Future Mate

Ch.1 – Stalker

This was absurd. If anyone ever told him that he'd grow up stalking a human he would've killed them. Yet here he was, watching a human female, following her across Japan. He hated humans, and yet this particular girl captured his attention. He'd kill anything for her, especially that mutt she traveled with. She was so much more powerful then that useless pooch. He'd watched her sneak away from camp at night and train herself. She was a cunning fighter. So why would she hide her abilities? Why not show that undeserving deadweight just how good she was? He hadn't the slightest clue. What he did know was everything about her.

Kagome Higurashi.

Long dark hair with a midnight blue tinge.

Startling deep brown eyes.

Height just about 5 feet.

Favorite color: Blue.

Secretly wore shorts under her skirt.

More powerful the Midoriko.

Traveled from the future using a mysterious well.

Smelt like night rain under a starry sky.

Had an adoptive kit named Shippo.

Best friend: Demon-slayer named Sango.

Other friend: Monk named Miroku.

The only being who could sense shikon shards.

Guardian of the Shikon No Tama.

He went over all the details in his head as he watched her figure travel away from the group to where he could smell hot springs. He quickly disposed of any and all demons a mile around the area she was vacating. He always did this knowing the stupid hanyou would not.

Kagome quickly pulled off her clothes and slipped into the water. She shivered at first, the water not being as warm and comforting as she would of liked. As this thought crossed her mind the water suddenly heated up. Looking around for a few minutes she gave up on thinking and just let herself relax in the warm water. Somewhere along the lines she dozed off and woke up to find a demon a few feet away from her. Jumping slightly she made sure to keep her shoulders under the water. "What are you doing here and what the hell do you want demon?"

"I am simply watching what is mine, Onna."

"The names Kagome, use it! And I am not yours!"

"By my mate in the future, miko."

"W-what? What the hell is wrong with you? You can't demand that!"

"Every night when you got cold I provided warmth. Every time you left camp to train I made sure you were not disturbed. Every time you left your companions to bath I've removed all demons within a mile radius and kept look out while you dozed off. I also heated the water for you this evening and your sighing has proved you've liked it. I have provided for you what the hanyou has not. You will be my mate in the future. Or… I will take this… flag." The male smirks, holding up Kagome's bra in victory.

"Hey! You give those back before I purify your ass!" Kagome fumes.

"Submit or lose your undergarments."