Chapter Two

Grover didn't respond.

"It's a three bedroom house" Milton piped up.

Donnie slapped him. "Dumbass!" he said under his breath.

"She's not going to have her own room? " Deborah inquired looking from her son to Milton.

"No mom, she and I are a couple now, we are going to be sharing a room." He said and looked a little uncomfortable.

"Grover, you two aren't sleeping together are you?" she asked.

Grover blushed as did Cindy.

Donnie smacked Milton again who smacked him back.

"Enough of the hitting you two" Chuck told them.

"I won't permit it. it is not going to happen Grover."

Grover took a deep breath. "I am moving in with Cindy, Donnie and Milton whether you like it or not. Mother it is not the dark ages. People do not wait until they are married before they have sex. Who now a days does that! As if it is any of your business, we are very careful." He said glaring deeply into her eyes.

Chuck looked at his wife. "Let him go. He is a grown up now. Let him go"

Deborah sighed and nodded.

Grover and his friends went to his room to pack.

There was one course in particular that all four roommates were going to be attending together. It was a science course that was basically project based. As a team, they had decided to set up Grover's old invisibility formula and since they had to choose a specific time to book out the lab, no one ever knew what anyone was doing. It was only at the end of the semester that each team would discuss what their project / experiment was.