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1. School.

Kid was panting heavily as he jogged, or, rather, waddled his way up the stairs to the DWMA. His heart was pounding in his chest and he could swear it would explode at any minute. For once, he was both grateful that he still didn't have to worry about any health risks humans had to deal with involving obesity and annoyed that his Shinigami body made it more difficult to lose the extra 500 pounds that enlarged his once slender frame.

He soon became overwhelmed by exhaustion and collapsed.

"Liz? Patti?" he asked in a stern yet somehow pitiful tone, "Carry me, please? And make sure you do it nice and even this time."

Liz sighed while Patti prodded her Meister's rounded side.

"Kid, you only went up ten steps..."

Author's Notes: Hope you enjoyed the first drabble.