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Just another fucking boring, lifeless day at Forks high school. God I hate this place, the whole town is nothing but a dull and gray hole, that eventually will pull you down, until you're trapped here. My best friend since diapers, Emmett and I try to bring some color to this dump but as usual, here we are sitting in front of Mr. Peter's office.

"I seriously hope I get suspended this time. I totally need some time to catch up on my TV hours." I nudged Emmett as he laughed and nodded in agreement. My parents gave up on me last year, they've had so many calls from the school, they just told me to do whatever I want but don't ask them to bail me out. As if. It's not like Em and I are bank robbers. No, we're just the high school version of Bonnie and Clyde, telling teachers were they can put it, calling out in class or not attending classes all together.

"I can't believe Johnson made such a big deal out of this." I muttered in irritation. It's not like we ever attend his gym class.

"Yeah, I'm going to get so much shit for this tonight at practice though." I felt sort of bad for Emmett, since Mr. Johnson was his football coach as well as his gym teacher.

Just then Mr. Peter's returned from lunch. When his eyes fell on Emmett and I, his jaw clenched and he motioned for us to follow him.

We took our usual sits in front of his desk as he yammered on and on about how we're always here.

"So what is it now?" he muttered as he sat down to his lunch.

"Just wanted to say Hello." I chimed innocently as I moved to get up.

"Sit Alice." I could tell Mr. Peters was getting irritated, but it was so fun pissing him off. He picked up the phone and called his secretary, asking her why we where here.

"Again?" he mumbled into the phone before he hung up. "You skipped gym again." There was no excitement in his tone, only boredom.

I gave him a dramatic nod and grinned like a fool.

"After schools." he muttered as he started writing our slips.

"I have football this afternoon Sir." Emmett, always the polite one. I could swear Mr. Peters likes him better because he tore up Emmett's slip and told him, he'd be having a word with Em's coach before excusing Emmett.

"Alice, you have a detention after school. I want you to sit in front of my office until the bell rings, then someone will escort you to the detention room." I rolled my eyes and left. There wasn't long left until the bell so I just sat there. Mr. Peters started to get wise to me a few months ago when I would go to the DT sign in, say I was going to the washroom and leave.

"What you doin' here Babe?" I looked to my left and saw Rosalie sitting down beside me. Rose was one of my closest friends, even though I had not known her as long as Emmett or Edward, I could still trust her with my life.

"I got a DT. Want to pick me up after so we can chill?"

"Sure." she chirped, with a huge grin. She and Emmett were too perfect for each other, I was so happy when they got together. "I got to pick up Em and Jas after practice so I'll be here early."

"Good, come to the DT room and tell them you're my ride when you get here." I adored Rose, I knew she would do it for me. Something Rose and I have in common, our lack of shame.

"Want to come outside with me?" She smirked as she knew I'd be craving a cigarette like crazy. I quickly looked behind me, making sure the secretary wasn't looking, before I jumped up and raced down the hall with Rose. Yeah, I'd get another DT for this, but whatever. I needed a smoke.

We were about half done our smokes, went Rose's half brother Jasper came bursting out the double doors.

"Gimme one of those." He muttered to Rose as she tossed him a cigarette. Jasper Hale was the best looking guy at Forks high school and as cliché as it sounds, the most popular. He was on the football team and dating the head cheerleader, total cliché, but that didn't matter to me, I was still in love with him. I'd know Rose and Jasper for about 5 years now. I think I've spent more time at their house, in the past 5 years, than I have at my own.

"Maria gonna kill me if she finds out I gave you a smoke?" Rose mused as Jasper lit his cigarette and rolled his eyes.

"I don't care. She's driving me nuts." he snarled through clenched teeth. We all knew Maria had him on a tight leash, and she would give him shit if she saw him smoking. "Hey Ali." I gave him a warm smile in respond. I would almost be better if he didn't know I existed, instead of him knowing me as his sister's little friend. "Some of the guys are coming over to watch the game tonight." he mumbled as he finished off his cigarette and pushed a lock of honey blonde hair from his eyes.

Rose nodded, "I'll still be here to pick you up after, I got to pick up Ali and Em anyways." Jasper just nodded before he turned on his heels and went inside.

My time in detention passed long and slow. I was so grateful when Rose showed up half an hour early and begged the guard to let me go. Billy, the guard loved me I swear. He was always looking the other way when he'd catch me skipping or smoking up.

We ran to the car, hoping Mr. Peters had already gone home. I didn't want Billy to get in trouble because he let me go. Once we were in the clear, we lit our cigarettes and waited next to Rose's SUV.

After a few minutes, Emmett, Jasper and a few of the other football guys appeared in front of us. Jasper had his arm lazily slung over Maria's shoulder as they walked towards us. I couldn't watch anymore and decided to wait in the car. Rose and Emmett climbed in the front sits, while I watched Maria kiss Jasper goodbye. The back doors opened simultaneously as Jasper and James climbed in on either side, trapping me in the middle. I hate James, he was always hitting on me and trying to irritate me.

"Hey Alice." He drawled, trying to sound seductive.

"Hey." I muttered as I rolled my eyes and focused on ignoring him for the next 45 minutes. James however, was persistent. He hung his arm across the back of my sit, trying to mark me as his. I slide a little closer to Jasper, hoping he wouldn't notice I was doing so.

When Rose took a sharp turn, everyone leaned a little to the left and James took the opportunity to drop his hand on my shoulder, pulling me into him.

"Get your fucking hand off of me James." I growled as my fists balled together. James gave me a lazy smirk before winking at me.

"Oh feisty aren't we. Come on Ali, you know you like." He drawled with the same laziness tone as before and tightened his hand on my shoulder.

"James." I heard Jasper warn cautiously but before he could say anything, I jabbed my elbow into his ribs and he jerked away in pain.

"Fucking bitch." he muttered under his breath. Emmett burst out laughing, along with Rose who let out small chuckles. Jasper didn't find it funny though, I could feel his body tense next to mine but he tried to play it off.

"I tried to warn you." He mumbled as he let out a forced chuckle. The rest of the drive was silence, except for a few words between Rose and Emmett.

When we arrived at Rose's everyone jumped out of the car as another pulled up next to it. Some of the guys from the team got out and started joking around and play fighting. Rose gave Emmett a small kiss and we went inside. We decided to do our girl thing, and get ready to watch the game with the guys. More for the therapeutic benefits than anything else, we did our hair, make up, nails, the whole works. My cell went off just as we were finishing up and I read Edward's message.

You at the Hale's tonight?


I messaged him back and told him I'd meet him on the road, since he lived walking distance from there place. I told Rose I'd be back in a bit with Ed and went to get my shoes. On the way to the door, I passed by the living room door and heard the guys talking.

"Fuck, that chick's hot though." One of them shouted.

"Dude. She's like my sister." Emmett yelled. Wait, we're they talking about me?

"Shut up Jake." Jasper said, I could hear the irritation in his voice.

"Come on Jas, you're not fucking blind. Have you seen the ass on her?" I heard James's whiny voice muse, "The shit I would do to her." It creped me out hearing James say that. If I was ever alone with him, I knew he'd do it too, that's the scary part.

"Shut the fuck up James." Jasper growled and I could almost feel the tension in his tone.

"I'm totally going to tap that shit tonight." James said ignoring Jasper's previous warning and trying to antagonize him.

"If you so much as look at her tonight James. I will kick your god damn teeth down your fucking throat. Got it." I heard Jasper snarl as I jumped back in surprise. It was sweet of him to try to protect me from James. I heard them shuffle around and quickly ran from the doorway and went outside. I started walking up the road to Ed's and met him a little less than halfway on the road.

"Sup Pix?" He shouted as he gave me a big hug. Edward was another close friend of mine, a total trouble maker just like me and Emmett. The three of us did some of the dumbest pranks together last year before Ed graduated. He was a huge player though, defiantly a numbers man. He'd been with almost every chick in high school before he finished and he was Bella's obsession. She's had a thing for him since the first time they hooked up. Even though they never used the term 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend', they slept together for a while as 'fuck friends' but neither of them saw other people during that time. Defiantly, what I would call a relationship. They stopped seeing each other when she left for college last year and they only now see each other when she's home on weekends.

"Eddie,-" I shouted loudly, "-what's the game plan for tonight?"

"What's goin' down at the Hale's?" He asked as he released his arms and we started heading in that direction.

"Football team's over to watch the game." I mumbled as his eyes light up and he flashed a large grin.

"Em around?" I nodded my head and his grin turned into a wicked smirk. I see Ed all the time, like almost every night I'm at Rose's but he and Emmett don't see each other as often, and no one likes letting us see each other all together. Apparently, that's went bad shit happens, according to Rose. As we got inside the house, Rose's parents were putting on their shoes. We said goodbye to them and they told us they'd be back later tonight. As soon as the door closed behind us and their car purred to life, Ed shouted out from the entrance, "Yo Emmett."

It only took a few seconds for Emmett to race around the corner, almost slipping on the carpet. "Ed!" he shouted as he skidded to a halt in front of us, followed quickly by Rosalie and Jasper. Jasper cursed under his breath when he saw Ed and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I knew the whole football team hated Edward because of a stunt we pulled last year. A lot of them still hated me, but not as bad as Ed. He took all the blame for it with the principal. Even though, it was my idea, not a lot of people knew I was involved. Ed actually denied my involvement when he was confronted about it. I giggled internally as I remembered drifting though the football field with Ed's truck as we tore up most of the grass. How were we supposed to know there was a game the next morning?

"Don't do any stupid shit." Rose muttered as she took Emmett's hand.

Jasper finished his beer and tossed the can aside before reaching into the fridge for another. As he turned to walk away, Ed called out to him, "Sup Jas?" Ed's wicked smirk didn't help the situation. Ed knew they didn't like him and he wasn't welcome around them but he didn't care. Jasper gave him the finger and turned to the door. I couldn't help but snicker a little as Jasper walked away but when my giggles got loud enough for him to hear, he froze in the doorway and his body stiffened. He spun on his heel and stomped over to Ed.

"Don't fuck with me Cullen." He was really pissed off with Ed, for no reason at all. Even though I desperately want Jasper, I'm loyal to my friends first.

"He didn't do anything to you Jasper." I snarled as I stepped forward protectively. I may be a few inches or a foot shorter than these two guys, but in that moment, Jasper took a cautious step back before he regained his composure.

"This doesn't involve you Alice." His voice was so harsh, it took me off guard. I'd seen Jasper mad, but he'd never been mad at me before, even when he found out I was involve in the field incident, he still wasn't angry with me.

I have to say, hearing Jasper's anger directed towards me fuelled my own, "The hell it does Jasper. Don't fucking talk to him like that. You know as well as I do, he didn't act alone that night. So don't fucking threaten him."

Rose was trying to intervene by now and Ed had made his way outside with Emmett. I was so pissed, I didn't realize they had left.

"Seriously Alice. I don't give a shit what happened then. I was talking to Edward, not you." He shouted, making his southern accent a tad thicker in his angry voice. By now, everyone was standing in the door was watching our shouting match.

"I don't fucking care who you were talking to. I'm not just going to stand here and let you talk to my friend like that. Fuck that shit." I could hear the guys all snickering from the doorway as the front door opened behind me and Ed came inside followed by Emmett.

"Hey Ed, you're gonna seriously hiding behind little Alice to defend you." Jacob bellowed through his snickering. I knew Ed had something against Jacob way before the field thing. Jake was always chasing after Bella, and Ed had to tell him to fuck off on multiple occasions.

Ed started to push past me to get at Jake. I spun around quick enough to put my hands on his chest to stop him. "Don't Ed. He's not worth it. Please." I begged as I looked up at him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before dropping his hands to his side. Jake started to chuckle again cause Ed to force against me. I held my hands on his chest and tried to push him back.

"Pix, move." he growled at me as I stood in his way. Ed only stopped fighting me when Emmett put his hand on Ed's shoulder and shook his head. I moved out of Ed's way once everyone had cleared the room, other then Rose, Emmett, Ed and myself. Ed walked over the fridge and took one of Jasper's beers. I hadn't noticed Jasper lingering in the doorway until he made a loud throat clearing noise and gave Ed an amused smirk.

"Hope you don't mind." Ed muttered, not really caring if he did.

"Help yourself." Jasper continued to smirk at Ed as he raised his beer to him. What the hell just happened? Why is Jasper actually talking to Ed, when not three minutes ago he wanted to kill him? I decided to chalk it up to mood swings, but I knew I'd be asking Emmett about it later.

I stared at Jasper, dumbstruck, still trying to understand him, when his eyes landed on mine. I watched as he dragged his eyes lazily along my body before his smirk changed and a new meaning to it played across his lips. Before he broke his eyes away from mine, he winked at me and bit his lip. I was stunned and pissed. What the fuck? Something about that he did lit a fire inside me, a rage. I could only see red, I was so angry with him and I had no idea why. He turned and walked away before I could say anything. I debated going after him, screaming at him, telling him off, but I didn't know what I would say. I didn't have a reason to yell, even though he really got under my skin. Instead, I just pushed past Emmett who was blocking the door and sat on the steps, having a cigarette. Em followed me out, and asked if I was okay. I told him everything was fine, he bought it and left me alone. I don't know how long I sat there, but Rose and Ed had also come to check on me, I sent them back inside though. I'd almost filled the little ash tray outside when the door opened again.

"Can I get one of those?" a voice from behind me asked. I didn't bother to look up or answer, instead I just tossed my pack behind me and waited for Jasper to pass it back. He sat down on the step next to me and lit his smoke before handing me back my pack. I was still fuming, I don't know what it was about him that made me so angry, but I just wanted to scream at him.

"What do you want Jasper?" I snarled, fixing my gaze on something in the distance.

"Chill out Ali." He murmured causally as he threw his arm over my shoulder.

"Get your arm off me Jasper." After years of dying for his touch, I wanted so badly to punch him right now, forcing him to take his arm off me.

He chuckled softly, "Relax Ali, you know I'm not going to hurt you." He tightened his arm around me then released in a supporting manner.

"Fuck off Jasper." I muttered in defeat, knowing I wasn't going to force myself from his hold. He held his arm around me as we sat there in silence, smoking our cigarettes. Occasionally he would rub my shoulder, reminding me he was still there but I refused to acknowledge his presences. The longer we sat together, the more annoyed I was becoming. I was so frustrated because I couldn't find were all this pent up rage was coming from.

He tightened his arm, mimicking the same supporting gesture as before and whispered gently to me, "The game's starting, you coming inside?"

I nodded and he stood up, offering me his hand. "I'll be in soon."

He pulled back his hand and stuck it in his pocket, "I'll save you a seat." he mumbled as he turned for the door.

I waited a good few minutes before I headed inside as well. When I got to the TV room, as Rose called it; even though it was more like a home theatre, I looked around for a place to sit, away from Jasper. Rose, Ed and Emmett already occupied one couch, I debated sitting on them but decided against that when they jumped up to cheer. Jake, Sam, Jared and Paul were all squished together on the second couch, leaving no room for anyone else. I looked to the third couch as Jasper met my gaze and motioned for me to come and sit down. I sighed and did as he ask, not like he left me much choice. I took a seat between Jas and Mike. James sat on the other side of Mike and I could feel James's eyes on me when I sat down.

Ben and Seth sat on the floor in front of the couch and almost had their noses pinned to the TV. A few minutes into the game the door bell rang and Mike jumped up and screamed, "Pizza!" before bolting out of the room. I watched as James took his chance to move into Mike's seat. Jasper must have noticed too because he flung his arm around the back of the couch, trying to keep James away from me. I gave him a grateful smile and returned my attention to the TV. I can't say I actually like football, or sports in particular, but I didn't mind sitting this close to Jasper, that's for sure. Once everyone was done with the pizzas, Ben started complaining about having to sit on the ground. I immediately offered up my sit and moved to get up. As I moved though, I felt to hands snake around my waist, I turned to James to slap him off me, but realized as I was being pulled back down to the couch, it wasn't James'. When I realize who had grabbed me, I was already sited in Jasper lap as Ben jumped into my spot and tossed my legs on his knees.

I looked back at Jasper in shock as he still had his arms wrapped tightly around my waist. He just gave me a sheepish smile and released his hold. I tried to focus on the game, trying desperately not to think about Jasper's actions, trying not to analysis them or jump to any conclusions. When I decide I couldn't focus, I jumped off Jas's lap and went outside for a smoke. I was outside maybe five minutes went the door behind me flung open and James staggered out.

"Hey Ali." He droned with a suggestive tint to his voice.

"Fuck off James." I muttered on instinct. It's my usual reply to whatever he says to me.

"Oh I'd love to baby." He stepped closer to me as I took a drag of my cigarette and fought the urge to step back cautiously.

"I'm seriously going to hurt you one of these days, if you don't knock this shit off." I mumbled more to myself than him.

"I'd love to see you try." He paused for a moment to think, "I'd even let you pin me, cutie." I swear I threw up a little in my mouth at this point. He stuck out his arms, trapping me against the wall of the house. "Why do you keep fighting me? You know you'd like it."

I flicked my cigarette over his shoulder, trying not to let him know how scared I was. My heart was pounding and I could feel myself begin to shake. I gritted my teeth to try to control the trembles and covered my fear with anger, "I swear to god James, if you don't fuck off right now, I'm going to hurt you." I spat but my voice still broke with fear.

"I wouldn't if I were you. You'd just be giving me a reason to pin you under me." He whispered into my ear as he brushed the hair from my neck and kissed me. I flinched away and was about to hit him, when he suddenly jumped back and the door flung open again. Ed stood in the doorway, looking James over before looking at me. I quickly collected myself before Ed could see anything was wrong.

"Coming in Ali?" He mumbled as I race to the door and pushed passed him. I don't know why, I considered going back to Rose's room and waiting for everyone to leave, but I found myself walking back to the TV room. I noticed James's empty sit next to Jasper, but decided to climb back into his lap anyways. It was safe there. For a brief second, I had a sudden fear he didn't want me there, that he wanted me to sit in the empty spot. I turned to assess his face and was met with a warm smile as his arms snaked around my waist again. I settled into his grasp and tried again to focus on the game, until James came back. He took the empty sit next to Jasper and tossed my legs on his knees like Ben had done before. I immediately froze. My body stiffened and the trembles began. Suddenly, as if he knew there was something wrong, Jasper's body became tense and his grip tightened around me. I shuffled away from James, trying to make Jasper realized I didn't want to be near James. He picked up on my cue and pulled me further on his lap, so my legs fell over his own and Jasper's body was between me and James.

James shot glares at Jasper until the game ended and Jasper released my waist. I climbed out of Jasper's lap and giving him a small smile before going to see Rose and Ed. As the evening wound down, people started to leave, but James lingered behind with Jake. I tried to ignore them but as soon as it was just Ed and I in the room with them the tension grew. I could hear them snickering like school girls across the room. Ed and I started for the door went James reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Where you goin' sexy?" He drawled in his usual suggestive manner. As soon as James's hand made contact with my arm however, Ed violently threw it off.

"Don't fucking touch her." He growled and stepped in front of me protectively.

"Why? You fucking her or something?" Jake yelled from behind James and moved his way to Ed's face.

"Get out of my face Jacob." Ed snarled as I pushed passed him and situated myself between them.

"Or what?" Jacob laughed in a provoking manner.

"Or I beat your fucking face in." Just as Ed spoke though, Jasper walked in and pushed Jake back, taking his place.

"I told you to watch yourself Cullen." Jasper growled and they both tried to push me out of their way. I placed a hand on each other their chest trying to break it apart. I could suddenly feel the same anger as earlier bubbling up inside me. "Get out of the way Alice." Jasper snarled at me with his eyes locked on Edward's.

"Or what, you going to fucking hit me Jasper?" I shouted. Where did that come from? I suddenly felt the same urge to scream at Jasper, to hit him, to do something. I felt this overwhelming frustration consuming me. I know I couldn't hurt him, I didn't have a reason to yell but I needed something, I needed to do something.

"Or I'll move you myself." Jasper began to shake with anger. "Why do you have to be so fucking stubborn Alice, just move." I could tell he was becoming as frustrated as I was.

"Just back the fuck off. We're fucking leaving." With that I turned and grabbed Ed's arm, pulling him from the room. He tried to resist, but I continued pulling and he eventually gave up. I told Rose I would sleep at Ed's tonight and asked her to pick me up in the morning before school. She agreed and I headed for the door. When I got to the kitchen, Ed was already outside waiting for me and Jasper was sitting in the kitchen, opening another beer. I pulled on my shoes and looked to Jasper. When our eyes met, his lips curled into that same undecipherable smirk and he winked at me again. At this point I was so pissed off, I violently sung the door open and slammed it behind me, scaring the shit out of Ed.