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After Alfred had left the room, Kiku went back to his hiding spot under the thin sheets. The embarrassment of his actions hit him. How stupid that had been of him, to be so careless as to kiss someone in public. Alfred probably thought he was some kind of weirdo now. He looked at Arthur, who had no expression on his face, "How embarrassing... What if Alfred tells someone?" Kiku asked quietly.

Arthur, who had no embarrassment, in fact, he actually wanted to do more than kiss at the moment, rolled his eyes. "Don't worry about the American. I've seen him make out with people tons of times, and trust me, he'll actually for once keep his big mouth shut. If he does tell - I have revenge."

Kiku didn't reply; he didn't know what to say. Japan had never seen America kiss another person...well, sure, he was always with someone - always getting into other nation's businesses...but making out? No. He supposed it didn't matter anyway... After another moment of silence, Kiku looked over to Arthur, "I'm going to go see if Alfred has left or not."

Kiku walked to the doorway, and opened the door slowly, peering out. Nope, Alfred had left already. No one was in the hallways, actually. He closed the door again, and looked back to the Englishman, "He's gone."

"Hey, Kiku, come back over here."

Kiku slowly made his way over to Arthur, then stood by his bedside. "Nani?"

Arthur pulled Kiku's face closer to his before he spoke, "How about we start off from where we left?"

Kiku pushed Arthur away quickly, "No! What if someone walks in? Like a doctor!"

Arthur smirked, "Then how come you kissed me so easily ten minutes ago?"

"I wasn't thinking, that's why!"

"I see how it is," Arthur said. Both of the nations knew that the Japanese's thoughts really had been clouded by the Englishman - but Kiku himself would never admit it.

Kiku decided it was time to change the subject, so he asked, "Is your arm healed?"

"Yes...you should already know nations heal faster. Look at yourself."

Yes, Kiku had known nations heal faster than humans, because he was already almost fully healed himself from his injuries.

Just in time, a nurse walked into the room, looking at Kiku, "Excuse me, visitor hours are over."

"Bye, Arthur," Kiku waved, and then walked downstairs and out of the hospital.

He decided to go home, change, and get his car because one, his clothes had Arthur's blood and dirt from the forest still on them, and two, he would need his car to drive Arthur home tomorrow morning.

After he went home on the subway and drove back to the hospital, he parked his car in a nearby garage and went back upstairs to sit outside Arthur's room.

He pulled his legs up to his chest, and then put his head down on his knees. He thought about Alfred again. The way Alfred ad reacted - the look on his face - it was almost like...like Alfred had been disappointed.

The alarm clock beeped loudly, waking the American up. Alfred looked at the clock's bright numbers: 8:00 AM.

He smashed his hand against the top, shutting it up. He picked up his glasses from the side table, and put them on - finally able to see clearly.

Alfred wanted to just go back under the covers and never come out. He thought he really had something with Kiku, but the past few weeks of growing distance and seeing Kiku kiss Arthur had confirmed Alfred's fear to be true - him and Kiku would never be more than just friends. To put it short - the American was depressed.

Sure, Alfred probably had a chance with other people; in fact, he actually had won over more than one person and done more than just kiss...but...they weren't the same as Kiku. His eyes, his lips, his personality - everything about Kiku seemed to be perfection. Yet, Alfred knew he could never have Kiku now. The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, it seemed.

He sighed, because he knew he had to eventually start his day. He didn't want to leave the safety and warmness of his bed, yet, he slowly made his way downstairs to the cold kitchen. He stood by the window for a moment, looking at the monochrome sky. It would probably rain soon, maybe even thunderstorm. Perfect weather for a depression.

Disrupting everything, the American's stomach growled. He didn't really know what to eat, so he went over to the fridge and looked in, seeing if there was anything that sounded appealing. Suddenly, he saw his savior: cookie dough.

Smiling for the first time that day, he got the giant tub of cookie dough out of the fridge. Then, he took a giant spoon and dug in.

He moved to the other room, where he flopped down on the couch and turned on his Xbox. He sat there eating his tub of ice cream and playing some random game. He thought he would feel better after playing video games and eating cookie dough - they usually did make him feel better, but this time he was in the same depressed state. Video games reminded him of Kiku, and how they would play them together. It seemed everything on that day reminded him of Kiku...

Soon enough, the tub of cookie dough was empty. Alfred looked at it for a moment, and then saw something that caught his eye: it was a sweep-stakes. Apparently you could win a trip to New York City for 'The Party of A Lifetime.'

A party of a lifetime... Suddenly, the American jumped up in excitement. A party! It was perfect!

"I'll throw a party and invite Kiku!" he yelled out to no one, "That way I'll be able to get closer to him!"

He started to run off toward his room to start the invitations, but then leaned over in a sick state. Shit, he had eaten too much cookie dough.

"Ugh, I hate my life..." he sprawled down on the couch again; he suppose he'd finish the invitations later.

After the short phase of sickness, Alfred jumped up again and ran upstairs like a ninja to go do the invitations, which of course, made him think of Kiku again.

It seemed as though everything he did reminded himself of Kiku. Even brushing his teeth...Kiku had such nice teeth.

Alfred sighed, he sounded like a stalker. He probably was a stalker, but he was never going to admit it...

After his short distraction, he turned on his handy computer, and started to type the invitations out and form the plan inside his head.

This plan would have to work, or else it would make the distance between him and Kiku even greater.

Kiku's eyes fluttered open from the night of sleeping on the hard hospital chair; he was getting too old for this.

He looked at his watch, it was almost nine.

He then heard voices from Arthur's room, so he decided to go investigate. Standing in the doorway without being noticed, he watched as a nurse started talking to the annoyed blonde.

"Hi there! Are you doing better today?" she said in a high pitched, cheerful voice.

"I've been doing better for four bloody days," Arthur said in a snappy voice.

"But you've only been here for two!" she said, smiling wide.

"Yeah, well it's felt like more..." he said, almost growling.

"Looks like someone is grumpy today!" she laughed loudly, scaring Kiku a little - who was still unnoticed in the doorway.

"Fuck off," Arthur said with a glare.

She didn't let the crabby Englishman rain on her parade it seemed, because she kept on going with the same cheerful voice, "Well - it's time for you to go home! Hooray~!"

"Thank the Lord."

Arthur threw off the covers, and hopped out of bed, passing the nurse after she gave him his papers, and then headed for the doorway. When he spotted Kiku, he smiled a little.

"Hi, Arthur, looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed," Kiku commented quietly.

"That nurse was fucking annoying. Couldn't they give me another nurse?" Arthur said as the two walked through the hallways, toward the elevator.

"Maybe she is the only English speaking nurse on shift," Kiku replied.

After getting to the first floor, Kiku took the papers from Arthur, "I'll go check you out."

Arthur followed Kiku, and stood there like an idiot when Kiku spoke quickly in Japanese to the people at the counter.

After that was all finished, Kiku led Arthur out to the parking garage.

"Wait, Kiku, when did you go get your car?" Arthur said, puzzled.

"Yesterday when I went home to change clothes. You didn't notice I changed?"

Arthur didn't answer after that, he just watched as random cars circled around, until Kiku's Honda came around. Kiku stopped the garage, and then motioned for Arthur to get the passenger seat. Kiku got in after, and turned the key in the ignition, bringing the car to life.

After getting out of the garage, Kiku pulled out onto a busy street, which was pretty normal for Tokyo. However, cars were passing Kiku left and right.

Arthur was starting to get annoyed now, "Jesus, Kiku! You are the slowest driver in the world, I swear! Let me drive, I don't have all bloody day to get home."

"No! I don't drive slow, I drive safely!" Kiku argued, paying close attention to the road.

"Are you fucking kidding me? You're a safety hazard, you drive so slow! Pull over, and let me drive already!"


Arthur sighed, "We'll have to do this the hard way then." He leaned over, and grabbed the wheel from Kiku, making the car swerve a little.

"Arthur - stop it! You'll make us crash!"

"Then let me drive!"

Kiku looked at Arthur quickly, and saw that he wouldn't give up, "Fine."

He pulled over, and then got out of the car, switching sides with Arthur.

The Englishman turned the car back onto the road, going quicker than Kiku, but generally following the speed limit. Once he got out of Japan, he sped up a little.

"Ah, Arthur, watch out! You're going to hit something!" Kiku said, almost about to spazz out.

"Geez Kiku, calm down. Don't you trust me?" Arthur asked, smirking.

"Yes...I trust you...sort of."

"What do you mean sort of!" Arthur said in exasperation.

Finally, after a little while, they reached England. It was dark outside, as expected, after all it was only two in the morning.

When the pulled up at Arthur's house, they both got out.

Arthur led Kiku up the driveway quietly, so he wouldn't awake his neighbors.

After opening the door and stepping in, Arthur turned back to face Kiku, "Hey Kiku, it's only two in the morning, why don't you come in and stay?"

Kiku thought for a moment, "No thank you."

"Come on, Kiku! Just for a while!"

"Well," Kiku said, giving up, "I suppose for a while."

Before he stepped into the house, he took of his shoes, as he was used to. Arthur picked them up from off the ground and put them inside. "It will probably rain, you don't want to get your shoes wet, do you?" He dropped the shoes, and took his own off.

"Kiku, let's go up to my room for a moment. I have to...give you something," Arthur said with a well-done poker face.

Even if he was confused, Kiku didn't protest, for he didn't want to be rude. So he followed Arthur up the stairs and into Arthur's room.

"What do you want to give me Arthur?" Kiku asked quietly.

England led him to the bed, where they sat down next to each other.

"Arthur...?" Kiku said cautiously, still confused.

Arthur just stared into Kiku's warm brown eyes for a moment, and Kiku did the same - he stared into Arthur's icy green eyes. The two opposites sat there for a moment, until Arthur moved forward and pressed his lips against Kiku's. Kiku was startled as he felt Arthur's soft lips against his own. What was he doing? Kiku was going to push Arthur away again, until Arthur let his own arms pull Kiku into a warm embrace. Suddenly, every bad feeling Kiku had ever thought was real went away. There in Arthur's arms, everything was going to be okay. The pain and sadness was gone. Everything was warm and bright as they sat there hugging and kissing.

Kiku deepened the kiss, letting his tongue slip into Arthur's mouth. He savored the taste of the Englishman - it was wonderful. It was Arthur's turn to be startled as Kiku put more passion into their kisses. He had forgotten how good of a kisser Kiku actually was! Arthur's tongue explored Kiku's mouth, craving more and more.

After a moment of their tongues battling, Arthur rolled over on top of Kiku, moving his kisses down to Kiku's neck. Kiku moaned in pleasure, which told Arthur to keep going.

Once both of their shirts were off, Kiku caressed Arthur's chest, feeling his smooth skin under his fingers. To Arthur, each time Kiku touched him electricity shot through him.

Before Kiku knew it, Arthur had thrown both of their pants and boxers to the other side of the room, leaving them both completely naked.


Kiku felt it as Arthur let Kiku's swollen cock inside his mouth, sucking it. It was probably disgusting to Arthur, but Kiku felt the pleasure of it. Arthur sucks it and licked it, making Kiku gasp in excitement.

"Ah...Arthur...I have to..." Kiku said as he exploded into Arthur's mouth. Kiku didn't know what happened, but he figured Arthur probably swallowed.

Arthur stuck his fingers into Kiku's mouth, allowing him to lick them. After that, he shoved them inside of Kiku, wiggling them around.

Arthur's fingers inside of him hurt, but at the same time it felt good. Kiku held onto Arthur, closing his eyes, and putting his hands around his chest.

"Gosh, Kiku, you're tight...I wonder..." Arthur said, trailing off.

The Englishman pulled his fingers out, and then turned Kiku over so that he was laying on his stomach, and Arthur was hovering above him, grabbing his wrists.

"Are you ready, Kiku?"

"Just do it already," he said quietly.

Arthur thrust his cock inside of Kiku, making the former whimper in pain. The Englishman figured Kiku had been a virgin, since he was very tight still. Arthur pulled out, and then thrust in again, keeping a steady rhythm.

"Faster," gasped Kiku, who kept his head pressed against the pillow. Now his ass hurt more than when Arthur had shoved his fingers in. However, the pain still was worth it, since it felt so good. He felt Arthur's rhythm speed up.

Arthur felt the same pleasure Kiku did, but without most of the pain. His put all of his energy into making love to Kiku, it was so worth everything he had been through with Kiku.

Soon enough, Kiku felt the pleasure of heat exploding through his back. Both were at the pinnacle of enjoyment.


Arthur collapsed next to Kiku, all sweaty.

As the two gasped for air, Kiku felt himself grow tired, even though all he had done was lay there. His head was spinning, so he inched closer to Arthur, resting his head on Arthur's chest.

Arthur put his arm around Kiku, and then whispered as Kiku fell asleep, "I love you."

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