses removed Sophie's pants, as she pushed the baby out. "Breath in… Breath out.." said the Scottish Nurse. Kuki was crying her eyes out. She didn't want to see her daughter in pain.

"You're almost there.. I can see it's head." said the doctor. Chris took a look too. He almost died from fright, when he saw the pink fleshy head. "Chris don't you fucking dare faint!" screamed Sophie. She squeezed harder on his hand.

After an hour of pushing the baby came out. Sophie kissed Chris on the lips. She was back to normal now.

One of the nurses disappeared from the room, while the other two were whispering. Doctor Mohan stood up, and scratched his head nervously. "Can I see my baby?" questioned Sophie, when she noticed one of the nurses wasn't there. "I am sorry Sophie.. But she never made it…" said the doctor quietly.

Sophie looked up in disbelief… How could something she just give birth to, die… "Where is she?" she demanded. "She's away with the nurse, to have a few tests, to see what caused her to be born early." replied the doctor. Sophie stared at Christopher. That was her baby…and she had just lost it…


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