Hell Hath No fury, Like a Woman Scorned
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Chapter 27: Understanding

"Victoria is here," Peter rushed out. "And she brought Alice and the volturi with her."

I stared at Peter and Jasper with wide eyes. I shook my head in denial and disbelief. There was no way Victoria could be stupid enough to bring Alice to myself—and the Volturi! There was just no possible way after I trusted her so, that she would do this to me and my family.

"But she says she comes in peace," he said, looking back at me. "And that she would like to talk to you before either of you jump to conclusions and send her away… Or kill her."

"Let us get dressed. We'll be downstairs in a minute," Jasper said. Peter nodded his head and left, shutting the door behind him, and Jasper walked back over to me and stood between my legs again, putting his forehead against mine. "I don't think you're truly ready."

I frowned in confusion. "What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Bella, I'm talking about sex. I don't think you're as ready as you think," he said.

I rolled my eyes. "Obviously I am or I wouldn't have let things get as far as they did," I said and crossed my arms over my chest stubbornly.

He shook his head. "I don't think you are, Bella. Hell, I know you're not. You may think you are, but your emotions are telling me a completely different story."

"I know you're an Empath, Jasper, but I don't think you can tell me how I feel. I—"

"You aren't ready," Jasper cut me off fiercely. "I don't give a damn how much you're trying to convince yourself that you are, Bella. I will not sleep with you when you're still so unsure and terrified. I will not make love to you while Edward is still so obviously controlling you." I opened my mouth to retort but he shook his head. "I don't mean that in the way you may think, hon. Bella, even if I wasn't an Empath I'd still be able to know these things. Your eyes and your body language give you away. Edward hurt you, Bella, and took something so precious from you, I know that, and I know you're still dealing with that. I don't want to cause anymore… Pain by rushing you into sex."

"You're it for me," I whispered. He nodded his head and murmured an "I know." I sighed and said, "I don't want him to have this control over me forever, Jasper."

"The only way you're going to take it back is to forgive yourself and realize that what happened wasn't your fault," he said. "Cheer up, sad girl, the rain won't last forever." He kissed me lightly on the lips and smiled at me. "Now, let's get dressed and go deal with these people."

I nodded and he walked out the bathroom and came back a few seconds later dressed in a black and white plaid, button up shirt and those dark jeans I love so much with his always there, old, scuffed up cowboy boots. He handed me a pair of white shorts and a woman's version of his plaid shirt.
I smirked. "Is this your subtle way of saying I'm yours?" I asked him.

He shrugged and smirked back and said, "Maybe."

I chuckled and jumped down from the bathroom sink. I reached for my shorts and shrieked in annoyance and anger. I pulled them open and the button ripped off before I ripped them cleanly down the middle. I whirled around and stared at Jasper with a distressed look on my face.
"I ripped my shorts, Jasper!" I cried. "I can't even put clothes on!"

"Try your shirt," he said calmly.

"No!" I yelled. "I bought that shirt because it was a replica's of yours. I refuse to rip that, too."

"We can always buy you another one, Bella. Just try it," he said.

I went for the first button and stamped my foot childishly when that ripped, too! I went for the second button, but it ripped just like the other one, so I huffed and ripped the entire shirt before throwing it down. "Fucking newborns!" I yelled.

"You know, if you purposely rip your clothes you'll have nothing left, and that trip to the mall would then be considered a waist," Jasper said patiently. He walked out of the room and came back with a red sundress. "Arms up," he said. I made sure the towel around me was tightened before lifting my arms up, causing Jasper to roll his eyes. "Now she chooses to be modest."

He put the dress on me and I untied the towel and let it fall to the floor. "I need panties and a bra," I told him.

"You could just go like that. It'll be a nice thought to know you're sitting beside me in all your bare glory," he said with a smug smirk. I glared at him and he pulled out a pair of rainbow boy shorts from his pocket. "I'm joking."

I took them from him and bent down to put them on, only to let out a sob of annoyance and fall to my knees when those ripped as well.
"This is ridiculous, Jasper! It's like I'm a baby all over again. I can't put my own clothes on, for heaven sakes," I cried.

"Hush," he shushed me quietly. "It'll take a while for you to be able to control your strength, but it won't come without practice and with temper tantrums."

"I know." I huffed. He walked out yet again and came back with a pair of polka dot boy shorts. I stood up and let him slip them on for me. "Are you going to get me a bra?"

He smirked and wrapped his arm around my waist and walked us out of the bathroom. "Nope, I'm going to let the girls hang out for a bit. You don't do it often enough," he told me.

I rolled my eyes and pinched the left side of his hip with my right hand. "You're being a jerk, Sugar, by taking advantage of me in my poor, helpless newborn state." I stuck my tongue out at him and giggled when he did the same.

"Maybe I am, but you're not exactly putting up a fight," he said.

"I don't go free often enough," I responded.


When we made it downstairs my eyes immediately went to my family. Charlotte and Rosalie were sitting on their mates laps, but the tight, restraining arms around their waist let it be known that they weren't there by choice; that, and their scowls gave them away, too.

Victoria was sitting in a black chair that been placed in front of the TV, a blonde, red-eyed man sitting under her. He must be the mate she told me about. Standing at the double doors leading to the backyard was a tall, muscular, bigger than Emmett, guy. He had red eyes also, with brown hair. His legs were shoulder length apart and his arms were behind his back, holding onto something. I looked down and saw the small, size 6 shoe feet that belonged to the one and only Alice.
I immediately recognized the twins from the Volturi, and winced when I recalled the last I met them. They, Jane, put Edward through so much pain it was unbearable then.

Jasper sat down on one of the loveseats that were placed in the living room and tried to pull me down with him, but I refused to be moved.
"What the hell are you doing in my house?" I asked. There was no question who I was talking to.

Alice leaned to the right, peeking from behind the big guys back. She was just as beautiful as the last time I saw her, but the last time I saw her she was so angry and emotional, while now her eyes are wide and terrified and confused.
"Please, my mate is scared and stressed enough as it is, do not put anymore guilt and such on her shoulders," the big man said. "Allow me to introduce myself, and then we shall talk."

I softened at his words, or maybe his voice or his eyes, and nodded. He grinned at me and walked to Rosalie, who was closest to him, Alice refusing to leave from behind him, and took her hand in his.
"You must be the beautiful ice queen I've heard so much about," he said. "Please, dear, I mean that in utmost respect and compliment. I am Felix." He kissed her hand and smiled at her.

Rosalie's eyes were wide and she looked liked a nervous, blushing bride on her honeymoon preparing to have sex for the first time. She giggled girlishly and said, "I am Rosalie. It is so very nice to meet you, Felix."

I rolled my eyes and watched in surprise as Char practically slapped Rosalie's arm away from his hand and slipped hers inside. "I'm Charlotte, but you can call me Char. All of my friends do," she said, giggling nervously.

Felix grinned at her and kissed her hand, too. "Ah, so you're the famous Charlotte Whitlock. One out of three women who survived the vampire wars of the south. It is an honor to be in the presence of such a strong woman."

"That's me," she squeaked out.

Emmett and Peter were both glaring daggers at him. Felix, unaffected by the two, began to walk toward me, Alice still hot on his heels. I watched his mouth form a big grin and then looked into his eyes and I suddenly felt like a lovesick teenager; a nervous, blushing bride on her honeymoon preparing to have sex for the first time.
"And you, bella principessa, must be Bella, the prophesized vampire princess with silver eyes; si, come sei bella," he muttered, the beautiful Italian language rolling off his tongue wonderfully, seductively, before he kissed my hand like he did the other girls. "I am Felix Lombardi-Giovanni."

"Hmm," I muttered, giggling and fluttering my eyelashes at him, trying to understand what he was saying.

"He said 'beautiful princess' and 'yes, how beautiful you are,'" Jasper snapped from behind me.

I looked behind me and frowned when I saw Jasper glaring at Felix Lombardi-Giovanni. "Jasper, where are your manners? Please, do excuse my mate, he's not used to having guest over," I apologized to Felix.

"I'm perfectly used to guest," Jasper hissed before continuing with, "just not ones that shamelessly flirt with my mate in front of me and in front of his own."

Felix's eyes widened and he shook his head and said, "Mi scuso, Major Whitlock, I mean no harm."

"Sure as hell fooled me," the three men muttered together.

Felix suddenly grinned at me again and I shook my head and frowned in confusion. "W-What just happened?" I asked.

I looked over at Charlotte and Rosalie and they seemed just as confused as me. I turned to look at Jasper and he was glaring at Felix.
"He's a Charmer," Jasper told me.

"What's a Charmer?" the three of us asked together.

Peter cleared his throat and our eyes went to him. "A Charmer is a man or woman who holds the gift of charming. He or she can charm anyone they chose and bend them to their will. Almost like a hypnotizer, except Charmers use seductive words and sex," he told us.

"I am sorry, ladies, I truly meant no harm. I just wanted to make you three comfortable with me," Felix said.

"Can I decide that on my own next time?" Rosalie snapped at him.

He nodded his head and he backed away until he was sitting in another chair that had been put out, bringing a very reluctant Alice from behind his back. She sat on his lap and stared at me. I glared. She whimpered.
"I do not understand why you are so upset with me, Bella. I was only trying to help you," she whispered brokenly. "I was just doing what I was meant to do and—"

"What you were meant to do?" I cut her off with a growl. "What the hell were you supposed to do, Alice? All I know is that you were trying to get me out of the picture so you could have Edward all to yourself!"

"That's not true!" Alice yelled. "I was trying to help you! Every time Edward was out of the room or away from me I was trying to tell you what was going on? I was trying to help you get out, but you wouldn't listen to me! Instead you humiliated me and—"

"Well, welcome to my world, Alice, where everyone is out to hurt and humiliate you," I said sarcastically. "You weren't trying to help me and I would like it if you were to get out—"

"Bella, you can't kick her out," Victoria said, cutting me off.

I look over at her and glared. "I'm thinking I would like you to get out of my house, too, Victoria, bringing her here. What were you thinking? I trusted you and you bring—"

"They are here because they are supposed to be here," Victoria snapped at me. "I have not done anything that should have had you take your trust from me, Bella. I've done nothing but try and protect you. Alice has been with me since 1919, when she was just 18 years old and had been changed into a vampire. She's been preparing for this since she was four years old, Bella! So don't sit there all high might thinking you're the only in this room who has been hurt, because you are not. We came here to talk and get our story across and to prepare for the fight that we're no doubt going to have. Is that okay with you?"

We glared at each other for the longest. Her eyes shined crimson red, freshly fed, and showed off perfectly her determination, her not going to take "no" for an answer. I looked at Jasper and he raised his hands in surrender. "This is all you, baby," he said.

I huffed and rolled my eyes in annoyance. Now, suddenly, I get to make the serious decision. I glared at him before turning back to look at Victoria. "Fine, but I won't promise you to like any of you at the end of it," I said.

"I'll take my chances." Victoria smiled at me.

"I warned you."

"Fair enough," she said. "Alice why don't you start," Victoria suggested.

Alice looked terrified to have been put on the spot, and I wondered where the cool, always confident Alice went; the one who could be as sweet as pie one minute and as venomous as a snake the next when someone talked about her or her family.

"Um, well, like Victoria said, we met in 1919. I had a vision of her and knew she was going to be a lot of help so I tracked her down. I've always had visions. Even when I was a baby I was having visions, but it wasn't until I was four years old that I started getting visions of this massive war that was going to happen. I was scared, but no one would believe me when I told them. Everyone thought I was crazy and as I got older I started talking about it more, worrying, until I was put in the asylum.

There I met my sire. He believed me because, after all, he was a vampire and told me to explain my visions in detail to him, encouraged me to draw them out, and that's when I discovered the war was going to be between vampires. He was terrified and begged me for more, but that was all I could get.

He purposely went out and enraged James and got himself killed, he was so scared. I managed to hide from James because, let's be honest, he never really was the best tracker ever, and found Victoria. I told her of what I knew and she said that she knew the same thing, that she had dreams as a human of something like this happening, and was changed out of the blue one day.

After that I started getting more detailed visions of what was going to happen, and who was going to cause it, why, and faces. I saw Jasper's and immediately knew he was important. I saw him in the vampire wars and after Peter and Charlotte saved him. Victoria and I both knew we had to get him with us and stay with us until his little brown-eyed human was born.

We looked for him. I don't think I have ever been as angry and annoyed with anyone as I was with Jasper because, fucking hell, he wouldn't stay in one bloody place and couldn't make up his mind! But when we did eventually find him we had to come up with ways to get him to trust us. Each way with Victoria he killed her and he'd always leave me. He was lonely, that much was obvious, so Victoria suggested I tell him he was my mate. It worked and I convinced him to come with me and find the Cullen's. Victoria was always nearby.

Getting Jasper to actually stay was the hardest part. He was always trying to bolt, never feeling right being around them, but I always managed to come up with excuses why we had to stay. And, finally, we moved to Forks for the second time and met the infamous Bella Swan. You, Ms. Swan, changed all of our lives." Alice looked down when she finished telling the story, though I didn't miss her small, approving smile at her last sentence.

Silence was the only sound to be heard in the room until Jasper spoke up. "How exactly does everyone else fit in?" he asked.

"You really don't know?" Victoria asked him in shock, hurt shinning in her eyes.

"I don't," Jasper confirmed with confusion in his voice. "Should I?"

Victoria chuckled humorlessly. "Of course not," she said. "I'm involved because I used to have dreams of these things and I have… Insight, I guess. This man sitting under me, Riley Biers, is involved because he's my mate." She stopped talking and turned her head to look at him. They grinned at each other and leaned up to kiss her before she turned back to look at us. "Felix is involved because he is Alice's real mate. They met on a journey to Volturi years and years ago. The Twins here, Jane and Alec, wanted out."

"Living under someone, as their pet, having a master, wasn't the most amazing thing ever. Aro and Caius never knew when enough was enough," Alec said quietly. "When I overheard Felix on the phone with Alice, I knew then that was our chance to escape. We've been waiting for this for about five minutes now."

"I don't know, you seemed to like torturing people," I said, looking at Jane.

She shrugged. "Only the ones I don't like," Jane snarked.

"Wonderful," I said sarcastically. "So, Alice, you claim you have been wanting to help, so why didn't you? All your visions didn't clue you in that I needed help? Oh, wait, you were waiting to take Edward from me and then you would help, right?"

"I never wanted Edward!" she yelled. "I was constantly thinking thoughts toward you to help you and then you brushed me off and told me you hated me and all the other crazy shit you've done. I was trying to help you so much that I forgot about Edward, so Carlisle went and had some string pulled and do you know what they did to Felix? Do you know what he had to go through because you refused to listen to me? Don't you dare sit there and tell me I didn't try to help. I had to watch my mate be tortured to make sure your ass was safe!"

"If you were trying to help why didn't I know about it?" I'd jumped up in disbelief and hurt and threw my arms up in the air. "You told me months ago that you would always be there for me, no matter what, and, Alice, I tried to believe you, but it was hard. How could have honestly expected me to think you were trying to help me with all the things I was going through?"

"Bella, I came to your house that day to tell you that I would always be your friend, no matter what, because I knew things were going to get rocky, but I didn't know how bad. And then you stopped talking to me and my visions were completely fucked and – and I didn't know what to do!" she said, standing up now, too. "You were one of my best friends and you started pulling away from me and I didn't have visions to tell me why, Jasper hated me, Rosalie was trying to figure out ways to split up you and Edward so she was too busy to in her own head and with Emmett, and Victoria was off in Italy every other week…" she trailed off, shaking her head.

"Ali, you were my best friend, too," I whispered.

Alice took that moment to walk up cautiously to me and she took my hands in her small ones. "Bella, I love you. You are still my best friend, but I don't understand why you can't see that I was trying to help you."


"Alice, did you say your visions were fucked?" Peter asked, cutting me off.

Alice narrowed her eyes and turned to look at him. "Are you asking me that because you think I'm lying? I would never—"

"No, that's not what I'm saying. Did it completely stop working or just certain times?" he asked.

"Um," she said, frowning. "It didn't completely stop, no. It was just during certain things where my visions wouldn't work."

"Can you give me an example?" Peter asked her.

She nodded her head. "Like the night of her graduation after she went home. Edward, Esme, Carlisle, and I were leaving to go camping and then my visions went completely black. I couldn't see anything anymore, except for Edward's decision to go back to our house to grab some things. Bella, what happened that night?" she asked me, turning her head back to me with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm not sure what you're talking about," I said. I was lying, of course. I remembered what happened that night, but I did not want to talk about it; especially not with Jasper sitting behind me, staring at me intently.

"I think I know why your gift—my gift—stopped functioning properly," Peter said, taking the attention off of me. I smiled gratefully at him and he smiled back. "The girls here, Rosalie, Charlotte, and Bella, had a… Meeting with their parents." He went on to explain everything that we told them at their confused expressions. "They told the girls that everything that happened was meant to, so I'm wondering if our gifts didn't work when all this shit was going on with Bella because we weren't supposed to stop it. No doubt if our gifts worked we would have stopped it."

Silence once again took over the room as we all stared at Peter, that idea never having crossed any of our minds. I would have thought more about it, like everyone else was doing, but my mind was still on graduation night, stuck in my room with Edward standing over me and…

"Bella, what's the matter?" Jasper asked me quietly in my ear.

I turned my head to look at him and it was then I realized tears were pooling in my eyes, blurring my vision, and the whimper I heard had come from me. I looked down in embarrassment and shook my head.
"Nothing, Jasper, I'm fine. I'm sorry," I said. "What were you saying, Jane?"

She looked at me with narrowed eyes, obviously annoyed with the interruption. "I was just asking Jasper what we were going to do with the war coming on. There aren't enough of us—"

"The Denali's are recruiting people for us," Rosalie told her coldly. I didn't see a loving future between the two.

"And I have put the word out to people I trust. We should be getting plenty of help from people I know," Victoria said.

"Is that right?" Jasper asked from beside me. "Who are these 'people?'"

I put my hand in his and placed it in my lap before squeezing it. I could tell he was getting upset, but I wasn't exactly sure of what.
"Just some people I've come to known in my time as a vampire. The Amazonia Coven—"

"Who are friends with Carlisle," Jasper cut her off.

"Who are loyal to me and have already pledged their allegiance to the rightful vampire princess," Victoria told him softly, smiling despite his untrusting manner.

"Jane and I don't have training in any kind of fighting. Are you planning on having someone train us?" Alec asked no one in particular.

Peter glared at him. "Are you trying to imply the Major and I are not capable of training y'all ourselves?" he asked hotly.

"Now, I didn't say that. I just assumed that after the vampire—"

"Obviously, we're going to have to fight. The vampire wars of the south did not scare us into not being able or wanting to fight," Charlotte said, offended.

Jane rolled her eyes. "We're sorry that we wanted to know the details of how we were going to be able to protect ourselves while fighting for you all. We won't mention it again if you're going to get offended."

"I don't like your tone," I snapped at her. "No one asked you to be here. You've escaped the Volturi, which means you are free to roam wherever you please."

Rosalie snorted. "They're obviously too scared and are only here for—"

"Enough," Jasper hissed. "We ain't gon' git nothin' accomplished if y'all are sittin' there arguin' like there ain't no tomorrow."

We'd been glaring at each other until Jasper talked. His outburst surprised me at first, but then he finished talking and the whole room burst with laughter. Oh, I loved it when he was angry. His southern accent always came out sounding thicker than molasses.

"Lovely," he snapped, rolling his eyes. I leaned over and kissed his cheek in apology and he smiled at me. "So, Peter and I, whenever we get more people here, if we get more people here, are going to teach y'all how to fight, defend, and decapitate. Are there any problems with that?"

"Yes," Charlotte said, glaring at him. "I thought I was going to help, too?"

I looked at Jasper and saw that he was staring at Peter. They were having a silent conversation with just their eyes and Jasper's gift. It was an amazing to watch. "You can help the girls that are here now, Char, but when it's time to get serious Peter and I are going to be doing all the training," Jasper told her firmly, leaving no room for arguing.

She folded her arms over her chest and glared at him and Peter. No one said anything for the longest, just stared at each other until Alice cleared her throat.
"Jasper, can I… Can I talk to you in private?" she asked my mate.

I looked over at her sharply, narrowing my eyes and was prepared to tell her "no," but Jasper cut me off and said, "I'll meet you outside."

Alice nodded her head and after giving Felix a smile she walked out the backdoor and disappeared into woods. I threw my right leg over my left and rested my hands on my lap lazily. I could feel Jasper staring at me, but I refused to meet his gaze.

He poked me on my side and continued to do so until I huffed in annoyance and turned to look at him. He smirked. "I'll be back quickly," he said.

"Whatever," I said carelessly with a shrug.

Jasper chuckled and kissed me on the top of my head before leaving.
"Green is such a pretty color on you, Bella," Jane said sarcastically. "Why ever do you try and hide it from us when we already know it is there?"

"If you're implying that I'm jealous you can shove it. I have nothing to be jealous of," I snapped at her.

"Just the fact that your man would rather go talk to his ex-wife than stay in here with you and figure out what had you crying," she deadpanned.

I glared at her, but before I could say anything Felix stepped in. "I think her man would much rather have her at any given moment of the day, Jane," he said, smiling at me before looking at her. "It would be much appreciated if you did not try to start things up."

She rolled her eyes and shrugged before getting up. "I'm going to go get my things. You can show me where I'll be staying when I return." She walked out of the room.

"Your twin there is a little presumptuous, isn't she?" Charlotte asked Alec with a scowl on her face. "No one said y'all would be staying here."

"Are we not?" Alec challenged. "Or were you all planning on making us sleep in our car, only calling on us when it was time to fight?"

"Just because we're southern does not mean we're going to show y'all any hospitality," I said nonchalantly, as if I was talking about the weather and not threatening to kick them out of my home. "You should un-smart your mouth and go help your sister before we change our minds."

He rolled his eyes and walked out of the living room and then the front door and I shook my head, now knowing how my mother felt when she accused me of getting smart with her.

"So, Riley, what were you doing before you were changed?" Peter asked, changing the subject.

Riley smirked and said, "I was leaving my ex-girlfriend's house."

The three men snickered, but the rest of us rolled our eyes. "That's nice, but I meant work and all that," Peter said, a smirk of his own on his face.

"Uh, I didn't have a job. I'd lost it months before and was living off unemployment in a shitty ass motel," he said, looking down in embarrassment. He rubbed the back of his neck and shrugged sheepishly. "I was looking for a job and dealing with a crazy ex before I was changed."

"It's only right that you have a very shitty, very psychotic ex before coming into our home. It's the only way we accept our guess," I said, rolling my eyes playfully. "I was afraid I was going to have to kick you out because of it."

Everyone laughed and Victoria and Riley both gave me grateful smiles. Jane and Alec entered the living room again, two suitcases in each of their hands.
"I'm surprised y'all managed to pack your bags in your great escape," Char snarked.

"We stopped for clothes and such on the way," Riley answered quickly.

I stood up. "I'll show y'all where you'll be staying," I told them.

I turned around and began walking out the living room and into the kitchen, Jane and Alec behind me. I opened another door that was in the kitchen and walked down a hall with more rooms and walked out the door that led to the backyard.

"Where exactly are you taking us?" Jane asked as we walked down the steps and onto the grass.

I rolled my eyes and wondered if she was purposely trying to get grate my nerves by asking questions that had obvious answers. I turned to look at her and the smirk on her face answered my question.
I walked us into the pool house that Jasper had transformed into my dance studio. It was huge and long, the white walls and white floor making it seem like it stretched on forever. A long, rectangle mirror covered the entire right wall and a ballet bar was pressed against the left wall, waiting to be used.

"Somebody studies ballet," Jane said in surprise.

I turned and saw her looking around the room, an appreciative glint in her eye, a small, adoring smile on her face. "I can do all types, but, yes, I prefer ballet. I find it to be relaxing and… Sensual, seductive, if you will," I murmured softly.

Her eyes landed on me and more surprise flooded them. I smiled at her and turned and began walking again to the end of the room. "You can use the studio whenever you like, Jane." I opened a door and walked up the stairs that led us to yet another hallway with more rooms.

"Wow. This has got to be the best pool house I have ever seen," Alec said.

"And the only," Jane said.

I smiled and walked to the end of the hall and opened the last two doors on both sides of me. "My dear, sweet Jasper surely out did himself with this, I know," I said. "You two can pick either of these rooms to choose from."

Jane and Alec looked in the rooms that were on the sides they were standing on and immediately switched sides and declared those to be their rooms. Alec chose the room that was on the left side. It was large and painted beige, a queen size bed against the wall opposite the door, a night stand on either side. There was also a desk a night stand.
Jane chose the room on the right side. It was set up much the same as Alec's, only painted a very light blue.

"You can do whatever you wish to do with room. Jasper didn't really give it much thought, figuring whoever was to use them would want to decorate how they saw fit," I told them. I walked down the hall and stopped at the middle room and opened the door. "This is the guest computer room. Our game/entertainment room is in the main house." I opened the door on the right side of me next. "This is the bathroom and the last two rooms are the other guest rooms. You two are free to re-join us in the main house whenever you chose."

They both nodded and thanked me before going into their separate rooms, shutting their doors. I walked to the main house.
"What the hell are you three doing?" I yelled.

The girls were being held around their waist by their mates, struggling against them and trying to break free while glaring at each other.
"That red-headed bitch thinks she can come in here and start demanding shit," Charlotte hissed.

"I wasn't try'n to demand nobody to anythan! I was merely suggestin' that it would be in your best interest to tell Peter what you're hiding from him," Victoria said. I had just realized that she also had a southern, Texas to be exact, accent.

"And when Char said no she just kept pushing her. I didn't like the way she was talking to my sister," Rosalie hissed.

"I weren't try'n to talk to her in no kind of way! I just wanted her to understand that this was serious and it was going to blow up in her face if she don't say anythan now!" Victoria yelled.

Charlotte rolled her eyes. "What I tell and don't tell Peter is my business, and it would behoove you to remember that," she snapped.

"I would really like to know, though, Char, the secret you're hiding from me. It's only fair since everyone else knows," Peter said.

"I said I'd tell you when I was ready and I ain't ready yet, dammit! You need to be patient and you need to mind your own fucking business! Or at least stay outta mine," Char said.

"So, what, you three get mad at each other and you immediately go and try to attack each other? That is absolutely ridiculous," I said.

"Charlotte and Rosalie attacked first," Victoria told me. "I was only tryin' to defend myself."

Rosalie and Charlotte both rolled their eyes. "I think, gentleman, you can release your ladies," Felix said.

They did so and the three of them took their seats. I rolled my eyes and sat down, too. "I see Jasper is still out there with her," I said casually.

"I told you who he would rather be with, but you didn't want to believe me," Jane said when she walked back in. Any truce we came to back in my dance studio was now void.

"Say something like that to me one more time and I will break your fucking neck," I snapped at her, very serious with my threat. I glared at her and dared her with my eyes.

She smirked and fucking dared. "Bella, Jasper would rather be out in the woods fucking," she emphasized the word before continuing with, "his ex-wife than be with—"

Her words were cut off as I suddenly lunged at her and wrapped my hands around her neck. "Stupid, fucking, lonely, jealous harpy; how dare—"

There were screams all around me and I fell to my knees and covered my ears, realizing with a whimper that I was one of the screamers before everything suddenly went black. I found myself falling through a never ending black hole. Like the first time, I couldn't hear anything and I couldn't move until I fell roughly on the ground, wondering why it didn't hurt.

I went through the white light again, this time without hesitation, and froze in surprise when I saw Victoria and Alice at the far of the room, frozen just like me. Rosalie and Charlotte were in the room as well, just as frozen as the three of us.

I also noticed that there were two new people in the room. "Come on, girls, have a seat," Renee said softly, smiling warmly at us.

We walked slowly to the five chairs that were sitting in the middle of the room and sat. I sat at the far in on the right, Charlotte next to me, Victoria next to her, Alice after that, and Rosalie sat on the far left in the last chair.
"So these are the two y'all were talking about," I muttered.

Esmeralda smiled at me. "They are. I am so glad you all are together now," she said brightly, tears pooling into her eyes.

The new couple rushed over to Victoria and pulled her up and into a hug. "I've missed you, my darling girl," the woman said.

"You guys were serious," Alice said in disbelief, shaking her head. "This is… Really cool in a weird, supernatural way."

"I would really like to know who y'all are," Rosalie snapped, looking at the people who were hugging all over Victoria.

The man smiled. "I'm Jacob and this is my wife, Victoria's mother, Marlena. We are also the parents of Jasper," Jacob said.

Everyone but our parents, Alice, and Victoria stared in shock at Marlena and Jacob, one of the two couples named the last time we saw our parents.
"You two are brother and sister!" I yelled in shock, noting Jacob's fiery red, curly hair and Marlena, who had long, curly blonde hair. Jasper was tall like his father and Victoria was a good 5'7 like her mother. "That's what you knew?" I asked Charlotte.

She nodded her head. "My gift is being able to look at peoples relationships. It's like colored lings connect them, and they were yellow, which is sibling. It was a really dark yellow, almost mustard, so I knew they had a strong relationship."

"Wow. That's a really strong gift if you can get it off a drawing," Rosalie said. The rest of us nodded our heads in agreement. "I guess we know who the faces are in the drawing now."

"What drawings?" Victoria asked.

"We'll show you later," Charlotte said. "Can you all tell us what the hell is going on now, please?"

We all looked patiently at our parents. Renee nodded and they looked amongst each other to see who would go first.
"First, we want to say that if we could have stopped everything that happened, we would have," Rosemary said. "We've tried to think of things that we could do to get y'all out of the situations you would have found yourselves in, tried to find a different way to get you all turned, but we couldn't. Those were the only ways that would work. You have to believe me, us, when we say that if we could have had things go differently we would have done it."

Another couple came in just then and I automatically knew them as Katherine and George. "Are y'all Alice's parents?"

"My parents went to hell," Alice chirped casually. We all looked over at her and she had a small smile on her face. "Don't give me that look, y'all, I'm okay with that. It's where they deserve to be."

"We're Peter's parents," the woman, Katherine, spoke up. "I'm—"

"Katherine and George," Rosalie, Charlotte, and I said at the same time.

Everyone re-introduced themselves and got comfortable with each other before we took our seat and the parents took theirs.
"What Rosemary said was true. We each, in our own time, tried to find ways to protect y'all and keep y'all safe, but every time we did something it would fuck things up, so we had to let everything go on the way they were meant to. I am so sorry that those things had to happen."

"How did you all find out about the prophecy? You guys do know about the prophecy, right?" I asked.

"The Denali's told us," Marlena said, pointing to herself, her husband, Katherine and George, and Rosemary.

"Alice told us," my mom said, pointing her and Dad.

They each went on to explain how they were told about the prophecy then.

"I was at home. I remember thinking that life couldn't get any worse. Victoria was sick with the flue, Jacob was sick with something we couldn't diagnose, and Jasper was away at the war. Yes, I remember thinking that life couldn't get any worse, but I prayed and I hoped life would get better. I was getting the clothes off the clothing line when I saw the three most beautiful girls. Instincts made me wary of them, warned me to beware, but a gut feeling told me to befriend them, so I did. I invited the Denali's into my home where they explained to me their story, and told me all the things that Piotr saw of Jasper. It was from them on my duty to make sure that Jasper was to never return home," Marlena finished with a whisper.

"You did that perfectly," I snarked.

Everyone turned to look at me; Marlena glared. "Like you have room to talk, Isabella: I hit him where it hurt so he could leave and be with you and become the man he was always meant to be, you hit where it hurt out of spite," she snapped.

"Technically I didn't really call him a monster, I just repeated what Edward said to me. I didn't mean to hurt him. I was stressed and hurting and yelled at Jasper. I've apologized to him, and told him I didn't mean to hurt you," I told her and smirked. "See, that's where we're different. You meant to hurt him and I didn't."

"Why can't you just accept the fact that we both made a mistake? Jasper's not holding it against us—"

I shook my head and said, "Jasper's isn't holding it against me, I know, but he is sure as hell holding it against you. His mother. The one he expected to get comforted by when he came home from the war."

"The Denali's found my husband and me when we were coming home from a ball," Katherine said. "To say we were surprised with what they told us would be an understatement. I didn't want to believe it at first; I didn't. They had to wait around five days just for me to see them again, and then another three days for me to believe them. It was crazy, but I always said my boy was destined to do great things."

"Lots of great things," Char agreed cheekily.

I think everyone but our dads chuckled at that one.
"What about you, mom? How did you find out?" Rosalie asked.

Rosemary smiled and said, "Alice and Victoria found me. It was the day I had to go to Harlem to visit Uncle Eddy. They found me on the midnight train coming back home and explained everything there. I, like Katherine, didn't want to believe it, but I didn't really have a choice. I knew in my heart and my mind that they were telling the truth."

"And you mom?" I asked.

"Alice," she said. "She found us before you were even born. I was… what, four months pregnant when she came to us?"

Charlie nodded. "That's right. Let me tell you, I was ready to kick his ass immediately. I mean what the fuck?" he said. "Some girl tells me my daughter is destined to be a vampire princess with her vampire mate who's the fucking god of war, and I'm supposed to be okay with that? I wasn't okay for a long time, but the day you drew those pictures I was sold. I could see it, I could feel it, and when we finally met Jasper I knew he was the one for you."

"Wow," the three of us said together. "Hey, Victoria, do you see the future, too? You said you had visions when you were a human," I said.

Victoria shook her head. "I don't. We don't know why I had the visions, but that doesn't really matter. I had them and they brought me to all of you, so I don't worry about that. I do have a gift of self-preservation, though. I can get out of hard or painful situations if I need to without the person or people that are also involved knowing."

"Pretty cool," I said.

"How'd you all get us out the house and where we needed to go to get changed?" Charlotte asked

"Charlotte, the day you were changed your father and I didn't really need you to go to the store. We just needed you to be by the store," Esmeralda said. "We knew you'd take the alleyway like you always do and we knew that Peter would be going that way to feed. We knew that you two were mates and we knew that Peter would change you and the rest, as they say, was history."

"Um, okay," Charlotte whispered with a deep frown on her face. We could practically see the wheels turning in her head.

"Charlotte got sent away and I walked right into my disastrous change. That's nice. Fuck if it wasn't my fault," Rosalie hissed, putting her head in her hands. "Emmett's gonna hate when I tell him this. He was so hell bent on it not being my fault, but now we know—"

"Rosalie, that's wasn't your fault," Henry said. "We – we sent you to Vera's that day, remember? We told you that she called and wanted you to come see little Henry, because he was starting to crawl."

I leaned over slightly to look at Rosalie and she had a knowing look in her eyes, her mouth in an "o" shape.
"When I got there she had no idea I was coming over. I remember explaining to her that you all had said she'd called, but she said she didn't but let me inside anyways. I remember thinking I'd confront from the two of you when I got home; ask why you would lie to me so bluntly like that. I guess I know now," she whispered quietly.

"God, I was feeling sorry for myself, but Y'alls parents sent y'all to your death. I'm sorry. It's selfish of me to feel bad about what happened to me," I said. "My parents never got the chance."

Charlotte grabbed my hand and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could get anything out Renee cut her off sternly: "You will all stop blaming yourselves for what has happened and instead of taking it all out on yourselves; you will take it out on the people who deserve it."

"The Cullen's," Rosalie and I growled out.

"The Volturi and all the other fuckers trying to take us down with them," Alice hissed.

"We're going to murder these fuckers," Charlotte agreed.

Renee shook her head. "You all need to understand that you are not doing this for vengeance and revenge," she said. "You are doing this to protect an entire race that doesn't deserve to die for no reason. If you go into battle with all personal reasons in your head you will lose."

"Are you saying we're going to win?" Victoria asked.

Marlena shook her head. "We do not know who is going to win, my dear. We are only here to guide you and help you and answer questions we didn't get to answer while we were still alive and with you all in person," she said softly.

I shook my head to clear everything we'd just talked about away. I didn't want to think about that. I didn't want the world on my shoulders.
"I'm sorry for the way I acted," I whispered. "I'm sorry for the way we all acted. I get why y'all did it."

"We are, too" Charlotte and Rosalie said together. "We obviously needed some understanding, and we should have stayed so y'all could explain everything to us," Charlotte finished.

"I guess it's a good thing we didn't, though. Alice and Victoria are here for the explanation," Rosalie said.

"Would you change it?" I blurted out. Everyone looked at me in question. "I just need to know: if you could change everything that has happened and find a different way, would you?"

I already knew the answer of course, but I needed to hear my mother say it to me. I needed her to look me in the eye and tell me she would change it, if only to humor me, though I knew she would mean every word.

Renee and Charlie walked over to me and bent down in front of me.
"Isabella Marie Swan, if I could take back all the shit that has happened to you, I would in a heartbeat. You didn't deserve what happened to you and neither did your sister. Everyone who has treated you badly will get theirs," Dad said seriously.

"But mom said we weren't out for revenge." I sniffled.

"That doesn't mean they won't get theirs," she said.

I laughed and threw my arm around both of their necks and pulled them into a tight hug. "I love you guys so much. Thank you for always being there for me," I said.

"Always," Charlie promised me.

"We love you, too, baby girl," Renee said.

I looked over Renee's head and saw that the girls were also hugging their parents, tears of falling from their eyes, like mine, finally releasing all the pent up tension and stress. Alice was still sitting in her chair, looking up at the ceiling and everywhere else but us.

I was still hurt, even though I knew her reasons, and knew we still had a lot of talking to do if we were ever going to salvage our friendship, but there was no way I was going to leave her sitting there by herself.
"And we love you, Alice. Get over here," I demanded. Her head snapped over to look at me and her eyes were widened in surprise. "I mean it, Alice, get over here."

She grinned at me and tears welled up into her eyes before she ran over to us and shimmied her way in between my parents. "Thank you," she whispered.

"It's group time, y'all!" Charlotte yelled, and a few seconds later the three of us were surrounded by more bodies and we were laughing and carrying on like there wasn't a war hanging over our heads and threatening to rain all over our parade.

Apparently all we needed to feel better was a little understanding.