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Nicholas's POV

Friday, early evening

I was going to kill them! That is, if I got to them first. Having six older brothers and both parents wanting to do the same narrowed my odds of getting to it myself. How dare Lucy take Solange to a high school field party! They told us that they were going to Lucy's house to spend some "girl time" alone. Didn't she even think about the danger Solange would be in?

Since Solange is the only female vampire to be born in nine hundred years, she has practically every male vampire as a stalker, convinced that they are in love with her and that they must have her for their own. As their mate…. Or they just want her blood…. Or just to kill her. It doesn't help that her pheromones kicked in early and extremely strong. It was strong enough that even Lucy's weak human nose could smell it at times.

Logan and I got into the jeep and tore out of the driveway when we learned where they were. They had started to walk away from the party and down the road. I could smell the stench of the beer from here. I could also hear the rustling of things in the corn- and not drunk humans either. The jeep skidded to a stop in front of them. I could hear Lucy's heart beating wildly. It made my throat burn. I opened the door. "Nicholas," I heard Solange breath, relief clear in her voice. Lucy looked like at me like she did most of the time; like she wanted to stake me. "Get in," I snapped, not liking Lucy's look and the vampires that were moving in.

When Solange was in, I said to Logan, "Drive," not waiting for Lucy to get into the jeep. She would have been fine once we pulled away- it was Solange that they wanted, not her.

"Hey!" Lucy shouted.

"Nicholas Drake, you let her in the car right now." Solange ordered, leaning between me and Logan's seats.

"She's fine. We have to get you out of here." I said. Lucy grabbed onto the half-open window. Logan slowed down. "Sorry Lucy, I thought you were in already." he said.

"Don't you read?" Lucy said to me, disgust clear in her eyes. What kind of question was that? I thought. "If you leave me here now that you've got Solange all safe, they'll grab me to get to her." I didn't say anything. Someone could take Lucy just to get to all of us Drakes, just not Solange!

Solange opened the back door and Lucy climbed in. Logan shoved the gas petal down hard. I could see the outlines of the vampires that race after us, unwilling to let Solange out of their sight. Lucy shivered. Then she smacked me in the back of the head. "Idiot." She said. I was just glad that she didn't break my nose.

God, how I loved that girl! Wait, did I say that loud? I thought, panicked.