Dog Lover

Ch.4 –Snugglers Delight

Kagome regained consciousness with a start. Everything came back to her in a rush, bringing tears to her eyes. She was all alone. Everyone she knew… everyone she loved… they were all gone. She'd never see her family again. She was so consumed by sadness she didn't notice Kiba move over to her or register that he pulled her into his lap. What brought her out of her misery was a soft putting sound. She couldn't seem to stay upset. She just felt… warm. Snuggly. The sound was so comforting and she felt the tension leave her body a few minutes after it started.

Kiba wasn't sure what he was doing but it was apparently helping as he felt her body relax against his. Something warmed in him as he continued. Holding her felt… right. Sure she has been crazy during their first encounter, but if she'd snuggle into him like this she could be as psycho as she wanted.


The next thing Kiba knew he was waking up to morning light streaming into his room. He couldn't remember falling asleep… but he did remember holding the girl. Quickly he looked down to find her still in his arms, snuggled in. Somehow she got into his jacket and he wasn't sure how or when, but it was surprisingly comfortable. The door opened slightly and Akamaru padded in with a big smile on his face. "A~r~f~" The pup whistled softly.

"Sh-shut it Akamaru." Kiba turned his head away but knew he was blushing. "Don't wake her up yet." He added quietly. He heard his mother outside the door; she slid in a tray of food before closing the door and leaving. Apparently she didn't care about his training today, which was just as well. He wasn't really motivated to leave. He wasn't sure how to wake the girl up, or if he should. She was quiet after a long night and he felt inclined to let her rest. So he'd wait, but hopefully not all day.