Just want to start out by saying that this is my first smut piece. Ever. It's a big deal for me, ok? If I ever perfect writing it I'll probably just do Klaine smut for the rest of my life, just sayin.

I had to end this with fluff because, you know, why the hell not. And I threw in protective Puck because that's always amusing (HINT people should write more protective Puck HINT HINT).

Ok. So. Here it is. The final interruption. Thanks for sticking with me. Enjoy!

"Kurt," Blaine groans warningly into Kurt's mouth. They're on the couch in the Hudmel living room, and while they've still got their pants on, Blaine doesn't know for how much longer he can keep that up. He's trying to be a gentleman, and it's taking all of his restraint to keep from flipping Kurt around, tearing his pants off, and fucking him senseless. Not that it wouldn't be totally hot, and not that they haven't done that- the fucking senseless thing. There's something about fucking Kurt into oblivion that is just so delicious to Blaine, and he can't get enough of the sounds Kurt makes when the dark haired boy is on top and in control.

But right now, Kurt is on top and in control, and he knows exactly what he's doing and how to do it and where to touch Blaine like oh fuck yes, there, oh god-

"Kurt- Kurt-" Blaine gasps and he weakly pushes against Kurt's shoulders. Luckily Kurt feels the slight pressure, because it's all Blaine has the strength for. "Kurt-" Blaine swallows, tries to focus. "We can't- not here-"

Kurt flashes his boyfriend a naughty grin. "Oh yes, we can," he purrs, and he pushes Blaine back down against the couch and starts to fumble with Blaine pants, sucking on his neck all the while.

"Hickey-" Blaine murmurs by means of protest, but then he gives a little sigh of pleasure and Kurt keeps going.

Blaine's completely naked now, and he would stop to marvel at how quickly Kurt can get clothes off if said boy weren't currently nipping his way down Blaine's chest. Blaine groans. "Kurt-" He grips Kurt's hair tightly, and Kurt straightens up impatiently.

"Blaine." Kurt says, his eyes narrowed. "If you don't let me suck on your dick right now I won't speak to you for a week."

Blaine smiles faintly. Kurt's made threats like this before, mostly when Blaine is trying to be a gentleman and Kurt is being too damn horny. And as Blaine knows from experience, once a threat is made, Kurt follows through. Kurt had once ignored him for three days because Blaine wouldn't accept a handjob in a movie theater. He'd never make that mistake again.

"I'm not saying stop," Blaine says softly. "Just- we're in the living room. Anyone could come home and find us." Kurt wraps his hand around Blaine, strokes a little. Blaine groans hard, and lets his head fall backward against the couch. "Fuck-"

"Dad and Carole are out," Kurt reassures the writhing boy beneath him. "They won't get home until late. Late." He slows his strokes, and Blaine arches his hips upward to get more friction, which Kurt denies him. "So will you just let me suck you already?"

"Uhh-" Blaine moans. "Fuck- Kurt-" He pants, opens his eyes into slits. "Finn."

Kurt's eyebrows rise. "I hope this isn't some weird sort of role play thing because I am not going to pretend to be my brother, Blaine Anderson."

"No-" Blaine reaches down with a hand to continue what Kurt has stopped, but his boyfriend slaps the hand away, denying him completely. Kurt's got his bitch face on, and Blaine knows he'll have to form some words if he expects to get any.

"Finn- could come home- soon," he explains between breaths, but Kurt shakes his head and resumes stroking Blaine's length, albeit still too slowly for Blaine's liking. If there's one thing Kurt knows how to do damn well, it's tease Blaine until he's begging on his knees- and sometimes that isn't just a figure of speech. Kurt knows just how to excite Blaine and deny him at the same time. It's torturous, and oh so heavenly.

"Remember what I told you last night?" Kurt murmurs, and with the way he's squeezing right now, no Blaine can't remember, and Blaine just gasps in answer. "Schue is keeping them late today. Regionals practice." Kurt takes his hand away and Blaine whines in spite of himself. Kurt smirks, licks his palm, and returns his hand. Blaine's mouth opens but no sound comes out; his eyes slam shut and his hips rock forward.

"And then," Kurt continues conversationally, and this nonchalant attitude is what Blaine finds most infuriating about the boy, but also so amazing and perfect and oh god yes- "They're all coming here for dinner." Kurt looks down to examine Blaine's face.

"Th- they?" Blaine manages to ask between shaky gasps.

"All of the New Directions. Pre-Regionals party. Finn offered our place since it'll be parent-free for a while." Kurt bends down to suck on Blaine's neck, adding to the hickey he'd created earlier. "They won't be here for another couple hours, though," Kurt whispers, his lips against Blaine's skin. Blaine can't help but sigh contentedly. "Which means," Kurt continues as he nips at Blaine's neck. "We have-" nip "-plenty-" nip "-of time-" Kurt nips once more then rises to look Blaine in the eye, and he does despite the fact that Blaine's eyes are only half open and he seems to barely be able to focus. "-for me to suck on your dick." Kurt finishes, and he smiles when Blaine groans involuntarily.

"Ok," Blaine pants out, and then "Fuck-" because Kurt's already breathing on Blaine's dick and up there with Kurt's ability to tease and deny is his ability to do fucking amazing things with his mouth.

Kurt's sucking and licking and rubbing and touching all the right places in all the right ways and grips Blaine's thighs so tightly there'll be marks later, there always are. And Blaine's tugging on Kurt's hair because if he didn't have something to hold onto he'd just be falling, falling, into nothingness and be lost forever in the sensation of Kurt's mouth on him, all over him.

And just when it's getting really fucking good, Kurt stops and pulls away, and Blaine automatically reaches down to finish the job but Kurt, expecting this, grabs the boy's arms- both of them- and pins them down.

"No," Kurt growls, and Blaine groans because he knows he knows that when Kurt sounds like that is when things are really about to get fun. Blaine takes a few deep, shuddering breaths, and once he's sort of collected he opens his eyes. Kurt is looking down at him, naughty and dirty as fuck, and he grinds his still-clothed erection against Blaine's thigh. "Fuck me, Blaine," Kurt demands in that low voice of his that means sex and nothing else. "Fuck me hard."

Blaine can't deny his boyfriend anything, but he especially is not one to say no when Kurt sounds like that. Blaine leaps up and pounces on Kurt, so that the taller is pinned between his dark haired boyfriend and the couch's armrest. Blaine is attacking Kurt's lips as though he's going to rip them off, biting between harsh kisses.

Not once breaking their kiss, Blaine manages to pull Kurt's pants off- it's much less skillful than Kurt's ability, but he does it without tearing Kurt's jeans, so he's at least proud of that. He reaches down to cup Kurt through his boxers, pressing with the heel of his palm, and Kurt moans into Blaine's mouth. Blaine's favorite part of fucking Kurt, he'd long ago decided, is the sounds the boy makes. Kurt can be loud in general, but when they're together, like this, he just lets go. Kurt's not one to hold back, and Blaine relishes every noise Kurt makes. Blaine kind of thinks he could get off just by listening to Kurt moan, but he's never tested out that theory, and he probably never will, because fucking Kurt is just too much fun.

Kurt's impatient, and he throws Blaine's hand off before quickly ripping his boxers off and tossing them on the pile of clothes on the floor, and just as quickly grabs Blaine's hand and returns it to its place on Kurt's dick. "Touch me," he commands, and Blaine does, and Kurt moans and his eyelids flutter close. He sinks backward, sort of melting against the armrest. "Yeah," he sighs. "Oh- Blaine-"

Blaine keeps at it for a while before he has to stop, and reaches down to the floor for his pants. From his pocket he takes out some lube, and Kurt licks his lips as he watches Blaine coat his fingers.

"Lie back," Blaine whispers. Kurt obeys and closes his eyes, settling against the armrest as though taking a nap. Blaine wraps a hand around Kurt's dick and begins stroking again, watching Kurt's face as he purrs contentedly. After a moment, Blaine takes his other hand, the one coated in lube, and rubs a finger around Kurt's entrance. Kurt shudders, and his breath hitches, but nothing else. He waits patiently, for once, because Kurt doesn't like to rush this part, the initial feeling when Blaine is entering Kurt. Rough comes later; this part is gentle and loving, and they need that because it's intimate and caring and wonderful. Not that the rest isn't wonderful, but the difference between fucking and making love is this moment right here, and it's what holds them together.

Blaine slips a finger in and Kurt lets out a gasp of contentment, and Blaine takes the hand that's around Kurt's dick and grips one of Kurt's thighs to spread his legs a little farther and lowers his mouth to wrap around Kurt, and just when Kurt's breathing starts to pick up again Blaine takes his finger out and quickly replaces it with not one or two but three fingers, and Kurt makes a sound that something like a gasp or a moan, and his fingers fist in Blaine's hair.


Blaine moves his fingers all around, in and out, spreading them. Kurt bucks his hips a little despite trying to restrain himself, and his dick hits the back of Blaine's throat and Blaine nearly chokes and he uses his free hand to hold Kurt in place and keep him still. He can feel Kurt trembling beneath him, and he groans with his mouth around Kurt and Kurt moans in reply because damn.

Blaine stops and pulls back, and Kurt whimpers at the sudden loss of contact. "Hold on, baby," Blaine whispers as he lubes his dick. "Hold on-" he smirks as he watches Kurt squirm. He tosses the lube back on the floor and grabs hold of Kurt's thighs, effectively stilling the boy. Kurt's breathing speeds up in anticipation as Blaine angles himself just so before looking up to meet Kurt's eye. Kurt nods, and Blaine thrusts and pushes all the way through and hits Kurt just right and Kurt screams. He's gripping Blaine's wrists tightly, and Blaine's gripping Kurt's thighs tightly, and there'll be bruises all around when this is over. But that's nothing new, and it doesn't matter anyway because this angle is fuck yes right there and Kurt doesn't even know how he's forming words.

Blaine starts the familiar rhythm, but with each thrust Kurt gets a little louder, and with each of Kurt's moans Blaine can't help but move a little faster, a little harder.

And before long Blaine is pounding into Kurt, and Kurt is screaming as though he's falling apart at the seams and the only thing holding him together is Blaine, and it's this moment right here that Blaine loves most of all, because even though Kurt's screaming from pure pleasure it sounds almost agonizing, and the first time Finn heard it he'd come running in thinking Kurt had been stabbed, but to Blaine it's the most beautiful sound in the world, and-

Through his haze he hears sounds that seem so foreign but after a moment he recognizes: car doors slamming, footsteps approaching, voices growing louder. And he's thinking oh god oh god no but Kurt is shouting oh god oh god yes and how is Blaine supposed to stop when Kurt sounds like that anyway? And just then the front door opens and the voices enter the house and promptly falter and Blaine recognizes the strangled gasp to be Finn and a "hell no" that is Mercedes, and Santana is murmuring something dirty and Puck is muttering about killing which has Blaine thinking maybe he should be scared, and maybe just maybe he should stop now.

But Kurt wraps his legs around Blaine's waist to pull him closer, and he's crying don't stop don't stop harder oh fuck Blaine Blaine yes and Blaine thinks maybe Kurt did hear all of his friends enter the house after all but if Kurt's not stopping then hell, who is he to be a gentleman? So Blaine pounds harder, thrusts faster, encouraged by Kurt's yes yes yes and it's all he hears or knows and it's fucking beauty.

And then because "fuck Blaine I'm so- close-" he reaches down and strokes Kurt and he pounds into his boyfriend harder, harder, harder, and Kurt is nearly crying, and the noises he's making reaches entirely new levels of loud, and Blaine's groaning, and he's almost there-

And with a final "FUCK BLAINE YES YES" Kurt is coming all over everything and his hips are thrusting down to meet Blaine and Blaine might actually be going blind because all he can see is pure white as he groans out Kurt's name and they actually come together this time, and it would be totally hot if they didn't both have their eyes closed and their minds in oblivion.

Minutes later when Blaine's mostly regained the ability to breathe, he pulls out and grabs his shirt and cleans them both off, and then stops to take a moment and look down at Kurt. Blaine can't help but grin; Kurt is beautiful and if he could Blaine would just stare at him all day and do nothing else ever except of course the sex thing. Kurt's eyes are closed and he's smiling and he sighs happily as Blaine watches, and he looks ready to drift off, which is good because if that's not a compliment what is but also bad because he might actually get killed this time shit Finn's still out there, and Puck holy shit-

Blaine pulls his pants on really fucking fast and leaves Kurt on the couch to go "greet" the New Directions. He blushes when they see him and Santana begins clapping, and then Brittany joins in but doesn't look as though she knows why, and Puck crosses his arms threateningly, and Finn just glares.

"Uh," Blaine says, but that's it because he's more than a little frightened for his safety now, and then the most uncomfortable silence of Blaine's life settles down upon the group. It lasts far too long, and Blaine looks down to avoid everyone's gaze, particularly Finn who doesn't stop glaring, and Puck who starts cracking his knuckles menacingly, and Santana who's giving him come-hither eyes. Finn finally breaks the silence.

"The living room?" Finn sounds disappointed. "Really?"

"Heh." Blaine runs his fingers through his hair. "Kurt's idea." He continues quickly when he sees Finn's eyes widen in warning. "I- I said we should go downstairs but he didn't want to move and he said no one would be home for hours because you had glee practice and I'm sorry I should have insisted but you know how Kurt can get-" Blaine holds his hands up in surrender. "Uh- please don't hurt me?"

"If you stained the couch or left any evidence at all, I won't have to," Finn replies, and they both know the implications, and suddenly Blaine is picturing himself dying at the hands of one Burt Hummel, and he shudders in spite of himself.

"I cleaned up," Blaine reassures the taller boy. Some of Finn's initial anger seems to have ebbed away- Finn's not really an angry guy in general, and he's walked in on the couple in too many compromising positions to be in denial about Kurt's sex life. Finn knows Kurt is having sex, and yes he walks in on it sometimes. But this had been the first time he'd actually stuck around until the end, and he can't help but feel shaken.

"Where's Kurt?" Finn asks finally, because no one else is talking (not counting Puck mouthing the words "I will kill you" to Blaine) and he's beginning to feel awkward. Unfortunately he seems to have asked the wrong question, because Blaine looks immediately sheepish.

"Uh- he's kind of-" Blaine searches for the proper words. He thinks telling Finn that Kurt has passed out due to a hard fuck session is overkill. "He's sleeping," Blaine says delicately. It doesn't help that Santana reaches out to high five him and whispers a "congrats." Blaine doesn't return the gesture, mostly because he feels that if he even moves Puck will punch him in the face. He'd find Puck's protectiveness of Kurt infinitely more amusing if he weren't currently the one at risk of being killed.

Mercedes makes a move as though to go into the living room, and Blaine quickly steps in front of her. She looks shocked for a moment before narrowing her eyes. "I just want to say hi to him," she says defensively. "You see him every day. I don't care if you two are dating, he's still my best friend." She sounds indignant, and makes to step around Blaine, but he reaches out and grabs her arm. Mercedes whirls around furiously because no one touches her like that and there are a couple angry exclamations of "hey!" and Blaine finds himself blurting it out before he can stop himself.

"Kurt's naked!"

Everyone freezes.

"I- I didn't cover him up before I came out here," Blaine explains apologetically. He lets go off Mercedes. "Sorry," he tells her, but she looks as though she's already forgiven him. "I'll go put something on him and then you can see him, ok?" His tone is gentle, and Mercedes reaches up to pat his cheek. Blaine leans into the touch briefly before escaping.

Kurt is still dozing when Blaine enters the room, a spare blanket from the hall closet in hand. He doesn't stir when Blaine tenderly covers him with it, though when the dark haired boy gently strokes his cheek he subconsciously smiles. Blaine can't help but kiss his forehead soothingly, and when he pulls back he sees Kurt's eyes slowly fluttering open. Kurt reaches up sleepily to pull Blaine down to his lips.

"I love you," Kurt whispers through the kiss, and he feels Blaine smile against his mouth before replying.

"I love you."