Chapter One

Something's Up

Elizabeth was trying to get ready for her date with Conner when the phone rang. She could tell that it was on Jessica's line, and waited for her sister to pick it up. But the phone rang two more times. She finally walked over to the phone and answered it.

"Hello, this is Liz..." She didn't finish because a male voice cut her off. "Is Jessica there?" It demanded. Elizabeth rolled her eyes. "Jess, phone for you!" She waited until her sister picked it up.

Jessica picked up the phone and waited for Elizabeth to hang up. As soon as she heard a click, she talked. "Hello?" She asked. An all to familiar voice answer. "Hello, Jessica, it's Will. I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me tonight." Jessica was speechless. "Wait a second Will, number one, you have a girlfriend. Number two, you broke up with me in the cruelest fashion. Number three, I hate your guts. Why should I?" On the other end, Will took a deep breathe. "Melissa and I broke up, okay? I'm sorry I dumped you, but I know you're the better person." Jessica tried to think, of something to say. "Will, leave me alone, okay, I wish that you'd understand that I hate you." With that, Jessica hung up on him.

Conner had taken Elizabeth to a movie that evening, but neither of them was paying any attention to the movie, instead, they were sitting in the back row, holding their own make out marathon.

After the first thirty minutes, Elizabeth felt Conner pull back. "Liz," he said quietly, "Why don't we leave before someone complains? We can continue this back at my house." Elizabeth nodded and the two exited the movie theater

Jessica looked at her clock, which read ten thirty. Elizabeth's curfew was in an hour, and she really wanted to talk to her about the phone call that she had gotten from Will. She'd already written about it in her journal, and wanted to talk with an actual person.

True to his word, Conner and Elizabeth had continued to make out as soon as they gotten to Conner's room. Mrs. Sandborn and Megan hadn't been there, which was definitely an advantage. Elizabeth heard the clock downstairs chime eleven, and reminded herself that she need to be home in half an hour. She began to pull back from Conner, but he pulled her closer, and began to kiss her even more passionately. Elizabeth felt Conner move his hands to the front of her blouse, unbuttoning the first button...

Jessica was looking out her bedroom window, hoping to see Conner's car pull up. It was a good thing that her parents had gone to a late dinner, because it was well past midnight, and Elizabeth still wasn't back home yet.