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"Dib thinking"

"Zim thinking"


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Chapter 10: "The escape"

-Zim P.O.V-

"What the fuck are we supposed to do now?" Tak groaned out loud as she held her injured arm, clearly conflicted with frustration and complete uncharacteristic worry.

Zim sighed loudly as he wiped the blue blood off of his forehead, keeping it from entering his eyes as he thought of a genuine reply to her rhetorical question. His hearts were pounding loudly as he stared at the untouched building in front of him with complete hate, "What weapons do you have?" He turned his head and looked towards her direction.

She frowned and tilted her head slightly as she glanced at him questioningly, "Not much . . . most of them were damaged by the crash a few years ago . . . "

He sighed as he looked at her with annoyance, "And you didn't even bother to repair any of them?" He pushed himself, forcing himself to stand up straight, "What have you been doing with all that free time? Being useless I presume."

Her eyebrow twitched in slight anger, "If I had known ahead of time I would have done everything in my power to repair something that no long works." She gripped her arm more, "Obviously I had not foreseen any of these events . . . " She looked down and frowned, "I just want her back into my arms where she belongs . . . " She bit her non existent lips as she tried to keep her emotions at bay, "Both her and our child."

He felt guilt prick at his hearts as he watched her and frowned when he realized that he was just taking out his frustration out on her. He was fortunate that he had a part of Dib inside of him but the hurt was still there and he knew it would not disappear until Dib is right where he belongs, by his side, "I . . . shouldn't have said such things . . . I apologize . . . " He looked away from her, his expression filled with heartbreak.

She was surprised by his apology, clearly not excepting those very words to escape his mouth. She didn't know how to comment on his apology, much less on how to respond to this emotional filled tension, "I understand what you're going through . . . both of us have a person in there that means the universe to us . . ." She explained slowly, not used to sharing this type of information with anyone but Gaz.

He looked at her before looking down at the ground with new determination, "Yes Tak, you're right . . . and we won't give up . . . I won't permit it . . . if we can't go through that blasted front door then will have to take our advances underground."

She looked at him, as she walked towards him, "What do we have to do?"

-Dib P.O.V-

Dr. Membrane, for the first time in his life, felt complete fear creeping into his chest as his breathing became deep and shallow. Never in his entire life had he thought he would be at the other end of the stick, never had he been pushed to the point of almost begging on his knees.

"So you've avoided elimination?" He kept his back straight as he stared at him dead on, "How did that happen?" Flashing him his most sickest smirks.

Dib looked at him, clearly not amused, nor affected by that sheer, keeping his expression unreadable. He tilted his head as he slowly but surely started walking towards Dr. Membrane as if it was the only path he could walk on.

Dr. Membrane flinched harshly as he watched him walk towards him, he shivered as his stomach squeezed and curled as if all the contents of his stomach would spill out from his mouth exposing him for the true coward he really was. He took a step back, feeling like the walls around him being closed in, suffocating him until there was nothing of his usual self left to fight this clawing fear that grabbed him by the neck and legs. He reached down, gripping the side of his dress pants as he glared at Dib, "So you want revenge, huh?" He smirked, "So you'll kill me for all the shit I've done to you? So you want to be the same thing that I am? A murder?" He chuckled to himself as he continued to back away from Dib, careful not to take his eyes off of him.

Gaz watched the scene unfold in front of her and frowned, "Dib . . . are you . . . going to do what I think you're going to do?"

She frowned deeply when Dib ignored her question and kept walking towards Dr. Membrane. She hated being ignored but what she hated most was watching this person in front of her with no traces of her brother in sight, "Dib! Enough!" She slowly pushed herself off of the table, only to fall into her knees hard, scraping them against the cold concrete, she groaned slightly as she held her stomach, trying desperately to pull herself up by using her other hand to grab the metal table for balance, "Dib, answer me!" She yelled out, clearly in no condition to.

Dr. Membrane watched as Dib clearly ignored Gaz's pleds and continued towards him, "You're . . . serious . . . " He softly whimpered as his back finally hit the wall behind him, "You're going to kill me!?" He screamed at the top of his lungs, all of the self-confidence no longer shown as he raised his hands up as if to defend himself, "Help me! Help me, please-argh! . . . . "

Dib swiftly plunged his arm into Dr. Membranes stomach, pushing his fingers through his skin, through his ribs and exiting out towards Dr. Membranes back, snapping his spin in half. Dr. Membrane stared at Dib with wide eyes filled with tears as blood slowly spilled from his mouth as he slowly looked down, watching as blood seeped from his stomach and leak onto the floor faster than running water.

Gaz gasped as she covered her mouth as she watched the whole scene, seeing Dib mercilessly pierce through Dr. Membranes stomach in one movement, She stared with wide eyes as she looked down, watching the blood pool beneath Dibs and Dr. Membranes feet. His crisp white dress shirt being soaked in his own blood as he gasped and groaned in pain as he finally realized just what happened.

Dr. Membrane opened his mouth as if to speak, letting his tears finally fall from his eyes and run down his cheeks just to fall from his chin. He gripped Dib's shoulders as he staggered to keep his balance, " . . . karma . . . is t-truly a b-bitch . . ." He finally spoke, slowly sliding down the wall, looking up towards Dib, "And you . . . won't escape it . . ." He let more tears fall from his eyes, "Just t-to let you k-know . . . you w-won't be able to save yourself-f . . ." He looked down, watching Dib's arm being rough pulled from his stomach, seeing his intestine being spilled out onto his lap as he finally sat onto his own pool of blood, his dress pants soaking up some of the blood.

Dib looked down, his right arm soaked in Dr. Membrane, dripping down from the tips of his fingers, ". . . save myself? . . . weren't I doomed from the start?" He started at him, watching as all the contents spilled from his body.

Dr. Membrane groaned as he leaned his head against the wall, feeling all the pain numbing as he finally let out the breath he didn't know he was holding, " . . . n-no . . . I d-don't want this-" His head fell to the side suddenly as his body followed suite with a loud thud, his eyes wide open.

Gaz looked at Dib, her mouth still covered as she stared at him, " . . . you . . . killed him . . . you really killed him . . ." She held her hand closer towards her stomach as the stench of blood filled the room with its coppery, metallic smell. She sighed softly as she pulled her hand away from her mouth, "I didn't know that you had it in you . . . I'm slightly impressed . . ."

Dib moved his cold gaze towards Gaz, staring at her with no expression at all, ". . . Stop calling my name . . . " He turned from her, the door suddenly opening as he walked towards it, this foot steps trailing blood behind him, "Its annoying . . . " He left as he finished saying those words.

Gaz stared at him with wide eyes as she frowned to herself, slowly pulling herself up, "Dib!" She halted in her tracks as she heard screaming and begging coming the hallway, seeping into the room she was in. She looked down, flinching as she watched blood pool, that wasn't Dr. Membranes, in from the doorway, "What the hell is happening?"

-Zim's P.O.V-

Zim and Tak moved their gaze back towards the building, seeing the force field that appeared around it, slowly started to dissolve. Zim frowned as his antenna twitched slightly, "Do you hear that?" Zim looked towards Tak, his expression unreadable.

She nodded her head slowly, "Human screams . . . why would there be human screams?" She looked towards Zim, frowning, ". . . does this mean that bastard did something to them?" She growled to herself as she ran towards the force field, slamming her gloved hands against it, "Gaz! Gaz!"

Zim shook his head as he slowly stepped back, feeling this unreasonable fear creep down his spine, "No . . . its something else . . . I can feel it . . . "

Tak looked back towards Zim frowning, "What the fuck are you doing? Dib is in there, possible hurt or getting killed in there and here you are saying bullshit-" She stopped in midsentence as she looked shocked from the look of fear on Zim's face, "W-what's wrong?" She turned back around, staring with wide eyes as she watched Dib exit the building from the front double doors with blood all over him, "Dib?"

Zim backed away as he continued to stare, "That . . . can't be Dib . . . that can't be . . . "

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