The last chapter :( Enjoy~

The real Green Hornet and Kato stood outside of James's house taking a moment to watch as he enter acted with Samantha they watched as they kissed but he slapped her away and yelling that this wasn't the time for that. This man made Britt and Kato sick to their stomachs. They glanced at each other before walking up to the door. Britt steped aside and let Kato knock it down. They saw a girl with long light pink hair on the ground with tears streaming down her face. Britt requinized her as Samantha before looking up at James and he felt a chill run through his body at the coldness in the mans eyes. "Did you really think that we would find you," the Green Hornet asked.

"No, I was looking forward to meeting you two and so far you haven't disappointed me,' James said with no hint of emotion.

"There are only two options for you. The first is you stop pretending to be me and get out of my city or the second which isn't very pleasent, I'll let Kato her beat the shit ooout of you till you can't even remember your own name," Britt smirked hoping the man would choose the second one. Kato was already poping his knockles and loosing up his muscles.

"I think I will pick the second one because who wants the easy way out," he shrugged his shoulders. the Green Hornet nodded to Kato who walked forward before swing his leg up to kick James in the head but James ducked down. Britt didn't pay attenticen while his friend beat the shit out of the man who hurt Halo. Britt watched Samantha as the tears stopped flowing as she watched the two men fight. It was creepy that she seemed excited from their fight. Her hand moved under her shirt and grabbed something. Britt turned his eyes to the matched and saw Kato was winning and his eyes darted to Samantha who was holding a gun that was pointed at Kato. Britt moved quickly and pushed himself and Kato to the ground as she pulled the triger. The bullet just missed grazing Britt and it his James square in the chest. Samantha gasp and went to James and cried over his dead body. She grabbed the gun an held it to her head and pulled the trigger. Both Britt and Kato were to stunned to do anything but watch. The sirens stirred the two out of their dazzed state and they ran outside to the Black Beauty. They went to Britt's place and changed, cleaned up, and changed cars before going to the hospital. Amazingly Derek was already there sitting next to her bed.

"What are you doing here already," Bitt asked.

"It sees as though Samantha killed him and herself so theirs nothing to investigate there," Derek smirked. Kato looked over Halo and noticed that her eyes were fluttering open. He ran to her side and held her hand.

"Who are you? Who am I?" Halo asked once who eyes opened and she looked around at them. Kato felt his heart shatter at those words.

A crappy ending. Oh well makes you wonder what's going to happen