Graduation Day

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Grate.

Musketeer word: Limbo (thanks for the awesome template, sweetums – you know I'm in limbo myself these days, so I couldn't get quite where I wanted to get with that word...)

Summary: He had known what lurked out there in the dark since he was a little child. Now he was 13 – and ready to become an active part of the family business.

A/N: Hey Trina, happy not-birthday. I couldn't come up with a more common happy father-son-moment, but at least it has the ingredients you wished for :-) Hope you like it anyway...

It was like a dream – easy and effortless.

He climbed the slope, zigzagged across the clearing and ducked under the oncoming missiles. He checked the position of the attacker and every boulder, tree or shrub that could cover him, leaping, running, enjoying the strength and suppleness of his body.

In one fluid motion he rolled over his shoulder, came up in a crouch and aimed, his knife hitting the bull's eye with a grating sound.

When Sammy knocked him over, cheering, followed by his smiling dad, he knew his life in limbo was over.

He would be a hunter.