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Kiku watched the rain pour down, like it would never end. His blank eyes followed the small drops as they fell from the sky to the ground, and broke when they hit something. He was sitting on the porch, under the shelter of a roof. The pitter-patter of the rain of the roof was almost like a song now, since he had been sitting there for about an hour. A normal person might be bored by now, but Japan wasn't. He wasn't what you would consider to be "normal". For one, he was a country, and for two, he was just…well…different. He liked anime, video games, technology, engineering, and much, much more. Other countries thought he was different, yet they continued to like him. He was just a likable person. He didn't smile at the thought of being liked, though; it just made him angry with himself. It was hard to explain. You should feel happy to have friends, but all the consumed Kiku was guilt, not happiness. The reason? It was because Kiku felt useless. He set goals for himself, but he failed at them.

Why couldn't he be as strong as Alfred? Or as cheerful as Feliciano? Or even as "awesome" as Prussia? Instead he was shy, reserved, and observant. Which wasn't a bad thing at times, but in other times, he felt so awkward…

He jumped a little when he heard footsteps behind him. Then he heard a familiar voice. "Oh, hey there. Is that green guy here again?"

Kiku looked at England in astonishment. "How did you get in here?"

"I just walked right in…you should really lock your doors, you know?" Arthur said in a casual voice.

Kiku stared at him for a minute, and then looked down at his hands. After a moment of awkward silence, Kiku got up. He was not nearly as tall as Arthur, not that Arthur was the tallest nation, but he still had to look up at him when he talked. "So, do you want some tea or something to eat, Arthur-san?"

"Sure, that would be quite nice," he walked back into Kiku's main room, which had a kotatsu table, and shelves of books and drawings. It was minimalistic, so it was calm and relaxing.

Kiku followed Arthur as he walked back into the house, and shut the door that led to the porch. "I'll be back; I'm going to make something to eat and some tea. You can make yourself at home."

Arthur nodded, then said eagerly, "Do you want me to help you cook?"

Kiku's eyes widened a bit at the thought of Arthur trying to cook in his kitchen… Kiku had just remodeled it, and he didn't want Arthur to blow it up again. "Oh, no, no, no! I've got it all under control…no need for you to help…" He looked down quickly, and rushed into his kitchen – shutting the door behind him.

Japan didn't know what to make, so he started on the green tea. He put some water in a pan, and waited for it to boil. After thinking for a moment, he decided to make salmon roll sushi. He then turned to the empty counter, which was soon filled with fresh salmon, rice, vinegar, sugar, salt, maki su, and seaweed. Kiku started preparing the sushi by chopping and assembling the general structure of the roll. Once he was finished rolling it together, he started to chop the roll into smaller, bite size pieces. However, he had forgotten the water on the stove top, and it had started to boil over. He was so startled, that he didn't realize what he was doing until he felt a slice of pain. The knife dug deeper into his hand, and now a river of red was coming out of his hand. Instead of pulling out the knife, he left it there, watching the red just keep flowing. He had never realized how pretty blood was, instead of thinking of the pain, he felt fine – almost relieved. The knife fell out of his hand, and it slashed his side, causing more blood to flow out. By this time he was feeling lightheaded. As his thoughts started to drift aloof, he felt wobbly. He thought he had heard footsteps at the door, but he couldn't be sure of anything at the moment.

Kiku then crumpled to the ground; and everything went black.

Meanwhile, Arthur walked around Kiku's main room, looking at the book titles. They were all Japanese, so he couldn't understand what they said.

Sighing, he sat at the table. His thoughts were clouded with worry. Why was Kiku so off today? By just looking at his friend, Arthur knew something was wrong. Actually, Arthur had noticed something was wrong for months. Kiku was even quieter than usually, and his eyes were blank now. Not that they were filled with emotion before, but still – something was different.

It had been a while since Kiku had gone into the kitchen by then, so Arthur was even more worried now. He heard water start to spill out, so he called out in a loud enough voice, "Kiku, do you need help?"

He heard no reply, so he walked towards the kitchen, which had the door closed. He opened it slightly, and gasped. "Bloody hell, Kiku!"

He watched Kiku's small body fall to the ground, covered with blood. Arthur rushed to his side, examining the damage. For a wound to the hand, there sure was a lot of blood…but he soon realized that the knife fell out of the back of his hand, and cut his side.

He ran back into the main room trying to find some bandages. After running around Kiku's house, he finally managed to find a first aid kit – that was all in Japanese, naturally.

When he figured out what to do, he wiped the blood of Kiku's hand, and wrapped gauze around it, then taping it to secure. Secondly, he ripped open Kiku's shirt and bandaged his side likewise.

Kiku still hadn't awoken, but his soft breathes were audible, so he was still alive. Probably just set back from so much blood loss. However, the real thing Arthur was worried about was that a simple kitchen accident had resulted in this… Did Kiku want to die?

Kiku's dreams were all blurry, but he swore he could see his friends all leaving him, then he felt the coldness of being alone. Was this the future? He tried to run back to them and yell for them to come back, but they didn't hear him, and just kept walking. Tears were streaming down his face, and he collapsed, left alone with the darkness swelling around him.

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