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8. Snow.

It was the fourth snowfall of the year. The weather was perfect for winter-based activities, and the group was outside enjoying themselves. Soul and Black*Star had challenged one another to a snowball fight. Maka and Tsubaki were sledding. And, Liz and Patti were building a snowman.

Kid, of course, was supervising Liz and Patti. He made sure the snowman's rounded head, body, and bottom were perfectly round, he found a pair of sticks that mached exactly for the arms, and he managed to find rocks that were just right for making the face.

Of course, his joy at making such a perfect snowman was short-lived when Black*Star accidentally decapitated it with a wayward snowball. This caused Kid to throw another snowball back in retaliation. And, before he knew it, he had somehow gotten himself involved in the snowball fight as well.

Though, it wasn't long before he had forgotten he was angry at Black*Star before he soon found himself enjoying himself with his friends.

Author's Notes: Hope you enjoyed my fanfic. I might do more drabbles soon. Also, feel free to take any of these drabbles and turn them into a full-blown fanfic. I'd love to see what you guys can do with them.