Ch.8 –Surprises

Kagome sighed as she sat on a park bench. The red-haired boy from the hospital, Suichi, had insisted on taking her out for helping save his mother. At first Kagome had completely said no, but he was persuasive. So here she was sitting in the park trying not to take off while he was getting them ice cream. "Kagome?" She looked up to find Suichi handing her a cone. "I hope you're not allergic to strawberries."

"Don't worry. I'm not allergic to anything I –"

"Kagome! Is that you?" The pair look over to find a male with short brown hair in a pristine school uniform waving and running over.

"Oh please no…" Kagome glared at her ice cream. "I'm finally back and normalcy has to smack me in the face."

"Is he your boyfriend?" Suichi inquires.

"Like I'd ever date that – Oh hello Hojo." Kagome plasters on an obviously fake smile.

"Kagome! I stopped by the hospital and they said you left! I'm so glad I found you! You shouldn't be outside in your condition!" Hojo moves to grab her but Suichi intervenes.

"Excuse me, but Kagome is enjoying her ice cream treat and soaking in some fresh air. You are disturbing the calming affects of the park."

"Who the hell are you? Kagome where did this guy come from? I brought you a gift!" Hojo holds out a pink bag with yellow polka dots.

"Hojo…" Kagome shakes her head.

"Please accept it Kagome! As a token of my undying affection!"

"…no." Kagome turns her whole body away from Hojo, turning all of her attention to her ice cream. This behavior doesn't go unnoticed by Kurama.

"Kagome!" Hojo whines. "What's wrong? What do you want? What can I do to persuade you to date me?"

"I want nothing from you."

"But Kagome! What about all the gifts I've sent you? You've accepted gifts before…"

"No, my friends accepted them. Go date one of them. I'm sure you're a nice guy but I don't want you. You do not have what I need."

"…You've changed since your big accident… but don't worry, I can change to! I'll get you next time!" He waves and runs off.

Kagome whacks her head on the back of the bench. "That was a clear rejection. I had an easier time with Sesshomaru and he was one freakin' possessive youkai. Hojo is such a dense human –" she suddenly whips her head up to meet Suichi's startled eyes. "Am I bothering you? I'm sorry if I said something I shouldn't have…" Kagome quickly finishes her ice cream and starts to leaves when Suichi steps in front of her.

"Kagome please. I know you are different spiritually; the mirror on the hospital roof was proof of that. But youkai have been gone for centuries… it is strange that you would seem to know a lot about them. Were you talking about the Lord Sesshomaru?"

"Is my Aniki still alive?"