In a beautiful world lay two kingdoms. One was a kingdom of light; the other was a kingdom of darkness. The light kingdom lived in peace for a long time. But that would all soon change. Soon in the darkness of the night, black creatures would appear and take away the hearts of the people in the light kingdom.

But one girl rises up to fight against the darkness with three noble warriors with Keyblades. Together they defeated all the darkness that they could but the girl had to give her life in order to bring peace back to her world. She brought back everyone who's hearts were taken by the darkness. No one forgot the story of the girl, who was known as a fire goddess, and the three warriors who saved the world.

The people of the light kingdom thought the darkness was gone forever…..but they were wrong.

Meeting the Princess

Three beams of light appeared in a kingdom and disappeared. Then someone came to look around and it was revealed to be Sora.

"Ok….I have no idea where we are." Sora said to the other two.

The other joined were Riku and Kairi; they went to join their friend.

"Well King Mickey said that someone in this world will be joining our team to help us beat the darkness." Riku pointed out.

"So what now?" Kairi asked.

"I say we have a look around. If we're lucky, we'll meet the person we're suppose to find." Sora suggested.

"Sora when have we been that lucky?" Riku asked with a sigh.

"Hey we've had some luck." Kairi said.

"Yeah not a lot." Riku said.

"Guys come on let's go." Sora said.

So they started to walk around and meet some of the people in the kingdom. They found out that, even though Sora and the others were strangers, they were still treated like they belong in that kingdom.

"You know you should go see the royal family. I'm sure they would love to meet you three." One old lady said.

"Where does the family live?" Sora asked.

Riku looked and answered, "Mostly like in the castle over there."

Sora and Kairi looked to see a white castle surrounded by a white wall not too far away.

"Yes that where they live. The royal family has a king, queen, prince, and a princess." Another girl explained before adding under her breath, "….Even thought she doesn't act like it."

The old lady shook her head and said good bye to them. They decided to go to the castle to see what they could find out. They were at first stopped by the guards but, once they said they wanted to meet to royal family, they let them in.

They weren't in there very long before a young man greeted them, "Welcome to the castle. I'm Prince Hotaku."

They bowed slightly and Sora said, "I'm Sora and these are my friends Riku and Kairi."

"Sora huh? Hmmmm…you wouldn't have to be the Keyblade master Sora would you?" Hotaku asked.

"Prince how did you know that?" Sora asked slightly surprised.

Hotaku laughed a little and explained, "This kingdom hears many stories from the other worlds and you don't have to call me Prince."

Riku sighed slightly and said, "Ok Hotaku. How does this world hear stories or even know of the other worlds."

"Because we once had mighty warriors from other worlds come and protect this one. But that was some time ago even so the stories remand here and were told a number of time. Actually about two years ago, we started hearing new stories about new warriors showing up to face the darkness again." Hotaku explained.

"Two years ago? Sora that's when it Heartless first attacked Destiny Island." Kairi said.

Sora nodded and Hotaku said, "Heartless? So that's what they are called."

"What do you mean?" Sora asked.

"Well a few black creatures have appeared in the kingdom a few times but they disappeared shortly after words." Hotaku explained.

"That sounds like them." Riku said with a sigh.

Hotaku smiled and said, "Come. Let me show you around."

They agreed and soon meet the king and queen. Hotaku was called off to do something so the king said he would show them the princess.

"The Princess, my daughter, is in the garden. I hope that one day she will take over the kingdom but sadly I don't think—" He started to say but was cut off.

The door to the garden came open and out walked another prince. He seemed upset and the back of his pants were ripped off.

The king sighed and said, "Yakumo!"

The king rushed off to the garden and they slowly followed. They saw a young girl sitting at the edge of a fountain with her back turned. She had long red hair that went to the middle of her back and wore a long white dress that almost went to her ankles. She had on high heel white shoes and a small crown. A white two tailed fox laid next to her with something in its mouth.

When the king got close, the fox looked up and stood up.

"Rukia give me that now!" The king said.

Rukia, the white fox, spat it out and jumped onto the fountain.

The king sighed again and said, "So this is why the prince left in a hurry."

The girl finally turned, they noticed that she had brown eyes, but only to be greeted by the fox, "Oh father Rukia was just playing with him. Weren't you? You were just playing with that over stuffed prince weren't you?"

The girl laughed a little and the king glared at her. The girl stopped laughing and the king sighed once more.

"Yakumo I wish you would stop turning away every Prince who comes to see you. You know the laws says—"

"You must marry a Prince!" They both said at the same time.

Yakumo stood up and the king continued, "Before your eighteen birthday."

This time Yakumo sighed, "Father I don't want to be forced into this. If I do end up marrying someone I want it to be for love."

Yakumo stopped walking and the king went over to her, "It's not just a law ok. You know we're not going to be here forever so….I just want to make sure you're cared for."

Yakumo started to walk back to the fountain, "Please father try to understand. I've never met anyone my age. I don't even have any friends."

When Yakumo sat down on the fountain Rukia looked up at her.

Yakumo smiled slightly and said, "Expect for you Rukia."

Rukia smiled and laid back down on the fountain.

"I hadn't even been outside the castle wall with a guard or someone following me." Yakumo said before looking at the water.

"You know it has to be that way Yakumo. It's your life as a Princess."

"Then maybe I don't want to be a Princess." She said before turning away the king.

The king groaned and Yakumo noticed Sora and his friends, who had stayed quiet through the whole talk.

"Who are you three?" Yakumo asked.

The king sighed and said, "Yakumo behave yourself. This is Sora, Riku, and Kairi. They got here a while ago. This is my daughter and the Princess of this land Yakumo."

"Nice to meet you Princess." Sora said nicely.

Yakumo looked away and said dryly, "You don't have to call me that. You can call me Yakumo."

Sora looked a little surprised by the tone of voice and said, "Oh ok."

Yakumo looked at Rukia and said, "Well go on."

Rukia stood up, jumped off the fountain, and sat down in front of them, "Hello my name is Rukia. I am the guardian fox for the Princess."

Yakumo laughed a little as she saw their jaws drop.

"Wait you speak English?" Riku asked still surprised.

"Fluently. I like the reaction people get where they hear me talk." Rukia said with a nod.

"Wow that so cool. I've never seen a talking fox before." Sora said before sitting down in front of her.

Sora started to pet her head and Rukia smiled slightly.

"Princess!" They heard someone call.

The king looked at Yakumo and said, "Looks like they need you for something Yakumo."

Yakumo sighed and stood up, "I'm coming! Come on Rukia."

Yakumo walked away and Rukia followed after her.

The king sighed and said, "I'm sorry for the way my daughter was acting towards you Sora."

"Don't worry about it. I figure she has her reasons." Sora said with a smile.

The king smiled and went off saying that they could stay in the castle for as long as they liked. So they started to walk around a little bit. They weren't sure how long or far they had been walking but they came to this room. They went inside and saw stain glass pictures on the wall.

"They seem to tell a story." Riku said.

"That's right. They tell the story of the kingdom." Hotaku said from the doorway.

"Hotaku could you tell us the story?" Kairi asked.

"Sure I've had to tell it enough. Some time ago, this kingdom use to be peace before the darkness started to come. In the dead of night the darkness would take the hearts of the people in the kingdom. Then one girl found out that she had fire powers that would help her beat the darkness. She soon met up with three warriors that had giant Keys saying they were also trying to get rid of the darkness.

So the girl went with them to help them on their journey. In the end the only way for the girl to save her world from the darkness and bring peace once more….was to scarifies her life. She freed everyone in her kingdom from the darkness hoping that it would never show up again." Hotaku sighed with he finished.

"Three giant Keys? You mean the Keyblades?" Riku asked.

"That what I think." Hotaku said.

"King Mickey did say there were other Keyblade masters before us." Kairi pointed out.

Hotaku sighed and saw the setting sun, "It's getting late. Are you staying with us tonight?"

They nodded and Hotaku smiled, "Then let me show you to your rooms."

Hotaku gave them each a room before turning to go to his own. Then they saw Yakumo with Rukia walking down the hall.

"Good night Yakumo." Kairi said.

Yakumo waved a hand but that's it.

Hotaku sighed and said, "Don't worry about my sister. She's like that a lot."

"What's her reason?" Riku asked.

Hotaku looked unsure and said, "Well she does have a reason but I don't think she'd want me to tell you."

"That's ok. She can tell us when she's ready." Sora said before going into his room.

Riku and Kairi did the same and Hotaku walked to his. They didn't know that Yakumo was listening to everything they said through her door.

Yakumo sighed slightly and Rukia said, "You know Yakumo you could give them a chance."

"And give them a chance to let me down again. Yeah right!" Yakumo said walking over to her bed.

Rukia watched her and said, "I can understand why you're acting that why towards Sora and Riku but you never act that way towards other girls."

Yakumo laid down with a sigh, "I don't know Rukia. A few more days and maybe they'll be gone."

Rukia walked over to her own bed and said, "But I do wonder what a Keyblade is."

Yakumo looked at the ceiling and said, "You and me both Rukia."

Yakumo sighed once more before closing her eyes and going to sleep.