~Part Two Of Forever Trilogy~


After we returned to Mount Silver, the days went by fast. Gold's birthday came, as did Plato's, and then Rubin and Sapph's. On Rubin's birthday, he wanted to go to Viridian Forest. So I went with him. We trained our Pokemon a little, and had a little picnic. And a cute little female Pikachu showed, and she seemed to have a crush on Raiden, and Rubin caught her and named her Joy.

Scarlet seemed oblivious to the fact that Grey didn't quite like her. She latched onto him like a Joltik latches onto a Herdier. She didn't get the subtle hits he was giving her that he didn't feel about her the way she felt about him. Her denseness had to be from Red, who was one of her ancestors. Yes, that meant we were related in a really weird way.

In April, Diamonda gave birth to a baby girl. She had fuzzy blonde hair, and mismatched eyes: one was blue, the other was silver. Of course, everyone found out on that day that Am was the father. Everyone was pretty much surprised. Sapphire yelled at Am, of course, while Gold slapped him on the back, and said having bastard children must run in the family. And then Sapph hit him, of course. Anyways, they named the baby Aqua. And on the same day, Am proposed to Diamonda, and she said yes. I was so happy for them.

And as the days went by, Gold and Sapph began to get at each others' throats more often. Their fights were serious, and got really loud. Sapph was seriously getting angry and flustered at that boy. I think she was finally realizing she had feelings for him. His flirtatious ways annoyed us all, but they were really getting at her, since he hit on any girl he saw anywhere.

Anyway, we continued to train our Pokemon. It was only a matter of time before Synis declared war against the rebels. We, the trainers, were starting to show ourselves more, making the world know we were out there. Of course not everyone would believe we were on the good side, but what else could we do? And Synis's biggest mistake had been kidnapping us. We knew everything about him.

He really should have taken us as babies.