A/N: Written for thenewkait's MY FIRST KISS challenge on HPFC.

Warning: Contains mentions of eating disorders and death.

The Illness of Rose Evangeline Weasley

From birth

They've known each other that long

United by parents

Events of a war long past

Took naked baths together

Levitated each other's cat

Had a phase where they sent letters by owl rather than speaking

Shared their first butterbeer

She was his first crush

Tender age of eight

He didn't know what love really was

Wanted whatever his parents had

Rode on a broom for the first time together

Played on the same Little League Quidditch team – the Ottery Owls –

He was Keeper, she was Chaser

Won the Little League Cup

Her first 'love' was an older man

Tender age of nine

Older man was at Hogwarts, in his seventh year

She stood no chance

Not against her beautiful older cousin

No one had a chance against her beautiful older cousin

Her beautiful older cousin beat her at everything…and she was tired of it

She grew sick

Her self-esteem plummeted

She grew depressed

He often found her in the bathroom

Hunched over the toilet

Went to St. Mungo's

She stayed there for a year

Tried to get better

Finally came home

He still loved her

Though he had an inkling as to what was causing her illness

He suspected her feelings for the older man, now a one-year graduate

But he wouldn't give up on her

She stayed home for two weeks over the summer holidays

Became sick again

Was sent back for a year

Needed to get better so she could start school

She came home once more

Finally cured, they were all sure

She had finally gotten over the older man

Maybe he now had a chance

They went off to school for their first year

Accompanied by her male cousin

Arrived at the school their parents had attended

Excitement filled the air

She, along with her cousin, went to the house of bravery

He went to the house of intelligence

He and she stayed friends

They had already been through so much

But they drifted

Didn't have classes together

Didn't have time for each other

Started making other friends

She fell for her father's enemy's son

But her father's enemy's son was interested in another girl

Her older, third-year cousin

So she grew sick once more

He still felt for her

Found out she was sick again

It was happening again

And she still didn't feel for him

He sent a letter home

Told what was going on

They sent her a therapist

She needed to get better

Saw her therapist once a week for six years

Kept having lapses of illness

Still loved her father's enemy's son

Still wasn't loved back

He still felt for her

Finally knew that it was love

Wouldn't give up

He had given her so much of his life

The school held a ball in their sixth year

He was too nervous to ask her

But he wanted her to be there

Persuaded her cousins to make sure she was there

The ball came

He was among the first people at the ball

He looked for her as the music began to play

Students began to dance

He couldn't see her

Hoped she was there

He wanted to tell her

Show her she was loved

The giant doors opened

The music stopped

The people turned

The last guest had arrived





Red hair piled on top and curls cascading down

Silvery make-up to play up sky-blue eyes

Shimmering white gown

Looked like a Greek goddess

It was her

She had come

She was in front of him

Ensnared his heart

Watched as the guests parted

Made her an aisle

She glided across the floor

Looking for someone she knew

They locked eyes

In that moment he knew

Time to be a man

Take a chance

He approached her

Asked her for a dance

She blushed – made her even more beautiful

She took his hand and they walked to the dance floor

The music resumed

They began to twirl

The world fell around them

Their attentions were fixed

Crowd watched in awe

Guests didn't recognize the people on the floor

At a table sat her family

Family smiled triumphant

He only had eyes for her

His thoughts only for her

As they had been for eight – almost nine – years

He was in the moment

He leaned his head down

Put his mouth at her ear

And whispered what she'd wanted to hear for so long

She heard she was loved

He went in for the kill

Kissed her

Fireworks went off in his head

Blissful heaven

She did nothing

Pulled back

Started crying

Ran out of the hall

He followed her

Out of the castle

Into the courtyard

To her favorite bench

Sat beside her

Stroked her back

Smoothed her hair

Wiped her tears

She told him the truth

She didn't love him

Still loved her father's enemy's son

Was late because of her illness

He rose silently

She looked at him

Her eyes red-rimmed

His face blank

She asked where he was going

He said nothing

She begged and pleaded

Asked him not to leave her

He couldn't stay

He knew that

Knew that she'd never want him

The way he wanted her

He'd always be second-best

Shoulder to cry on

Best friend

Never boyfriend

Whispered a farewell

Told her that time was up

As the clock struck midnight

He swept back into the castle

Next morning

Breakfast was silent

She was the last one to enter

Had stayed up all night sobbing

Everyone turned to her

She was confused

Her male cousin – same year – approached her

Took her back out to the hall

She heard the terrible news

He was dead

Took his own life last night

Soon after he'd left her

She cried

This couldn't be happening

Just a nightmare

He wouldn't leave her

She was summoned to the Headmistress' office

His parents were there

His twin was there

Her parents were there

Everyone cried

Mourned the boy who would've been a man today

Mourned a son, a godson, a brother, a twin, a best friend

Mourned a good person who left this world too young

The funeral was in a week

Her birthday

She didn't mention it

Wanted him to have the best memorial

She was the last one in the office

Headmistress gave her a note

Said he'd left it for her

She nodded speechlessly

She went to her special place

The room that was whatever one needed

It was all black

A purple couch in front of a fireplace

She sat silently

Braced herself

Unfolded the note

Read his last words

Read them once


Five times in all

And she cried, cried, cried