Don't walk away.

Chapter – 1. Betrayed.

I woke this morning feeling like shit and probably looking like shit. I rolled out of my bed and headed straight for Nyla's bedroom hoping she was awake I love it when my younger cousin comes to visit.

"Nyla. Nyla." I said hoping to god she was awake.

"What Bella…..It's 4am in the morning Bella!." I half screams and whispers at me.

"I can't sleep I'm going to confront Jacob are you coming." I reply heading back out the door.

I hear her mutter and stumbling around her room knowing she wouldn't leave me to go and confront him on my own. I head down stair and grab my truck keys and pull my boots on heading out the door towards my truck. I need to do this I need to go and confront Jacob this isn't him.

I feel betrayed, hurt and most of all I feel really fucking angry.

"I better get a thank you when all this is fucking over Bella." Nyla muttered behind me.

We both climbed into my truck. I pulled off the drive heading down towards La-Push noticing everyone's houses were in darkness this isn't even a sociable time to be doing this but it needs to be done.

"Bella what are you going to do if they are asleep they'll rat you out to Charlie for coming down here at this time of morning and waking them up because they will be pissed man even I'm pissed and tired." she muttered yawning.

"I will check if they are not awake or no parties happening then I will leave and come back later on." I reply pulling down Jacobs drive way.

We pull up outside Jacobs garage to see the whole house was in darkness. I got out of truck and stood listening as I could hear roars of laughter coming from round the back of the house.

I go to head round the back of the house but Nyla stops me.

"I'll go and look first Bella you don't know who is round there." She whispered leaving me where I was. I watched her climb over the fence and into the garden sneaking around back.

I couldn't just stand here and watch her walk away so I slowly followed her over the fence but stood by it I just want to keep her in my eye sight.

"Right I'm going to go round make out I'm lost." She whispered.

What the fuck before I could say or do anything she was walking out into the garden.

I stood holding my breath hoping for the best.

"Can we help you." Some guys voice called.

"I'm lost I can't seem to find my way home I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction." Nyla replied.

"Nyla I knew you'd come back to me one day." I heard one of them say.

I lost it I couldn't keep calm I ran right out into the garden to join Nyla I notice Paul heading right for Nyla and she went very pale and started to back away and stand behind me. I look around the garden seeing it was full of topless guy's beers and doing whatever else they were doing. Then I noticed him standing there looking at me in shock, love, lust all the weird emotions coming over his face the one the only Jacob black.

"You bastard. You left me for this life was I not exciting enough for you or something so you had to join a gang you scum bag and as for you the big all mighty Sam Uley get a fucking grip on your life your what 30 year old man running around with these pack of young boys disgusting. Jacob I never want to see you again." I shout at him failing to notice Nyla was having a trouble with Paul Lahote has he had walked right passed me in my rant and grabbed her trying to put her over his shoulder.

"Let go of me." She screamed hitting and kicking him to keep him back from her.

"No your mine." He roared at her.

My heart sunk. I looked at Sam and Jacob they were heading for me I turned and rammed into Paul knocking him off balance then I grabbed Nyla making a run for it towards the truck throwing the bins down behind us as we go to block the path to give us an extra minute or two to get out of here.

We both jump into the truck slamming the doors and locking them.

"Nyla get out the truck baby please come back to me." Paul was begging banging on the truck window.

I looked to my side to see Sam and Jacob pulling on my handle. "You ours Bella open the fucking door." They screamed at me.

Fumbling with the keys I jammed them into the ignition. "Bella get us out of here now.!" Screamed Nyla as Paul smashed the window grabbing onto Nyla cutting her skin in the doing with all the glass falling onto her.

I slammed my foot down and the truck took off along the road going the fastest I could make it go. Looking in the rear mirror I could see them running after the truck and boy they looked very very pissed.

I turned and looked at Nyla seeing her vest top was ripped and showing her bra she was breathing very heavy and looking very pale.

"Bella next time leave me at home." She whispered trying to brush the glass off her lap.

"Nyla I don't even know what the fuck just happened we are never stepping foot in this place again don't worry about it. Please avoid that idiot at all cost too he's bad news with a bad temper." I reply grabbing hold of her hand as we drive.

"I'm not that stupid Bella for fuck sake I'm covered in bloody glass cuts and my vest top is basically being ripped open I hope I never see him again he was a mistake." She muttered pulling her top together.

We both went quiet thinking of what just happened in the space of 5 minute's holy hell let loose and I know now we are not safe they will come looking for us now I glance over to Nyla shocked at her cut arms and legs feeling sick to my stomach knowing I had caused this to happen to her.

No matter how tough Nyla even she needs someone to look out for her.

As I passed the welcome to forks sign I've never been so happy to see it. Heading straight for where my house is I pull onto the drive and jump out. Nyla was already out and head of me. Once in the house we both headed for the bathroom.

Running the warm water and grabbing the towel I walk over to Nyla who is sitting on the toilet.

"I slept with him." She whispered not looking me in the eye.

I froze on the spot and looked up at her.

"What did you just say Nyla." I replied to her in shock.

"I slept with Paul about 6 weeks ago the first time I met him I went back to his house with him Bella and I slept with him." She whispered looking at me.

I felt shocked my 17 years old cousin slept with Paul Lahote he is 24.

"Nyla that's not even legal you're an idiot. You're not 18 till next month and do you know who he is what he is capable of doing he is a complete fruit loop Nyla." I replied back angry at the fact Paul had done this.

Nyla broke down in tears I hugged her.

"I've been avoiding him ever since Bella everywhere I go he is there, he follows me, grabs me and tries to take me away back to La-Push I have a problem Bella." She cried.

"What is it." I replied leaning back to look at her face.

"I'm pregnant the baby is his Bella." She whispered the started sobbing.

Fuck was all I could think.

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