Chapter 3: Fear

Andromeda was currently in her room at her one of the various manors her parents owned.

She was seated at the edge of her very large bed. Her entire body trembled, as she hunched over and buried her face in her hands; heart pounding against her rib cage.

"This…this can't be happening," she whispered to herself, panic flooding her voice.

In fact, this shouldn't be happening. True, she had done the deed—numerous times—but, she had always made sure to drink a potion, and cast a spell for good measure.

How could she have forgotten?

Grinding her teeth together, she pulled on her curly brown locks in frustration. "How could I have been so careless?" she demanded to know of herself, stressing the last word.

It wasn't as if she never wanted to go down this road, quite the contrary. The middle Black was looking forward to it…one day.

Not this soon and definitely not now!

The tremors in her body only increased when she thought about her parents. Tears filled her eyes, but did not fall, as she thought of how furious and disappointed in her they would be.

What if they demanded that she get rid of it?

That thought halted everything.


After all, she was a Black. Her family was the most noble and ancient pure-blooded family there was. It was their duty to set the standards for other wizarding families to live by.

Would she be able to go through with such a thing?

"Andy, are you here?"

Once more, her body began to shake; even more violently this time.

Sliding back on the bed, she drew her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them. Tears were freely falling down her cheeks now.

Not knowing what else to do, she fell back and called out to the one person who she knew would know just what to do; the one person who could make any situation better.

"Bella…" she cried out for her big sister.

In an instant, rapid footsteps could be heard hurdling up the stairs.


The door to her room burst open and in the doorway stood the imposing frame of her sister.

"Damn it Andy, do you have any idea how worried everyone is about you? Just disappearing without telling anyone and been gone for two days! I've got half the mid to kick your ass and—"

The older of the two stopped her rant when she noticed the state her sibling was in; her mind just catching up with her. Immediately the black haired woman rushed to her younger sister's side.

"Andy? Andy what's wrong?" Bellatrix demanded to know, going from angry to concerned instantly.

The younger girl couldn't even find the strength to give an answer. She simply looked at her older sister through watery eyes.

Everything would be fine now because Bella was there.

Internally, Bellatrix was panicking. She hadn't seen her younger sister like this, ever. The only time that she could recall a moment that was remotely close was during Andy's first year at Hogwarts.

Ted Tonks, a Hufflepuff and Mudblood to boot, had worked up the nerve to kiss her younger sister, stealing away Andy's first kiss. Something that greatly devastated her sister…after her rage had subsided.

Other than that moment, Bella could think of nothing else that would affect her sister so.

"Did somebody hurt you?" she prodded, as she inspected Andromeda from head to toe, for even the slightest tell-tell signs.

Merlin help her if someone even so much as dared to harm her little sister she would…

"I'm pregnant."

It was the first time she had spoken it aloud since she'd taken, and seen, several confirmed fraternity potions.

After bearing the news, she threw herself onto her sister; burying her tear stained face into the older girl's dress, and soaking the material with her tears.

Bellatrix stood frozen as the words shook her to her core.

Pregnant, the word echoed through her mind. Her little sister was pregnant.

She was taken from her state of paralysis by her "twin" tossing herself at her. She could feel the coolness that her sister's tears brought.

Slowly, Bella brought her arms up—mind still in shock—and wrapped them around Andromeda, in a hold that offered both comfort and protection.

It made sense now, why Andy had suddenly vanished and why she was such a wreck.

"Whose…whose the father?" the ink haired sibling inquired, throat suddenly parched.

A sniff was heard before the younger of the two answered, "Arsen," and even though her response was muffled, Bella heard her just as clearly as if she had screamed it.

Bella made a noise in the back of her throat. I'm going to kill him, she mentally decided.

As if hearing the other girl's thoughts Andy whispered, "Don't kill him," whether it was an order or plea from the brunette couldn't be determined.

The engaged female released a sigh, signaling that she wouldn't go through with her thought.

"I love him," Andromeda stated.

For what felt like a long while the two sisters remained silent. Their minds racing with interlacing thoughts

"Bella…" the younger of the two called out in a small voice. There was a pregnant paused before she continued. "I'm scared," she confessed, though it was easy to determine.

And her sister had every right to be.

Their parents would be furious with her, especially their father. Not only was Andromeda not of age and still in school, but she was also unmarried.

A fact that would not be over-looked by their parents.

"Shh…it's okay Andy," she soothed, patting her sister's head in a comforting manner. "Everything's going to be okay."

Removing her head from its hiding space, Andy looked her sister in the eye and said, "I want to keep this baby Bella," with conviction in her voice, the strongest it had been within the past two days.

"Help me tell mom and dad?"

"Alright," she agreed, accompanied by a nod of her head. "Let's go home," she said, helping her sister off the bed.

"Bella," Andy called her voice now small again.

It reminded the older witch of when they were children and Andy would sneak into her room because thunderstorms terrified her.

"…Thanks for being here for me," she finished.

Bellatrix took her sister's hand. "I'm your sister," she responded, giving her hand a squeeze. "I'll always be here, for you and Cissy both," a steely resolution in her tone.

Both knew this was going to be a difficult ordeal, but Bellatrix was going to stick by her sister throughout it. She would never abandon either of her sisters, and neither would they abandon her.

When Andy flashed her a smile, she returned it.

She gave her younger sister's hand one final squeeze, before Apparitioning out of the manor with a faint pop.

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