~Part Two Of Forever Trilogy~


Celebi struggled to escape the cage, but it was futile. The Masked Man watched, an amused look on his face. The Time Travel Pokemon could struggle all it wanted, but it would never break free again. It was the same Celebi that had escaped to free the children of the Pokedex Holders.

Grey joined him. He was a fine sixteen-year-old boy; an extremely powerful trainer of Pokemon. He was the son of Black and White, the only child that had agreed with him. Once the boy had regained his memory, he had been back on the Masked Man's side. He, the Masked Man, needed all the strong trainers he could get for his cause.

"Shall I subdue Celebi again, Master?" asked Grey.

"No. Let it suffer. We will break its will later."

"Very well, Master."


Dear Topaz,

We're looking for you.
You can't hide from us in Mount Silver.
The Masked Man wants you back.
So do I.
I never loved Scarlet. It was just a front.
You're the one I want.
I'll be seeing you soon.

Love, Grey

The letter still chilled me to the bone. And that was the least of my problems. You know how they say never to start or get involved with drama? Well, it was too late for me. The problem was serious, and it had nothing to do with being a criminal because I was a Pokemon trainer or just Pokemon in general. It involved a certain idiot friend of mine named Diamonda.

She was pregnant.

Diamonda came to us crying yesterday. I wondered what was wrong. Then she dumped the news on us. She refused to tell any of us who the father was. Plato was furious. They were like brother and sister, you know. We were all so shocked. Yeah, we all knew she was boy crazy. But did she have to go that far? Seriously? Things couldn't get any crazier.

Anyway, I was currently in my room, checking myself in the mirror. My long yellow hair was pulled back in a high ponytail. My bangs fell into my eyes, and then there was the part that spiked up, like Red's, who also happens to be my father. My outfit was an orange dress with black designs, tan leggings and black boots. Yes, that outfit still fit me.

Satisfied, I turned back around and headed to my bed. Raiden, my shiny Pikachu, sat next to my Poke Balls, which were next to my bag. I also made sure I had my Super Rod with me. I was going fishing with Rubin.

For the longest time, I had been oblivious to the fact that Rubin liked me. It was a lot like how my dad, Red, was oblivious that Yellow, my mom, had feelings for him. Then one day, Jade told me right in my face. If I thought about it, it did explain a lot. When we had been captured by the Masked Man, we were paired together. I wasn't quite sure about my own feelings. He was a great, cute guy, though he could be such a sissy sometimes. But...I hadn't quite gotten over Chase, Grey, whatever his name was.

"Pika pikachu?" asked Raiden, looking annoyed. Can we go already?

I also had Viridian Forest powers, allowing me to heal and read the thoughts and memories of Pokemon. My own Pokemon were very chatty; especially Raiden. They just wouldn't shut up sometimes.

"Alright, alright," I said. "Let's go."

So I decided not to let you suffer xD If you haven't read Nevermore, please do before continuing. Otherwise this whole story will be confusing!

As for Diamonda...I had to do something with her xD Scarlet won't be in this part. She'll reappear in Forevermore.

ANYWAYS! You should all thank Jade for telling Topaz. Though Rubin has no idea she knows xD

Yes, Chase and Grey are the same.

Hm, anything else? Um, review! xD

Topaz ~ 16 years ~ daughter of Red and Yellow ~ Raiden (Pikachu), Demeter (Bulbasaur) & Zeus (Aerodactyl)

Viola ~ 16 years ~ descendant of Bugsy ~ Veno (Venonat), Cat (Caterpie) & Stinger (Weedle)

Rubin ~ 16 years ~ son of Ruby and Sapphire ~ Lady (Poochyena), Sir (Mudkip) & Serenity (Swablu)

Plato ~ 16 years ~ son of Pearl and Platina ~ Tempo (Buizel), Charro (Chimchar) & Ray (Shinx)

Jade ~ 15 years ~ daughter of Silver and Green ~ Pinkie (Jigglypuff), Beryl (Chikorita) & Brownie (Sentret)

Gold Jr. ~ 16 years ~ son of Gold and Crystal ~ Phano (Donphan), Exploso (Quilava) & Aibo (Aipom)

Sapph ~ 16 years ~ daughter of Ruby and Sapphire ~ Skari (Skarmory), Tori (Combusken) & Tropi (Tropius)

Diamonda ~ 17 years ~ descendant of Pearl and Platina ~ Frosty (Glaceon) & Prince (Piplup)

Amethyst ~ 18 years ~ descendant of ? ~ Twitch (Snorunt), Luna (Umbreon), Hindsight (Xatu), Marley (Lucario), Hearth (Magmar) & Hope (Gyarados)