Warning: M for mature, Yaoi, boy x boy

Zim thinking


Dib thinking


Zim is in his lab, doing more research on human activity to appear more human "I can't believe it's been 7 years since I've been on this filthy planet called Earth. *signs* Might as well try to make the best of this and create a plan of what type of embarrassing torment for that Dib-hyuman."He thought to himself giggling a little. It was a Sunday morning and the fact that he didn't need to attend to the high skool yesterday and today pleased him. He was brought out of his thoughts when the huge computer screen above his head blinked.

"A message from my Tallest? . . . . that's unheard of, usually I would call them . . . well whatever." Zim said to himself unsure of what to expect. He tapped the red button to have the Tallest appear on the screen. "Yes, my Tallest is there something that you must discuss with me? If it's about the development of taking over this pathetic planet, I'll explain the reason it's taken so long-"

"Zim, don't come back . . . don't contact us either." The Red Tallest said interrupting Zim.

Zim stared at the screen dumbfounded, completely taken unguarded.

"W . . . what did you just say my tallest. For a minute there I actually thought you just told me not to come back . . . or to contact you." Zim denied, nervously laughing.

The purple tallest sighed loudly as he touched his forehead in frustration, "Zim . . . don't be an thick-headed, you heard what we just said.

"But for the past 7 years you've never said anything . . . y-you told me to continue with my mission." Zim struggled to say.

"We've been telling you for years that we hated you, that you were just sent there only because we didn't think there would have been a planet there for you to survive on but you some how survived and found our signal, even when we gave you a defective, stupid excuse for a robot." The Red Tallest rudely pointed out.

The Purple Tallest laughed, "Did you just see his face just now, it was like that picture Zim sent us of that kicked puppy."

" Why?" Zim asked as his small form shook slightly.

"Huh?" both Red and Purple answered not quiet sure what they heard.

Zim looked up from the ground with an angry expression, "WHY? WHY HAVE YOU MADE ME WASTE MY LIFE ON SUCH A TRIVIAL MATTER AND MADE ME APPEAR AS THE FOOL?"

". . . Zim, you were the one who made yourself the fool, you refused to accept the truth when we clearly mapped out what we clearly felt." The purple tallest informed.

"Oh, by the way, good luck on living on Earth." The Red tallest quickly replied before cutting off communication, leaving Zim in the seemingly quiet room. Zim punched his desk as he fell to his knees and gripping the table as he began to let non-liquid tears fall from his face, letting soft, painful sounding sobs slip through his lipless mouth.

Zim turned his gaze towards the ceiling as he let a painful scream rip through his throat.

Authors notes: This was re-written. Comment if you'd like. I hope you like this as much as I've typed this.