Hello! This is a kind of sequel to 'Trusting the Enemy'. You don't really need to read that to understand this story, as everything is explained in the chapters, and the plot doesn't run between the two stories-it's completely standalone!

This story also features my OCs, Dexter and Koby, who are identical twin vampires!

I really hope you enjoy the first chapter!


The sweet smell of petrol and the crackling of flames filled the air, acrid black smoke drifting through the glare of the full moon.

The only sounds punctuating the cool night air was the raucous laughing and jeering of the five or so Demon's facing Sam and Dean Winchester.

Dean was sporting a large purple bruise over his eye, while Sam had a split lip. They had been to sort out the demon nest, but had come across far greater numbers then they expected.

'So, you think your gonna kill us now?' the male Demon sneered, the flames coming from crashed cars illuminating his face. It had been quite a ride up to this point, but now they had had enough-they were going down.

'You think you own everything!' he shouted over the flames, the other demons yelling their agreement.

'Your just scum! You don't deserve a life!' Sam shouted back, stepping forwards. He had had enough bowing down to these bastards-they had a job to do.

'Oh yeah?' the head demon grinned, and, quicker than seemed possible, he had ran forwards, grabbing Sam's shirt and pulling him towards him, head butting the youngest Winchester to the floor.

'You son of a bitch!' Dean yelled, pulling out his gun and firing off some lead rounds- it made no difference, but it distracted the demon for a while.

The demon laughed, throwing his head back, seemingly relishing the bullets pumping into his chest and stomach. He then slowly walked forwards, stepping over a groaning Sam and walking to Dean.

'You don't scare me-you're nothing!' Dean sneered, finding anger coursing through his veins.

'Oh yeah...well, how about this?' the demon whispered in a hushed tone, before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a long, thin hunting knife.

Dean's eyes widened with fear and the demon's face lit up with amusement.

'Hold him' he muttered to his posse, four demons coming to hold a struggling Dean.

'What are you gonna do?' Dean challenged. He didn't care what happened to him, as long as he didn't go anywhere near Sam.

'Nothing-to you...how are you gonna feel when your brother get's gutted right in front of you? Because that's what you did to my family!' the demon spat, kneeling down next to the prone Sam, before picking him up in a tight headlock.

'NO! WAIT-PLEASE! 'Dean yelled, struggling with all his might. They weren't getting Sam...

'No more waiting!' the demon grinned, holding Sam tighter as they youngest Winchester began to struggle.

He raised the knife above his head, and was just about to strike when the air was filled with another sound. The sounds of engines...

'What the...' the demon looked around, his eyes widening as he took in the scene that was unfolding in front of them.

In the distance, illuminated against the harsh light of the full moon, two motorbikes were roaring towards them. The riders were cloaked in black leather, and as they sped closer, the demon could distinguish a red helmet and a green helmet on their heads.

The remaining demons scattered in sudden panic as the motorbikes purposefully careered into them. The demons holding Dean let go and retreated to save themselves.

The deafening sounds of the engines made Sam put his hands over his ears for a while, but soon he had adjusted, getting up and standing next to Dean, who gave him an amazed look.

Whoever was riding the bikes began to encircle the demons, rushing at them at speed before breaking and changing direction, sending dust and ash at them, the demons turning away and covering their faces. They did this three more times, before retreating and encircling the brother's instead, coming to a stop in front of them, as if protecting them.

One of the demons stepped forwards, a blade in his own hands.

One of the helmeted riders revved their engine, making the demon jump, before he reached inside his leather biking gear and pulled out a small water pistol.

Sam couldn't believe his eyes as the rider squirted the pistol, sending water straight at the demon.

It yelled and threw his hands to his face as the holy water burned his skin.

'Lets go!' the main demon yelled, leading his nest to safety, casting an angry look back at the two Winchesters.

'This isn't over!' he shouted, before walking with his nest into the shadows.

As the demons departed, the two black riders turned off their engines, before getting off and resting their gleaming bikes on the ground.

'Well-to whom do we owe the pleasure?' Dean asked, looking at Sam with a concerned face as he limped forwards.

The two riders walked towards them and stopped, before taking off their helmets slowly.

As they did, Sam started to see certain similarities...like the hair...the smiles...the faces...

'Hi guys!' said Dexter, smiling at Sam and Dean.

'It's been a while!'

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