Don't Walk Away.

Authors note - I'm back dudes ;) hope the wait hasn't killed anyone but here's Chapter 5 enjoy :).

Chapter - 5

Nyla pov -

I turned on my heels the front door with Charlie coming behind me begging me to stop and not to go there, but if I don't who will cause he isn't and I'm not leaving Bella in this mess she needs me !.

Jumping in to my car I slam it into reverse and fly out of the drive then head straight for La Push I hope jacob fucking black remembers who I am.

I lean over and reach into my bag for my phone pulling it out I manage to get Bellas number up and I dial it.

The traffic lights outside La Push turn red so I'm stuck for a little bit.

RING...RING...RING Come on Bella please answer.

"Hello" A man said

My temper just flared they have some fucking balls.

"Gotta say you two have some fucking balls so is that sam or jacob I wanna know which one of you I'm beating with a large stick first." I replied flying through the green light and heading down Jacobs street.

"I take it your sweet little Nyla then" he replied laughing at the end.

Climbing out the car I walked down Jacobs paths.

" see if your laughing when u have my hands round your throat, I'll have you begging me to stop babe." I replied.

"Names Paul Merez ask for me when you find us if you can." Paul laughed. Hanging the phone up I picked the brick up and slipped my jacket off placing the brick on it and wrapping the coat around it, I walk up to the front window when I can see them all sitting round the phone and swing the coat round rounding head and through it at the window

SMASH I follow the brick through the window.

"I'm looking for Paul Merez." I shouted and smiled.

Daddy always told me to make a entrance and go in swinging ;).

Hope you guys enjoyed it !