We Fall in Love: 3 Part Epilogue

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Part 3: 3.30am

He was nervous.

He was more nervous than he thought he would be.

He was more nervous than he had been last week, waiting for the results of their fertility tests, and his nervousness just increased when he remembered that swooping relief when everything was ok.

The one thing, or rather, the one person who would stop his nerves eating through him like this was Quinn.

But she was the one person he couldn't talk to about this.

He rang her anyway, drumming his fingers on the steering wheel as it rang.

"Hey gorgeous".

He sighed heavily in lieu of a reply.

"Woah", she murmured, "big sigh! Is work bad today? I hate it when you have to work weekends".

"Yeah…" he offered vaguely, then, "I fucking miss you".

Quinn's heart leapt at the fierceness in his statement.

She stood up hastily as her stomach turned, but the sensation faded as she moved towards the bathroom.

She went in anyway, to pick up the box containing the pregnancy test from the shelf next to the sink.

She wanted to wait until he was back, but she thought it was probably the salmon she ate at the restaurant the night before, and it was quite soon, even though they had both been making use of every possible minute of her days of ovulation…

"I miss you too", she replied softly, sitting on the arm of the couch. "What time will you be back?"

"I'm not too sure", he said truthfully, "No one seems to know how long this day is going to take".

Quinn played with the box on her lap.

"Well, don't worry, I'll make a pasta bake or something", she said brightly, slightly worried by the scared tone in his voice.

"Talk to me", he said, trying to stop his mind from exploring the 'what if's' and the endless list of cons in his head.

"Okay… oh! I remember I was going to ask you if you had any preference to what colour throw I got for the couch?"

"Are you going shopping with Kurt this afternoon then? I reckon some kind of neutral colour…"

"MmmHmm… Yes to both, I was thinking some kind of warm mushroomy colour or something, nothing too busy otherwise it will clash with the wall mural".

"Can you get me some boxers when you go shopping please?" he asked.

They chatted about nothing, and he loved just listening to her voice, he loved the way he could imagine just how her expression changed with the rise and fall of her pitch.

He loved that he knew she could do the same for him.

Eventually he said goodbye, because this was something he had to try and deal with, something he had to do on his own.

But hearing her voice definitely did succeed in increasing his strength of resolve.

But it was a long drive to Lima, Ohio.

He paced up and down beside the car a few times to stretch out his complaining muscles. It had been over 5 hours since he last stopped for a break, being of the opinion that it was best to get the agonising journey over as quickly as possible.

It was early afternoon.

He knew he needed to ring Quinn to let her know that he wouldn't actually be back until very late, but he didn't want to worry her just yet, and he'd rather it all be over and he be able to explain to her properly.

He felt a little guilty for abusing her complete trust in him with his vagueness.

But he would tell her eventually.

And he knew it would be sooner rather than later.

The echo of the doorbell through the hallway was an ominous sound.

A surge of adrenaline coursed through his veins as he heard footsteps in the corridor.

He had to remind himself that this was his idea, he had wanted to do everything properly; he wanted everything to be perfect.

Everything would be perfect.

"Good afternoon".

He hoped he didn't look too tired and dishevelled from his long journey, and he surrepticiously straightened his jacket and tie.

"Judy! I think you'd better come see this".

Will steeled himself.

"May I come in?" he asked politely.

Russell looked at him as though he had just asked if he could burgle their house.

Judy appeared beside him, and Will swore he could hear his own heartbeat.

"May I come in?" he repeated, with more confiction, pulling himself up to his full height to feel slightly taller compared to Quinn's parents standing on the step.

They stared back at him in disbelief and Will reined in his anger (with difficulty) at the way they had so easily abandoned their daughter for the second time.

He assumed they had made their own judgements, having not attempted to get in contact with Quinn at all.

Judy muttered something in Russell's ear, and gestured silently for Will to step inside.

He followed them into the lounge, and he knew it was stupid, but he felt a cold fear as the door shut behind him.

"I have heard that you and Quinn have engaged in inappropriate behaviour. It's a bit too late to be apologising for that isn't it? Even she's probably forgotten about it by now", Russell said, and Will hated the way he referred to her as Quinn, rather than 'my daughter'.

Will kept his face neutral.

He knew that what he and Quinn shared was anything but inappropriate.

How could it possibly be inappropriate to feel so indescribably happy in a relationship?

When he said nothing in return, the suspicion set deeper into their expressions.

"I can assure you I have treated your daughter with the utmost respect and promise to always do so", he said quietly, readying himself to launch into his prepared speech which had been 10 hours in the making.

But it seemed so amiable, and, sitting there in front of the people who had caused his beautiful girlfriend so much hurt, it was hard for him to say such pleasant things with meaning.

"Please", he began, "Hear me out. I'm sorry to say that even if it does not suit you, I, we, will love each other… what I'm trying to say is, I love Quinn very much, and I will love her forever, and I will look after her forever, and I promise to do anything for her, do anything to make her happy. I have been there when she's been hurting, and it will never ever be me who hurts her, but I will always be there to help take the pain away. I don't really appreciate the fact that you have not always been there for her, but it does make me even more determined to stay by her side whatever obstacles we face in the future- we will navigate them together".

He looked between their frozen faces and grinned ruefully.

"You may as well know that we are trying for a baby…"


He sighed.

"Okay, well, this is less of an asking permission, and more of an informing you that I am going to ask Quinn to marry me. These three years with her have been the best three years of my life, and I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life as her adoring husband".

He was beaming now, he couldn't help it, not even the ashen faces of her clueless parents could make his smile fade.

"Thank you for your time", he said gruffly. "I'll let myself out".

His fingers tightened around the ring box in his jacket pocket and he drove all the way home without stopping once.

Quinn stared at the third pregnancy test of the evening in her hand.

It was late, past midnight, probably closer to past one, but she wasn't going to bed without Will.

She placed the test carefully back in the cardboard box and pushed it under the couch with the other two.

And she sat still on the couch until she heard the scraping of the key in the lock.

Will opened the door and Quinn was right there, wearing just a bath robe and probably nothing else.

He took his hands out of his pockets hastily.

She encircled him with her arms and hugged him tightly.

"I'm sorry I'm so late", he whispered.

"You look gorgeous", she mumbled.

It had been a ridiculously long day.

But it made it all worth it when he got home and Quinn was there, eagerly reciprocating his love.

"So do you", he returned, claiming her lips in a long, lazy kiss.

She kissed him back, heatedly, and it would be several hours before she remembered her own name, let alone the three boxes under the couch.

He had planned on it being all romantic, perhaps beneath the stars up on the roof (perhaps followed by making crazy love on the rooftop…)

Perhaps taking her out for an expensive meal, and popping the question in front of a room full of strangers, but seeing only her.

Maybe even at their apartment, after cooking her a meal, maybe even a cheesy serenade…

But he was kneeling before her, completely naked, as was she breathing hard and arching back against the wall as she recovered.

It was nearing 3.30am.

The ring box was open in his hand and he was suddenly crying, tears tumbling down his cheeks.

Overcome by how much he loved her.

She looked down as her fingers loosened their tight grasp in his hair.

"Will?" her question was a breathless gasp.

"Quinn", he stuttered, and nothing else mattered in the world if she would be his wife. "Will you marry me?"

She half fell and half lowered herself down to her knees before him.

"Yes", she said, "Yes, yes… yes!"

They were kissing and laughing and he somehow managed to get the ring onto her finger.

She would have said yes however he asked.

Sometime later she would tell him she was about a month pregnant and he wouldn't stop crying until Quinn became slightly inventive about how to stop him.

And they would both agree that it had been worth the perilous journey to get to this point where they had pledged to share the rest of their lives together.

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