Don't walk away...

This story came to my mind after a dream I had and I had to put it down on paper and write the story lol...hope you enjoy..!

I own nothing of twilight or anything to do with twilight it all belongs to stephine meyers !

I only own the plot !

Chapter - 1...Enjoy peeps :-D...

Dick head that's the only way to describe Jacob black right at this moment. God he makes me so bloody mad, all the promises he made and he kept none of them.
so right at this minute I'm flying down his drive to give him a gob full.
I shot down his and pulled up alongside of Billy's truck. I grabbed my phone off the seat next to me in case there's any trouble.

Jumping out of the truck I marched down the path and banged on his door...i banged again...Nothing no one is coming to the door.

"Hey Jake over here." i heard a voice shout.

I looked around not seeing anything. Then it clicked there in the back yard.

Marching round the corner i through the gate open and stepped inside the garden knowing from what i was looking at this was gonna end up in a big fight.
Looking around I saw Jake and his Friend aka gang members, sitting, laughing, and drinking.

Marching over to him i pointed in his face and shouted in his face.

"Ohh some illness you have Jake i mean come on you can totally see your dying eh." I screamed at him.

He looked up to say something but nothing came out he was just staring at me. I looked away looking for Sam. I spotted him.

"You i hope your happy you dick one day all of this is gonna come up and bit you on the ass you dick." i screamed at him but he said nothing either.

They were both just standing there looking at me and purring I think.


"I tell you what Jake, enjoy all of this. This life being in a gang, drug and fights but when it all backfires don't come running to me because I will never forgive you." I said.

I turned around and walked away knowing it was the best choice or i should have stayed at home like Charlie told me to do.

I heard a growl and someone grabbed my arm. I spun round to see Sam Uley shaking and growling.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING?" He shouted holding on to my arm with a grip that killed like a mother fucker.

"Home...NOW GET THE FUCK OFF ME." I screamed and slammed my phone into the side of his head.

He screamed and let go...I turned and ran for my truck like my life depended on it and right now it does. I jumped into my truck and locked the two doors so they couldn't get me.
I turned the truck on and slammed my foot down and drove up the drive. Looking back i saw them running after the truck i put my foot down and went faster.
When i looked back again to see if they were still there, they were running into the woods.

"What are they running into there for." i whispered to myself.

I put them thoughts to the back of my mind and cared more about getting home to Charlie.

After 10 long minutes of not slowing down and panicking i was gonna get stopped by the police i finally pulled up on my drive.

I got out of my truck and walked up my path looking at my now broken blackberry phone. Charlie's gonna kill me.
I forced the key into the lock signing i turned the key and walked into the house.

"Dad." I shout has I was tugging my jacket down my arms and hanging it up.

After a couple of minutes to my surprise Charlie replied. "In the washing room bell's." he shouted.

In the washing room i thought for a minute shaking my head i kicked my boots off and walked into the washing room.

"Hey." i said hugging him.

"Hey how'd it go with Jake." he replied hugging me back.

I let go of him knowing I was gonna have to explain to him what had happened.

"Not good at all." i replied playing with my necklace.

"Why what happened." he asked turning and facing me.

"I went down to see him drinking and partying with Sam Uley and the gang. So he is with them now there no such thing as Bella swan anymore to him. I gave him a gob full and Sam a gob full. They did nothing but just smile at me so i walked away and they ran after me I hit Sam and now I'm here okay." I replied not wanting to talk about it.

I looked up at Charlie. He looked like he was about to have a heart attack.

He marched out of room saying to himself.

"Why my baby girl why her." he was saying to himself.

I went to say something to him but there was a knock at the door. I walked over to it shaking my head at Charlie as he rushed around his office. Opening the door i came face to face with Billy black and this woman.

"Charlie." i shouted.

Within seconds he was in front of me blocking me from sight.

"Billy, Kate come in." he said making way for them to walk into the house and that was pushing me into the living room door way.

"Bella can you go up stair...Ermmm and this is from your mother sweet heart." Charlie said.

I nodded my head and took the letter knowing in the back of my mind that something was going on or something was gonna happen.
Once i got to the top of the stairs i walked into my bedroom and sat down. I opened the note shocked at what i was reading...



Lock your bedroom door and window then close you curtain...NOW.


I jumped up and locked my bedroom door and window then closed the curtains knowing something bad was going to happen.
I turned the note over and there was more to read.


Sweet heart if you are reading this I'm trying to talk Billy Black and Kate Uley from taking you to la-push to Sam and Jacob. i know your panicking and wondering why.? but remember when you were a kid and Billy always talked about werewolves and imprint.
Jacob and Sam Uley are werewolves there not in a gang...i told you hoping it would scare you from gong but it didn't, did it?.
Yes this also means you are their imprint...they will stop at nothing to get you and even if you hadn't gone to la-push they still would have gotten you, one way or another your there's and if this killing me it will be done.
i'm trying my hardest to not let take you i love you darling always know that.
Now you mustn't come out of your room till i say so you hear me! And don't look out the window either. I don't know if the wolfs are lurking around the woods outside our house and you don't want to know.


I love you sweet heart...




i always thought the stories were real. WAIT CHARLIE. I can't let him die.

as i opened my door i heard a shout.

I walked onto the landing and sat down listening to them fighting.


"No! Kate, she is all i have left and i'm not letting your pack of mutts mark and dry hump her you hear me." my dad shouted back.

"Fine...Charlie have it your way." she replied.

"Charlie this is your last chance. Let us take her or we send wolfs to get her and that won't be pretty will it? Cause there wi'll be nothing you can do."Billy said.

It all went silent for a few minutes.

"I'll take her myself so i get to say good bye. She'll be down by 7.30."Charlie replied.

I hadn't realized the tears falling down my face.

"Good choice Charlie See you at 7.30 ohh and by the way if you and her try to run you won't get far. We have the pack watching her every move. By the way even if you do try the pack will kill you and take her okay." Billy told Charlie

I saw Charlie nod his head. Billy walked towards him and round him. He looked up the stairs and towards me.

"See you will make beautiful puppies, you will." He said and turned and walked out the house.

Kate waved and called me beautiful to before walking out the door to follow Billy..

I jumped up and ran into my room locking the door not wanting to talk to Charlie anytime soon.

"Bella open the door please." Charlie begged from the other side.

I nip myself hoping i would wake up from this nightmare. but i didn't.

"Open the door Bella please." he shouted again.

I stood up and opened the door. I felt tear roll down my face knowing Charlie was going to make me move there with Sam and Jacob like a little fucking happy family well I'm not going.

Charlie grabbed me into a hug.

"Bella sweetie i can't help it and if I could I would, but I can't. I know you heard what was said downstairs between Billy, Kate, and Me. But please understand that if you run they will kill your friends, family, and me, until they got to you. They will leave your mother till last because of Nick Uley. You see many years ago, Nick, Kate breather, imprinted on her, He was sick, so she left me and Forks. I don't blame her for leaving. But instead of killing her, they would give her to Nick .and if that doesn't work they will just hunt you down. They will get you in the end, sweetie I'm so sorry." Charlie said softly as tears began to fall down his face.

I looked up to see Charlie crying to.

I let go of walking back into my room. Pulling my suitcases from under my bed i laid them out on the floor.

"Let me pack please." he nodded his head and walked out.

"Dad I know you can't this but know this i love you and I don't blame you." I said smiling.

"Love you to bell's I'll find away to help don't worry." he said and walked down the stair.

After 3 hours of packing I looked at the clock and saw it was 7.15pm.

It's time to go.

Charlie carried all my bags to the car. I just stood in my room staring wishing in away i never came here. i turned and walked down the stairs knowing this was life is over.

I walked out the house and down the drive then stepped into the drive.

Once Charlie started driving, tears started pouring down my face.

"Bella I'm sorry." Charlie whispered grabbing my hand.

"I know dad and its fine." I replied.

"They would have still found you."He replied.
The rest of the drive to la-push was in silence.

As the 'Welcome' Sign came into view, my heartbeat beat faster and faster and faster. As soon as we passed the sign, I heard a howling from the wolves, finally realizing that this was real. I looked to the side of us as we turned towards Billy's house. I saw 2 wolves running alongside the car they must be following, making sure I don't try and run .


*Authors note*

i also want to say that i own the plots to these stories and taking them is not right ! i will report anyone's ass that tries. i'm saying this because someone copy 2 of my stories ! the copied and pasted pieces my story onto there's ! and i'm not having that i work my but of to make these stories.
and best bit was it was evil werewolf the one story that is the biggest and dark lover...i really mad and upset that someone would do that ! so i only write this story because everyone said carry on.
In away i wanted to take my stories off here and end it ! i maybe will i don't know it depends if it happens again and if it does all my stories are coming off here END OF .!