Chapter 5.

There was silence in the Tyler flat, the Doctor was yet to get up off of the floor. Rose hadn't moved an inch and neither had Jackie, but she was breathing very deeply. Whilst Rose and the Doctor seemed to be barely breathing. Suddenly the Doctor seems to remember that he was on the floor and promptly staggered to his feet.


Jackie's enraged voice rang out, causing both Rose and the Doctor to flinch a little.

"Well. Jackie, you see. The thing is...and please hold on slapping me into the next millennia until you hear me out."

Jackie nods, Rose however is looking at the Doctor like he has completely lost whatever shred of sanity he had not a moment ago.

"I may have been a complete foolish and total dick to Rose, trust me that's all you're going to want to know. Rose, herself and rightfully so, has been giving me the hell I deserve and dare say will continue to do so. But, in all honesty, I suspect that my act of complete stupidity is also a good thing as it made me realise just how much Rose means to me. As I have been fortunate enough to truly grasp how lucky I am to have her in my very long life without actually loosing her first. Which as we know is more than many an idiot is fortunate enough to have."

Jackie's expression was unreadable. He knew either way he'd be getting slapped for his foolish act. The only question remained was how many slaps he'd be receiving before Jackie Tyler decided he'd endured the right level of punishment from her.

"I'm in love with her Jackie, I know before you say. About bloody time I came to that conclusion, but when you've seen the things I have, even before Rose came into my makes you very guarded with your heart. Or hearts in my case."

With that there was silence. The Doctor couldn't control the level of pleading desperation in his voice to get not just Jackie but Rose herself to understand that point. In fact that last part was very much addressed to Rose and Rose alone.

Now the Doctor was looking between both Rose and Jackie, the latter still pissed that this man has upset her daughter. Rose, has silent tears falling. The Doctor could see the pain and confusion in her eyes.


Jackie's voice brought the Doctor's attention back to her in full.

"Firstly. You come here, now."

Knowing it was well deserved, and then some, the Doctor silently walks over to Jackie. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.


Stars actually explode in front of the Doctor's eyes from the impact of Jackie's slap. Head whipping in Rose's direction from the force.

"Bloody hell Jackie, you been practising or something?"

Bringing his head back to Jackie's direction, and after some minutes of his eyes adjusting, the Doctor looks at Jackie. Wondering if...



His eyes are now looking at the wall. One slap to each cheek, the woman was thorough if nothing else. Bringing his head back to it's original position once more, that being eye to eye contact with the enraged Jackie Tyler, the Doctor raises a hand in the 'let it go' manner.

"It's alright Rose. Deserve a lot harsher actually."

Jackie huffed.

"You got that bloody right you do, and think yourself sodding lucky that Rose is here otherwise I'd be skinnin' yeah with a frozen spoon for whatever the hell it is you've gone and done. But make no mistake you alien sod, if I find my Rosie in tears again through an intentional stupid stunt on your part again there ain't no where in this universe you'll be able to go and hide in you hear!"

All he can do is nod, whilst trying to not imagine being skinned by Jackie Tyler and any kind of weapon let alone a frozen spoon. Blunt, ice cold object in the hands of Jackie Tyler. Not even a Dalek would mess with her. Jackie turns her attention to Rose.

"Now darling, I won't tell you what to do here. But, I want you to know that all I care about is you being happy. Even if it is with this alien unworthy git here. Whatever fear you have darling, talk to him about it OK. You'll feel better, and both of you are to stop running from what you feel for each other. I can only speak for this planet when I say that there are a lot of lonely people out there who dream and crave something that wouldn't even be remotely close to what you two share. STOP taking it for granted."

With that Jackie Tyler turned in her pink robe and went back to bed. Leaving both Rose and the Doctor standing there rather stunned.

A few seconds later, or possibly minutes only the Doctor would know for sure, but he is the first to speak.

"You know. For a scary woman, your mum is wiser than most people I've ever met. Just don't tell her I said that."

A joyous sound reaches the Doctor's ears. Rose giggling softly at his words. After a few seconds, he watches Rose sit down on the sofa before deciding to join her. Leaning his elbows on his knees, the Doctor wonders where best to start a conversation now.

"I want to be able to trust what I feel when you tell me you love me."

Rose turns to look at him.

"I just need time to learn to trust you again first after..."

She couldn't say it. Nor did he need her too. Cautiously the Doctor reaches out for Rose's hand, when she doesn't pull it away the Doctor takes hold of it. Rubbing circles on the back of her hand with his thumb.

"I am so sorry for betraying your trust Rose."

"I know."

He brings her hand to his mouth and kisses it.

"I love you."

"I know that too."

It wasn't 'I love you' but after betraying her trust it was far more than he deserved. But the Doctor fully intends to gain her trust back, it will just take time.

Sadly. Neither of them knew that their time had been given a limit.

The End.

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