As soon as Mr. Peters turned his back, Ed grabbed my hand and we ran. I only had a couple months left in this hell hole, and I'll be damned if I'm going to be expelled now. We were half way to the Hale's when a car pulled up and stopped next to us.

"Need a lift?" James called from his truck. I looked at Ed for the answer, when he shrugged his shoulders, we got in. James had a three seat truck, so naturally, I was in the middle, with the shifter between my legs. Great. Every time he'd shift gears, I caught him smirking at our closeness.

"Thanks for covering for me today." I muttered, breaking the awkward silence that plagued us.

"You owe me." He chimed with an attempt at seduction. I rolled my eyes in response, not giving him the satisfaction of answering.

"You can drop us off here." Ed hissed unintentionally. James pulled into the Hale's drive way right as Jas pulled in behind us.

"Thanks again James." I chirped through his open window but was drowned out by Jasper's shouting.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" James threw on his -what I now assume is defensive- smirk and winked at me.

"Just giving Ali a little ride." He chimed innocently with an undertone of desire. Jasper pick up on his hint and his jaw clenched.

"Well, I'll take it from here." Jas growled. James chuckled darkly and took off down the road.

"What the hell Alice?" Jasper mumbled, irritated but still calm.

"He stood up for me Jas." I whispered breathlessly as he pulled me into his arms and kissed my cheek.

"Get a room." Ed called and smirked at Jasper, almost like they had their own little secret.

"Oh, I intend too, Cullen." He shouted back in a mocking tone. I gave him a playful slap on the arm before smirking at Ed. I still hadn't forgotten about the time he kicked me out so he and Bella could fuck.

"Oh that's it." Jas said firmly, suddenly my feet were in the air and he was caring me into the house, bridal style. Ed followed us inside, but parted ways and headed for the TV room. Jasper gently dropped me on his bed and laid down next to me. I moved in closer to him, crashing my lips urgently against his, pressing my little frame on his.

He broke away and gazed into my eyes, is were filled with frustration, and the undecipherable emotion, I suddenly realized was a mix of love and lust.

"Say it Ali and this time I will not stop." He warned as his full, soft lips curled seductively into a smirk.

"Fuck me Jasper." I purred breathlessly. With that, he took his frustration out on my lips, violently tugging away my clothes, as his fell to the ground at the same rate. Within minutes, he was inside me, thrusting gently at first, but quickly gaining speed.

Almost instantly, my body stiffened as my orgasm began growing overwhelmingly, "Harder Jasper." I purred as he shuddered with pleasure and obeyed. With one more thrusts inside me, I was gone. I lost all sense of control, screaming his name at the top of my lungs.

"Oh god Alice." He purred as he unraveled and collapsed next to me.

We laid there together, wrapped up in each other, panting and enjoying the bliss.

"Alice?" Jas panted as he tried to control his breathing. I gave him a smile, too breathless to speak. "Will you be my girl?"

"I've been your girl for a long time now Jasper." I whispered. I knew it was a cryptic response, but it was honest. He didn't question, he just smiled and pulled me closer to his chest.

After 5 years, I finally had everything I'd ever wanted. A Pixie always gets what she wants.