Summary (full): What if there was more behind the Dark Lord's search for the Potters? What if there was more to the Lestranges torturing of the Longbottoms into insanity? What if the First Wizarding War happened for entirely different reasons than people were led to believe? What if all these events were set into motion by the actions of one man? …Albus Dumbledore.


"...the plan should not have to do with an exploit or record, it would be neither a peak to scale nor an ocean floor to reach ... [it] would not be heroic, or spectacular; it would be something simple and discreet, difficult of course but not impossibly so, controlled from start to finish and conversely controlling every detail of the life of the man engaged upon it."

-Life: A User's Manual by Georges Perec

[A/n:] Before you move on to the next chapter a few things must be known.

First and foremost, this story is an AU, with a few bits of canon sprinkled in. I have flipped this entire universe on its head, so much so that my friend deems it beyond AU but neither of us can think of another name to call if if not AU (though if anyone wants to take a shot at it I'm all ears). This also means that this path is my own randomly generated idea. I've never come across a story like this before, and IF there is one out there similar in aspects, it was COMPLETELY coincidental.

Second, these beginning few chapters are necessary to set the basis of this entire story, so that when the plot chapter drops (and I'll let you all know at the very beginning) you can understand and follow along. However, there will be scenes/situations that will arise and you'll wonder, "Wait a minute, how did that happen?" or "WTF?" and things of that nature. I ask that you be patient when you get to those moments, and file them away in your minds, and rest assured that you will get further detail/explanation later. As my friend Key says, "Show, don't tell."

Third, I ask that you keep and open mind, as this is a fan-fiction after all. Smh (shake my head), I can't understand why people will read and leave a review for a fic only to point out that "such and such" doesn't happen in the book/universe/whatever.

Fourth, while I am writing this fic mostly for my benefit (and to get the idea out of my head) I am eager to share it with you all. If you feel the fic is good, drop me a review; If you feel it sucks, drop me a review (though plz be mature about it ^^;) If you flame it, tell me WHY, not just that 'I didn't/don't like it'. Whatever you do, just be detailed with it, instead of just a line or 'I liked it' ^^;

Fifth, since this story involves a wide range of characters, OCs included, I'm not really sure which characters to select ^^;

Finally, please enjoy my first EVER HP fic, exclusive only to this site (unless I mention other wise ^_^).