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The Whole Truth

Summary: I couldn't imagine my life without her in it and that caused problems with me and Kate, because Alex and Kate never liked each other. I loved Kate more than I loved anyone but my history with Alex was something Kate could never understand after all you never forget your first.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." – Oscar Wilde

Ch 2.

I let the case get to me more than the others. Fathers and sons…that's something I was never good at dealing with. When Peter started asking again I told him something that he'd want to hear, the truth but not the whole truth. As an FBI Agent he wanted to know what made me tick, why I am the way I am. After the case was over and we reunited a father that wanted to get to know his son I told him. I gave him a little piece of my past that I tried so hard to bury.

When I arrived home, Alex was sitting at the kitchen table.

"Did you help the kid?" She asks me. My eyebrow rises as I look at her.

"Mozzie told me" She says.

I nod. "Yeah"

I close my eyes and sigh then I notice what she's holding in her hand. I walk over to her it was a Chateau Mouton Rothschild it was wine that went for about six hundred dollars. She knew it was one of my favorites not only for the taste but for the artwork on the label. In 1924 Baron Philippe de Rothschild had the revolutionary idea of commissioning the poster artist Jean Carlu to the design the label. But it was until 1945 that the idea took off and every year since than a contemporary artist has been invited to create the art of the label. Somehow Alex had gotten her hands on a 1973 Pablo Picasso designed bottle.

"I stole it from the Duke I was with when we went to Italian Consulate." She pauses. "I thought you could use it"

"Thanks" I tell her. Wine and art, Alex knows me better than anyone.

And I know her, wine is not the reason she's made two trips to visit me in two days. When she was here the other day I showed her the fractal and told her about Adler. The second part she didn't seem to want to discuss, not when there was a puzzle in front of us. When Mozzie, her and me worked together we almost never failed. Our combined intelligence and specific skills made every job easier.

She told me it was fractal antenna one that she'd seen before used in an emergency beacon. She also said that when she digging around Adler's records she found that he was searching for something that disappeared in the 1940's and now we found the reason why it was connected to his research on the Music Box. That was the other day but she was here again so I sit down and wait for her to speak.

"I know you don't want to talk about her" She begins. "…but the question that's been rolling around in my head is…"

"Why Kate?" I finish for her and she nods.

"The only thing I can think of is…"

"That Kate was working with Adler" I once again finish for her. "I know you and Mozzie think I have a blind spot when it comes to Kate, but that has crossed my mind." I tell her sadly. I wanted it to be because Adler wanted to hurt me, but I didn't do anything to him, he played me.

"She didn't come with you when I told you that I found the Music Box's location in Copenhagen" Alex says breaking me from my thoughts.

"She'd didn't come with because of you and because I lied that it was because of you" I tell her.

"Or she didn't come with so she could tell Adler you found it and that's why we almost got caught. " I think back to that night with her, everything was going according to plan. We had no trouble getting into the Amalienborg palace, the Royal family loved Mr. and Mrs. Anderson right away and they invited us into their private study where the music box was on display. That night went well it was the next that went horribly wrong, we had no choice but to make a quick escape.

I saw her go slip on the roof the gatehouse and that haunted me for a long time because I couldn't go to her, the guards were closing in, I had to trust in her skills that she'd make it out of there on her own. When I searched for her, I saw that one of her aliases checked into a hospital. I wanted to visit but I thought she had betrayed me and told the guards not knowing that she thought I had betrayed her. Someone told on us that night, but whom?

"We never get caught, Neal not when were together." She says


I made way silently through the night I had gotten better since my first B&E a few days ago and I started casing the places. I used to tell myself I was doing it for the money for me and my mom but I was only kidding myself I was really doing it for the thrill.

I went to look for an alarm but they either didn't have one or didn't turn it on. Sometimes people could be so careless. So I made way up the fire escape on the outside of the building and went to the window of the apartment I wanted. I looked down surprised because the window had already been pried open; I saw the knick marks in the wood. I squinted through the darkness I saw a pin light moving through the darkness. I shook my head, on my third B&E I manage to find a place that was already being robbed.

From gathering my information this guy had a huge collection of Asian art that worth a fortune. I was always into art; I spent my spare time recreating original artwork until I could make a perfect replica. So this particular man's art piqued my interest.

I looked once more at the person doing the robbing; they were small, female and very stealthy. She had on all black with her hair in a bun on top of her head. She moved like a dancer through the room not making a single sound I was enthralled. This wasn't just a grab anything of value job she was looking for something in particular. When she found it I saw her stop and study the perimeter around and in front of the painting. I watched as she pulled out tools and went to work disabling the wiring around the art work. She paused and looked over in my direction; she knew she was being watched. She stopped what she was doing and walked over to the window. I heard her intake of breath as she slowly stuck her head out of the window to look around.

"Nikki?" I whispered I recognized her face instantly because it's all I had been thinking about since I last saw her two weeks ago.

"Neal?" She asked me when moved out of the shadows. "What are you doing here?"

"Apparently the same thing you are" I said to her. Now I wanted her more than ever, not only was she beautiful and intelligent she was a thief like me.

I dated the girls at my high school but they were uninteresting and vapid. They didn't think beyond their petty problems and drama. So my relationships never lasted long and I was fine with that. It was only my good looks that attracted them anyway. Then I met her and every girl was non-existent. She was only one on my mind, there were so many times I wanted to walk back into that pawn ship but I couldn't, I'd feel stupid going in their empty handed. That's when I started casing places and breaking in I wanted to have an excuse to see her and make some money.

I told her to back up so I could join her in the apartment. I walked over to the painting she was stealing. It was an original Tsubaki Chinzan. It was a very beautiful ink colored painting on silk from the early 1800's.

She joined me by the painting "It's called Gyokubo Senshi, it means beautiful as jade, calm as an immortal." She said to me. "It's worth about three grand"

I looked at the tools she was going to use and signaled her with my hands telling her there was an easier way. Her way would've worked she wouldn't have tripped the alarm it just would've taken her a few seconds longer and every second counted.

She nodded her head at me giving me the go ahead, so I bent down and selected different tools. I could feel her watching me, studying what I was doing. I knew this wasn't her first time; she was trained because these were professional tools that I needed to get.

When I was done I tapped her on the shoulder and we both gently pulled the painting from the wall. She quietly pulled out the tube as I rolled the painting up and put it inside.

It was an exhilarating walk back to the pawn shop. My heart was pounding in my chest not only from the stealing but from her as well. I'd never met anyone like her before. There wasn't a reason for why she did what she did; she stole because she liked to steal.

I smiled at her as she used her key to open the back door to the pawn shop. We walked through the darkness with the shelves and shelves of useless trinkets and knickknacks to the back. Where I saw a room with that had a key code under the handle. She looked at me and I smiled and looked away while she entered the password. I heard her enter more numbers than it would've needed to open the door so I couldn't guess the password by the sounds the numbers made.

From that I knew there was something else going on here. This wasn't just any pawn shop.

She walked towards me with a smile on her lips. "Do you want something to drink or something? I live right upstairs"

"Sure" I smiled at her and followed her.

She opened the door and flipped on the lights to the dark apartment. "So what do you want? Water, soda?"

"Water's fine" I told her. She walked into the small kitchen to get me a glass. She was still dressed in a black tight fitting hoodie and black pants but she looked sexier than I had ever seen anyone look.

She took the glass from the shelf, placed it on the counter and turned to look at me. And I kissed her without a thought ... without regard for consequences ... I just lowered my head, closing the small space between us, and touched my lips to hers. It was an action as natural to me as breathing, an instinct, an impulse I'd been fighting since I met her.

She wasn't like other girls her age. Instead of buying dresses for the next school dance or hanging around parking lots, she was at home watching the history channel, at the library studying books on archaeological digs or out stealing jewelry from the rich. That's what made me think she was made for me.

Present Day

I look at Alex now sipping her wine and staring out at the view from my window. She was so beautiful has the moonlight touched her hair and her slender hands brought the wine glass to her lips. I couldn't imagine my life without her in it and that caused problems with me and Kate, because Alex and Kate never liked each other. I loved Kate more than I loved anyone but my history with Alex was something Kate could never understand after all you never forget your first.

Now she thinks Kate was still working with Adler and that's what got her killed. I know how much I wanted to deny that, but once I found out Vincent Adler was behind it all my thoughts did go that. She was working for him when we met, she was his assistant she knew him and he knew her.

She got herself into deep and she wasn't an experienced con. I blamed myself for what happened because I was the one that brought her into this life, she must've thought she could do it on her own. It was the Music Box she was after when she thought I had it. Adler wanted the Music Box to find the fractal antenna and he was willing to kill for it. First Kate, then Mozzie, who was next?