That a simple secret could change the course of people's lives so much. Jake Long never expected it. Nor did his mother as she told her husband her family's secret.

They also never expected that Jonathon, Jake's father would be a huntsman. In this story I will take you to that eventful night and the time after, that changed the boy's world.

It was a calm night in the city of new York, for normal standards almost too calm. This is the night Jake's life changed.

Backed into a corner Jake quivered from fear as his mother guarded him. Much to his disdain, from his own father.

"Jonathon you don't have to do this." Susan pleaded. "You know I love you, so does Jake."

Jonathon had a Huntsstaf in his hands. Tears slowly sliding down his face. "You are a dragon." He said his voice strained by every word. "Dragons cannot love."

"We can, Jonathon. You know that as well as I do. Or were all these years fake."

"You are trying to destroy me without violence. You're killing me with emotion." He said as his eyes glazed over and he raised his weapon. "Dragon's are vile creatures not worth living." The words sounded like he didn't believe them himself. But like he wanted to believe them. He roared a battle cry as he charged at his wife.

Susan frozen in shock, closed her eyes waiting for the strike. She heard a cry of pain and the shattering of glass.

She opened her eyes and saw the window in the room was broken. Jonathon's Huntsstaf lay in front of it. scorch marks littered the walls around the window. She turned towards Jake. Who sat against the wall. His head in dragon form and transforming back to human.

She ran towards the little boy and scooped him up into a big hug. Jake started to cry. Susan caressed his hair in order to comfort him. Curiosity got the better of her as she walked towards the demolished window. She gasped as she saw her husband laying two stories down. his skull smashed open on the pavement. Tears welled up inside her eyes.

"Jonathon…" She whispered.

Several days later….

"From dust you were born and to dust you shall return." The priest said as the coffin was lowered into the soil.

Jake and Susan sat in the front row. Jake downcast, Susan crying her eyes out.

Lao Shi Luong, Susan's father and his dog sat next to Jake and Susan. His face devoid of emotion.

Jonathon had drawn quite a crowd. Not only friends and family showed up. But people from his work and even people Susan never had seen.

After the ceremony Susan walked towards the car that would bring them towards the airport. She had decided it was best if they left America.

Before she could get into the car. A bald man with a set of shades came towards her. Out of decency she stopped and looked at the man. He held out his hand and she took it.

"My condolences misses Long." He took of his shades, his eyes filled with sorrow. "Jonathon was a good friend and a…" He paused. "great man. If there is anything you need just call me."

Susan shook her head. "That won't be necessary we leave tonight. Too many memories."

Without another word she got into the car and it drove off.

"Who was that mommy?" The six year old Jake asked.

"No one sweetie. No one."

End of prologue

I hope you enjoyed the prologue and that I have sparked your interest. The next chapter will take place after a few years.

I am not satisfied with the title yet and it is a possibility it will change after a few chapters. I have a bit of a plot idea but with my experiences of the other stories I have written that can change really fast.

Yes it's a bit cliché but he will return to new York.

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