Title-A Race Against Time

Rating-PG For mild language, fighting, and some romantic stuff

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Summary-Kaido (OC) used to be best friends with Uchiha Itachi when they were younger. But one day her suddenly moves away with her father without saying goodbye to Itachi. Twelve years later the Uchiha finds her looking for him. But where has she been for the past twelve years and what is she really hiding?

AN-Yes. Another story with an OC of mine. If you don't like it... TOO BAD! ^.^ Anywho... before you read you should probably know that Hidan is not a swearing machine and Tobi is not Madara but just sweet innocent Tobi. Also I know some things aren't true or whatever but I've altered it to fit with my story. So hope you like it and please R&R!

^/-\^ A Race Against Time ^/-\^
Promise of a Lifetime

The birds chirped outside of Kaido's room as she silently slept in her white hospital bed. Outside of her room Itachi and the rest of the Akatsuki were sleeping on the waiting chairs. For an entire week they had stayed there at the hospital waiting for Kaido to wake from her deep slumber.

Every nurse and doctor looked at them with fear every time they passed the waiting area. Though sometimes they went out in the village looking around for something to do. It was weird for them to wander around aimlessly with nothing to do for they had always stayed in their cave hideout due to them being S-ranked criminals. But now everyone knew about the peace offering and how they couldn't harm anyone.

"Do you think she'll wake up, Lady Tsunade?" Shizune asked the Hokage, holding Tonton, the Hokage's pet pig, in her arms.

Tsunade sighed as she, for the hundredth time, looked over Kaido's medical papers. "I can't say. At the moment everything is fine. But sometimes, during the nights, her statistics will drop straight down. Right now it all depends on her will to survive."

"She won't die." Itachi said, startling only Shizune. He had appeared out of nowhere and she had thought he was still asleep. Yet Tsunade had known that he had been listening in on the entire conversation.

Again she sighed. "Right now all we can do is hope." Without saying a word Itachi walked into Kaido's room and sat next to her. "Come on, Shizune. We should prepare Kaido's daily dose of medicine." The two of them left the room quietly, leaving Itachi alone with Kaido.

He grabbed her hand and squeezed it gently. For a long time, Itachi hadn't cried. But now the tears fell down his cheeks like gushing rivers. "You can't go." He quietly cried into the sheets of Kaido's clean bed.

A gentle hand rested on Itachi's shoulders causing his head to jerk upwards. He turned to find Konan smiling down at him. Before the Akatsuki had left to Konohagakure they had left a note for Konan and she came right away. "You truly love her, don't you Itachi?"

He turned his eyes back to Kaido's sleeping form. "The first time I had met Kaido was when we were kids. Her family had come from a far away village and my parents had thrown a party for them when they first came. I remember seeing her in the backyard watching the stars calmly as everyone mingled inside. That was when I knew she was the one."

Konan pulled up a chair that was pushed against the wall and sat down next to Itachi. "When Pein and I were kids I was once kidnapped by some bandits for money. The only thing I remember when I was saved was seeing Pein full of rage giving no mercy to those who had hurt me. From then on he had never left my side."

"Pein's very protective of you, isn't he?" Itachi asked still holding onto Kaido's hand.

"Just the same as you with Kaido," she gently said. She placed her hand on his back. "She'll be okay. As long as you're here waiting for her, she'll be okay. I'm positive." With that last statement Konan rose from her seat and silently walked out of the room, leaving Itachi alone with his thoughts.

He closed his eyes and thought of every minute of his life that he had spent with Kaido. Swimming in the lake. Going to the hot springs. Sleeping under the stars. Everything drifted back to him easily and a small smile crossed his lips. "Come back to me," he whispered.


"It's time!" Deidara screamed at the top of his lungs. Before running out of the Akatsuki's hideout he grabbed a camera and Sasori by his wrist. "Come on everyone! We're going to miss it if we don't hurry!"

Tobi, who was in the kitchen licking some of the icing off of the cake, ran out before anyone could find him. "I'm coming!"

"Hidan do you have the streamers?" Kakazu asked while he picked up the cake Tobi was just munching on in a box.

Said person just walked into the kitchen. "If you find any smudge marks on the cake it wasn't me, okay?"

Kakazu looked at the cake puzzled and immediately found out what the Uchiha was talking about. "Tobi! I'm going to kill you!"

"Come on!" Konan yelled grabbing a few bottles of sake for the celebration that would come after the special occasion.

Finally everyone got everything they needed and rushed out of the Akatsuki's hideout with their hands full of various things. The sun was still high in the sky and the birds chirped lovely songs as everyone ran through the forest to the meeting place. When they got there Itachi was already there with Kaido next to him with a blindfold over her eyes. He put his finger to his lips to shush everyone as they made a little noisy entrance.

"Tobi? Is that you?" Kaido asked hearing Tobi giggle. "Okay. What's going on?" Every Akatsuki member couldn't help but snicker as Kaido stood in front of them with her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. And then Itachi knelt on one knee. He carefully tugged off the blindfold and as soon as Kaido saw him on one knee she put her hands to her mouth. "I-Itachi? What're you doing?"

Itachi took a deep breath. "Tsukino Kaido, will you marry me?"

Kaido looked to everyone who anxiously waited for her answer. She scoffed. "Is he serious?" They nodded their heads. "This guy wants to marry me? A crazy lunatic girl who can't do anything for herself? Like anyone would wa-"

She was cut off when Itachi pulled her close and crashed his gentle lips to hers. Immediately everyone cheered for the young couple before them and streamers along with silly string were flying in the air. Itachi pulled away from his fiancée. "I love you too."

Kaido chuckled. "I love to see that you're so sure I want to marry you."

"Why would you still be here if you didn't want to?"

Tobi jumped in between them. "Because she'd want to be with me of course!"

Kaido wrapped an arm around the masked shinobi's shoulders. "Yeah, Itachi! I would want to be with Tobi so we could watch scary movies together!"

"And of course she'd need to cook for us because we're all so hopeless," Deidara stated as he laid down a black blanket with a red cloud pattern just like the Akatsuki cloak. "Now come on! It's time to eat and celebrate!"

Zetsu popped out of the ground. "Did you get the picture, Deidara?"

The blonde showed the camera to the plant-like man. "Sure did. Look at Kaido's face! She looks so surprised."

"Uh… I'm sure you guys meant for everything to be perfect but why is there a huge chunk of the cake missing?" Kaido asked pointing to where it had been taken from.

Kakazu turned red with anger as Tobi hid behind Kaido. "Tobi! I told you not to eat the cake!"

"It was just a little piece," Tobi said while dodging Kakazu's punches. "Tell him Kaido! Tell him that he should stop!"

Kaido chuckled. "Oh come on Kakazu. Give him a break. He just wanted a little taste of the cake before everyone else got some." She lowered her voice a little. "Plus, we'll be watching a scary movie later so he'll get his punishment."

Kakazu smirked when Tobi went pale white. "What? I don't want to watch a scary movie, Kaido! You'll hold my hand right?" She laughed at his childish behaviour.

While everything went on Itachi simply stared at Kaido, quietly enjoying every minute with her. Konan gently smiled. "I told you she'd be okay, Itachi. As long as someone like you was by her side nothing could have happened."

Itachi picked up his plate with cake on it and smiled. "Nothing will ever happen. I'll make sure of it."

Kaido, who was cutting a piece of cake for Tobi, caught a glimpse of Itachi's staring eye and grinned. After handing the overjoyed Tobi his piece of cake she crawled over to the Uchiha and placed his arm over her shoulders. "What're you smiling about?"

He looked at her with deep ebony eyes. "It's nothing."


"Come on you guys! You're all going to miss it!" Deidara shouted already snapping pictures of the meteor shower.

All of the Akatsuki had planned out when Itachi would propose to Kaido so it would be on the night a meteor shower would happen. They hadn't told Kaido, who loved astronomy, about it though so it could be a surprise.

Itachi led a blindfolded Kaido to the edge of the hill they were watching the meteor shower from, the rest of the Akatsuki already there. "Where are you taking me? Are you leading me off the kill we're on?"

Her, now new fiancée, took offense to her thinking he would lead her off a hill. "Of course I'm not!"

She laughed a little. "I was just joking, Itachi!" She turned and felt for his lips. "I know you wouldn't lead me off a hill."

Not bale to resist Itachi pressed his lips to hers and together they shared a passionate kiss. Just when he was allowed entrance into her mouth Tobi ran into them both and pushed them to the edge of the cliff.

"Stop kissing and open your eyes!" He shouted quickly untying the blindfold from her eyes.

She didn't know why but tears began to fill her eyes as soon as she saw the brilliant lights falling from the heavens. "I-It's so… beautiful," she cried out falling to her knees, endless rivers of tears dripping from her eyes.

Immediately Itachi and everyone crowded around her. "Is something wrong?" He questioned opening his arms to hold her.

Without hesitation she jumped into his arms and cried into his chest. "Nothing is wrong," she said, her voice cracking because she was crying so much. "Everything is so… perfect. It's just… it's just… I wish Mother and Brother were here too. They would be so happy."

Finally realizing why she had all of a sudden broken down Itachi tenderly smiled. "It's okay," he gently cooed kissing the top of her head. "I'm sure they're still here, forever watching over you making sure no harm comes upon you."

Kisame knelt next them. "Yeah. Plus you've got us. And we'll never let anything happen to you." She looked up to them and they all smiled at her, smiles so serene you'd never guess they had killed thousands of people.

"And that's a promise of a lifetime."

And that's the end! This is one of my more short stories but I hoped you still liked it. Just to let you guys know, there will probably be no sequel to this unless I think of something. But that's highly doubtful. :P So if you guys wanted one I'm sorry. If you guys can give me some really good ideas I might be able to make a sequel. And if you've read my other story 'Love Conquers All' and wondering if there will be a sequel I am happy to say that there will be. I still have to get more of it written so just bare with me. It should be up pretty soon. :D So I hope you guys liked it. Please review!

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