AN: This has potential to turn into a small series of one shots (about three or four total) please let me know if you are interested in that.

"Get that boy out of this school! We don't want kids like him at this elementary school!"

Dean studied his shoelaces while the mothers, their children, and the principal talked. He knew that hitting a kid was wrong, but it was wrong for that big kid to take the chunky kids' lunch every day. Chunky kid had cried yesterday because he was hungry. And Dean knew what it felt like to be hungry. Dean watched Chunky kid get picked on again today and he knew that if someone was picking on Sammy like that he would deck them, and then he thought that maybe the Chunky kid's big brother might feel the same way, so he decided to do something about it. He marched right over to the Bully, the Bully's friends, and the Chunky kid and he whaled on the Bully, and just as he got the Chunky kid's lunch out of the jerk's hands, the teacher came over, accused him of stealing Chunky kid's lunch and drug him by the arm to the principal's office.

Parents were called, and everyone's mom was there, and no one could get a hold of John, because well, John was on a case, and phones were a stationary thing, it wasn't like you could carry them with you or anything. So, Dean had been sent outside to sit and wait, and he watched his shoe laces because it was easier than watching the secretary give him evil looks.

"Now Mrs. Prich, everyone is welcome at this school."

"Don, you know that's not true. We fought long and hard to keep kids like that boy out of this school."

"Where is his mother?"

"My mother's dead." Dean mumbled and pulled at his frayed shoe lace. A fat tear slid down his face.

"He is nothing but trouble. He needs out of here NOW not at the end of the day, week, quarter, or semester. NOW. He does not belong here. He was trying to steal from my baby."

Dean wiped his eyes, focused hard on his laces, wishing that his ears would stop hearing their hateful words, he didn't steal anything from the Chunky kid. He was trying to get the Chunky' kid's food back, he would never steal food from anyone. That wasn't nice. Food was something you only stole from stores where they had lots.

"You're worried about your kid's food?" The other mother made a snorting sound. "Your kid could stand to lose a few pounds." There was an indignant noise before the woman continued. "That boy is dangerous. He hit my son so hard that his nose is bleeding. He needs to be removed. He is dangerous and violent. He is not wanted here."

No one was standing up for him. The Chunky kid wasn't standing up for him, the Bully wasn't, and his dad wasn't here to stand up for him, and the principal had already made it clear that he thought everything that came out of his mouth was a lie. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand, wiped his eyes with the palm of the other, and got up and went to the secretary's desk.


"May I go and get my stuff, I'll walk home."

"No. You need to be escorted to class to get your things." Dean nodded and took his seat again, and waited for someone to come and escort him out, they didn't want you real bad when they had someone throw you out. He wiped the alligator tears from his eyes and began picking at his jeans, crying silent tears.

Knowing that you weren't wanted was hard.