Doctor Who.

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Chapter 1.

Turning the untouched mug of tea in her hands for the millionth time in ten minutes, Rose Tyler continues to think. The pain in her heart threatening to make the young woman split in two, silent tears fall down her otherwise clean face. Free of the mass amounts of make up she usually wears. Mickey had dragged her away from the Doctor hours ago, but she hasn't been anywhere near him since. She doesn't want to be anywhere near him.

Why does it continue to happen? Why is it that all the men that she truly desires, never desire her in return? Why can't she be normal? Mickey desires her. Loves her even. Mickey would never hurt her the way that Jimmy Stone did, or the way the Doctor has done. But for some reason...she can't find it in herself to love Mickey Smith in the same way that he loves her, the way he deserves to be loved. The parting words of Sarah-Jane Smith come screaming back to the forefront of Rose's mind.

"Some things are worth getting your heart broken for."

With that memory. The anger explodes inside of Rose Tyler, how could...that is completely wrong. Sarah-Jane is wrong. The Doctor isn't worth getting your heartbroken for, perhaps if things were different. If he hadn't just done what he'd done...then maybe Rose would agree with the older woman's assessment. But all the Doctor had done, was shown Rose exactly what she was to him. Her first encounter with Sarah-Jane comes to mind.

"Blimey! You keep getting older but your assistants keep getting younger."

He hadn't corrected Sarah-Jane, that was the first thing that Rose registered in that moment. He hadn't disagreed with Sarah-Jane's first impression of Rose by saying...what? Hell being declared his friend would have been better, at least then it would show that he at the very least respected her.

Rose's hands grip the mug a little tighter as she remembers the disdain and arrogant manner that Madame De Pompadour addressed her with. The insult.

"Supposed to happen! It happened child."

Child! God it was repulsive. The childish assistant of the Great Time Lord.

Rose barely registers the new arrival of the kitchen. Whom turns out to be the Doctor himself. Other memories come rushing to the front of Rose's mind.

A hand taking hold of hers, mere seconds away from death. She looks to her left, and there is a man with a daft face and ears. Wearing a leather jacket, and a cheeky smile.


Outside the confines of Rose Tyler's mind, the Doctor is looking at her with growing concern. He has been talking to her for three minutes and 45 seconds now, and she hasn't said a word. Instead she is clutching onto her mug of very cold, yet oddly untouched tea, staring ahead of her.

"Rose? Rose are you alright?"

She hasn't even looked at him since he entered. That in itself is strange.

Meanwhile, Rose is still remembering how it was before. When it was her and her Doctor.

Downing street, Slitheen outside and the end of the world is approaching a lot sooner than it should for one giant alien family's greed. A table is all that stands between them, he is making it clear to Jackie that someone has to make the difficult decisions, and it's always him.

"Do it."

Her Doctor looks to her.

"You don't know what it is, you've just let..."


Then he says the words that will never make her wonder with him.

"I could save the world but loose you."

The burning look in his electric, once forever cold, blue eyes screamed what he was feeling for her. Rose had understood why he could never say it, why he felt like he should never say it, so he let her know in other ways. The way he'd look at her, hold her hand. Hug her. When he comforted her after watching her father die right there before her eyes after gaining the most treasured hours in the world with him. Hours that everyone in the world whose lost the ones they've loved but barely, or never knew would kill to have. Her Doctor gave her all of those things.

A chance at what had always seemed to be impossible, to see her dad. A hug from him, it may have only been one hug, but that one hug she'll always remember and treasure. To be able to call him 'Daddy' when she was upset and scared out of her mind. Her Doctor being eaten by the Reaper to save them. Save her the pain of loosing her father all over again.

"You were brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. But you know what? So was I."

And then he was gone, in an explosion of gold light. Never to return. Replaced by this...stranger who prefers to get his leg over with the French's answer to the country's bike. The crowned whore of France, and he had the nerve to gloat about it. Clearly someone of Rose's statue in life means nothing to him, just there to assist when the assistant is needed. Guard the TARDIS like a dog. A pet. K-9's replacement. That's all Rose Tyler is to this brown pinstriped wearing intergalactic Casanova.

As the Doctor shakes Rose out of her daze, it is then she makes a promise to herself. Never. Never will she shed a tear of this imposter again, he doesn't deserve her heart. Snapping out of her musings Rose looks around to find him wearing a fake look of concern.

"Rose? You with me? Are you alright? You've been out of it for ten minutes."

Her mind made up. Her heart locked in a cold steel vault. Rose gets to her feet, walks over to the kitchen and pours the untouched tea down the drain before placing said mug in the basin. Heading out the door she turns her head slightly and says, what is basically the kiss of death to what was once 'the Doctor and Rose'.

"I'm always alright."

With that she leaves the Doctor standing there alone. Alone in what is now a very cold kitchen, the Doctor staggers back as he realises that something is very wrong here. Question is...will he be able to fix it? Or will he loose Rose completely?

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