We Fall in Love: 3 Part Epilogue

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Part 1: It's Not Home Without You

Will pushed through the front door, carefully stepping over the sprawled out unconscious body propping the door open. He quickly checked that the guy was still breathing before continuing into the apartment.

It was difficult to hear because of the general loud talking and random shouts coming from the kitchen area, but above the chaos he could make out the familiar sultry tones that he would never fail to recognise.

The lounge was even more crowded, every surface suitable for sitting (and some totally unsuitable, for example the three girls perched on top of the flat screen TV) was occupied, and the floor space in between that wasn't covered in empty bottles was crowded with dancing bodies.

He stood on his tiptoes, and a small smile graced his lips because his girlfriend was the most beautiful girl in the entire room, the entire universe even, and he was the luckiest guy in the world.

He ducked just in time to miss a bottle flying through the air, and was thankful once again that Kurt had held his birthday party in his own apartment, and not asked to use his and Quinn's since they were the only others to live in the city.

A girl sidled up to him as he continued to push through the throng.
He flashed her a disgusted look because really?; he belonged to Quinn and Quinn alone, and then propelled her in the direction of Finn Hudson, his eyes widening at his unusual dance moves that seemed to heavily involve the hat stand.

He found a spare section of wall to lean against, and his eyes glued on Quinn as she sang.

Her smile was bright and sunny as she effortlessly hit the high notes.

Her hair shone golden in the disco lights.

Her eyes sparkled.

And she was his.

Mike Chang spotted him and bounded over to greet him.
"Schue!" he shouted, his voice straining over the music. "You missed my amazing freestylin! You must be gutted!"
Will grinned.

"You still owe me a dance off", Mike reminded him sternly, offering him a can as he was handed two as Kurt whirled past, his hosting skills intensified by large volumes of energy drink.
Will toasted him. "Next time", he promised.

"You said that last time", Mike returned, "are you scared or something?"
Will just grinned again, gulping at the beer.
"Go on", Mike urged him. "Quinn will love it! She'll go crazy for you if you crack out those awesome moves".

At the mention of her name. Will glanced over to her, just as she was finishing her encore of Rihanna's 'Umbrella'.

"I've gotta go take my turn at ring of fire in the kitchen", Mike said.
Ah, hence the random shouts.

"Okay- see you soon".

"Good god William you look ravishing", only Quinn's sexy purr could have heat flooding through his body like it was, and he turned round to her immediately.
"Hey sweetie! You were great up there..."
She kissed him hungrily, and he could taste the alcohol on her tongue.

"I'm gunna do one more song- with Kurt- a little bit later".
He just nodded dumbly, because her red lipstick was now all smudged and she was pressed right up against him and her forefinger was tracing a pattern across his chest.

"Come dance with me?"
It was more of an order than a question.

He gulped as she ran her tongue over her teeth to clean off the lipstick.
"I'd rather do that kind of dancing in private", he said, gesturing to the throng over her shoulder and trying not to look as she drank from his beer can with her perfect lips pouted.

Okay, so the people who knew him here were well used to the fact that he was Quinn's boyfriend rather than their high school Spanish teacher, but...
"Everyone has fairly low inhibitions", she pointed out, handing back his can and unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt to press a hot kiss to his revealed chest.

"C'mon baby... I love you".
He could never resist her, not when she said that and looked up at him through fluttering eyelashes and he was going to do more than just grind on her if her straying hand travelled much further south.

"I love you too", he murmured, into her ear, before claiming her lips passionately, and he loved how he was so included in her life like this, despite the age gap between them.

He allowed her to take his hand and lead him closer to the speakers, and she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his mouth down for another kiss as their hips moved in time to the music.

She turned around then, and his hands automatically grabbed her hips and he suppressed a moan as she pushed back against him, by pressing his mouth to her neck and sucking just how she liked it.
"You're amazing", he told her, and she turned her neck to kiss him wetly.

And he supposed it was okay because they blended in with all the other dancing couples.

Someone danced up to Quinn.

"Have you finally got her drunk enough to dance dirty?" the guy asked, and Will didn't like the glint in his eye.

He moved even closer, and Will tensed.

"Back off Liam", Quinn said tiredly. "I told you before I only 'dance dirty' with my Will".
"Awwww", the guy whined. "You gotta give the old guy a break... And I could show you a real good time".
She pushed his chest as he leaned forward.

"Back off Liam", Will said warningly.
Smirking, the middleweight boxer (as Will found out afterwards) took another step towards Quinn and placed his hand deliberately on her arm.
At that audacity, Will moved Quinn behind him with one swift movement..

"Don't touch Quinn if she doesn't want you too", he said, in a low dangerous voice.
"Awwww, such a protective cradle snatcher", Liam sneered.

Will pursed his lips.

The guy was drunk, and was likely just looking for a fight, and Will wasn't the aggressive type, but this guy had made Quinn nervous, and she was clinging to the back of his shirt and the protective urges swelled onside him.
"Get out the way mate", Liam said, "she'll be more fun when she's scared".

He made another step forward, and Will pushed him back forcefully.
"Quinn told you to back off", he repeated angrily. "So back off".
Liam was slower to react, but retaliated with a push of his own.

Will stood his ground, and their disagreement had attracted a crowd of Liam's drunken friends.
Liam, gaining confidence with an audience, pushed him again.
"Are you going to tell me how good she is in bed?" he asked nastily, "or do I have to wait and find out".
Will saw red.

He wasn't obsessively possessive but he didn't like this guy's leering at Quinn, and he didn't like anybody who put fear in her beautiful eyes.

So he punched the guy in the jaw.
Liam, enraged, lunged at the smaller man, a sloppily aimed fist coming into contact more than once on Will's face and chest, as he defended himself rather than further goad his attacker.

It would hurt when the bruises came up, but right now he was too infuriated to feel the pain.

They were soon separated by Finn and Mike, and a scared Quinn tore herself away from Brittany's hug to hurl herself at her bloodied hero.

After much shouting, Liam sloped off, after realising that Will had more people on his side than he had on his.

"I'm sorry", Will whispered over and over, as Quinn clung to him still, after the party had resumed as normal and Kurt had turned the chocolate fountain back on as a distraction mechanism.

"Why are you sorry?" she asked, "never be sorry for defending me! And don't say it's because you ruined my night because seeing you is always the best part of these nights... I mean, I'm supposed to want to party til the early hours, but I'd always rather you pick me up early and climb into a bubble bath with you… And really I should be thanking you for sobering me up a bit so I can remember exactly your reaction to what I'm going to do to you as soon as we get home".

She paused to take a breath.

"Okay, so I'm not totally sober because I just said that really loudly…"

He couldn't help but smile at that, and he wanted to kiss the anxiety off her lips but his was swollen and bleeding.

"Let's go and get you cleaned up", she said softly, and her warm hand slipped into his.

"Mercedes? Is the bathroom safe?"

Mercedes had evidently taken it upon herself to be the sensible sober one on the premises. "Yup. It's fine at the moment… Have you seen Kurt? He gave me his phone about half an hour ago with strict instructions to not let him ring Jake… and I've just seen Jake walk into the apartment!"

Quinn pointed vaguely in the direction of the lounge.

"Woah! What happened to you Schue?"

Will shrugged in a similarly vague manner, so Mercedes just moved aside to let them pass.

Quinn guided him to sit down on the side of the bath as she searched quickly for a face cloth, which she soaked under the tap.

"So apart from the whole Liam debarcle- is it a good party?"

Quinn smiled, straddling his thighs.

"Even the best party becomes infinitely better the moment you arrive to take me home", she said softly. "But yeah, it was pretty good… Especially the karaoke".

She lowered the cloth to his lip, dabbing gently, and wincing as he winced.

"I bet he looks worse though", he said gruffly.

"I'm sure he does", Quinn assured him, "And he was a lot bigger than you…"

Will pulled her closer, his hands splayed on her lower back.

She leaned forward, her fingertips caressing across his jawline, lips and chin.

Her breath was warm on his cheek.

"Would Kurt be really upset...?"

He didn't need to finish that question as Quinn shook her head vigorously.

"Take me home", she murmured, closing the gap of centimetres between them to kiss him lazily with open mouthed kisses.

He hummed softly in agreement.

His mind flickered over to the dull evening he had spent alone in their apartment, his lack of enthusiasm to invite friends over on those evenings when Quinn was out with her friends.

Because there was just one person he wanted to spend his time with. All of his time.

"It's not home without you", Will replied softly.

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