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Scarlett: I only know that I love you.
Rhett Butler: That's your misfortune.

-Gone with the Wind

"Hey Fred, would you hand me that box of Gabbing Gum?" George called from the front of the ship. I smiled to myself and set the clipboard I had been taking inventory of our stocks with down before I picked up the requested box of gum. I made my way to the front of the shop, dodging some of our more eager customers, until I reached my brother. I handed him the box and was about to offer to help him unpack it when I heard a loud ding sound from the left and I looked over at the door to see who was coming in on instinct.

It was the beautiful goddess who graced our shop with her presences every Friday, also known as Hermione Granger.

"Oh bloody hell." George's annoyed tone sounded to my right and I realized I had been staring at her. Who couldn't though? She had beautiful, long, soft, curly, brown, hair; full, pink, soft, pouty lips; soft, silky, creamy, skin; legs that were at least a mile long; and a figure that even those oversized dress robes couldn't hide.

"Earth to Freddie, come in Freddie." George said, stepping in front of me and blocking my view of the gorgeous witch. "You do realize you're drooling right?"

I narrowed my eyes, mock glaring at my twin while checking my reflection in the window. I wasn't drooling, well, not much anyway. I ran my hand through my shaggy ginger locks and straightened them up some, trying to make myself not look like I had just spent the last two hours stirring steaming potions. We needed to invent a product that would defriz potion hair, it be a best seller.

My eyes traveled back to the thankfully single witch and I watched her make her way to the wonder witch products. She and Ron had broken up over a year ago, they both had decided that they were better off as friends, thank Merlin for that. She'd moved in with my sister after graduating from Hogwarts, which meant I got to see her anytime the family got together. Unfortunately, she still thought of me as the annoying prankster. Since my life goal was to marry this beautiful goddess, that fact put a bit of a damper on my future. So, I was now currently working on plan 'win Hermione Granger over'-I just had no idea what that plan would entail. I also had no help from my twin, who just found my, and these are his word, not mine, obsession, over Hermione humorous, so I was having to wing it.

"Fred, when did this even happen? When did you start going gaga over Hermione bleeding Granger?"

"You remember, you were there."

"Really?" He asked, and amused glint in his eyes. "When Fred?"

"Fine," I said, flushing, I didn't need any reason for George to tease me, he was already having far too much fun teasing me about Hermione as was. I glanced behind his shoulder where Hermione was, she'd finally made it over to the wonder witch products and I saw my chance to talk to her and I decided to take it.

"Sorry Georgie, can't talk now, my destiny awaits!" I pushed my way beside him and fairly near ran to the pretty witch, ignoring George's cat calls behind me. I'd get him later; color changing potion in his shampoo right before he went on a date with Verity wouldn't be a bad idea.

"Hi 'Mione!" I called, stepping up behind the pretty witch. She jumped slightly; dropping the pygmy puff treats she'd been holding and spinning around to face me. She was frowning, a nervous look on her sweet face. She looked up at me with her eyes, her big, brown, doe, eyes, and I felt my heart flutter.

"Fred, I'm just picking up some pygmy puff treats for Arnold." Thank Merlin for Arnold and his addiction to our treats. If it wasn't for him she'd never set foot in this store. A small thrill rushed through me at the use of my correct name, it never ceased to amaze me that she could tell George and me apart.

'Here," I said, handing her a small box of the treats. "It's on the house." She looked at me oddly, an unsure look on her face.

"Really? You don't have too."

"Go on, take it." I insisted, pressing the package into her hand. She took it, gracing me with a small smile.

"Thanks Fred." She gave me one more small smile before leaving the shop, her curly hair bouncing as she walked. I let out an appreciative sigh and almost jumped when I felt George wrap his arm around my shoulder.

"Fred, you have a problem." George said in a bracing tone. I shook my head adamantly, watching her walk down the street towards the bookshop she was currently working at.

"I do not." I replied, my voice wistful. She disappeared from my sight and I slouched a little bit, sad that I'd have to wait another week to see her again.

"You're obsessing over a bookworm." George said in a tone one uses to talk to someone who is in denial, I most certainly was not.

"I am not, and stop calling her that. She's not a bookworm, she just likes to read."

"Did she put a spell on you?"


He held his hands up, fighting a laugh. "I'm sorry, it's just so funny. You, you of all people falling for Hermione Granger! She can't stand us."

"George, that's the girl I'm going to marry." I replied, announcing my plan.

"Marry?" George exclaimed, his voice going up an octave with disbelief as he twisted me to face him. "Are you serious?"

"Yes," I replied in a determined tone. "I'm going to get her to say I do." George's eyes widened and then he let out a loud, long, laugh.

"I do?" He asked, snorting as he fought another laugh, it really wasn't that funny. "You can't even get her to say hello!" I huffed at that. That was a small problem, I didn't have time to sweat the details.

"Mark my words Brother O' mine," I said, poking him in the chest with my index finger. "Hermione Granger is going to say I do to me."

I just had to get her to say hello.

No problem.


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