Chapter Twelve

A Conclusion With Shocking Results

A week later, Jessica walked into HOJ at six thirty. God, she hated

working the opening shift. Especially the early shift on a Sunday


"Hi Jessica!" Ally called out, looking frazzled as usual.

"Hi Ally. Who's here?" Jessica, said, forcing herself to move. This was

inhumanly early.

"Just me."

Jeremy walked up and kissed her. "And how's my girl?"

Jessica smiled when he called her his girl. "It's too early to be

awake. How can you look so cheery?"

Jeremy laughed, and fixed Jessica a latte. From the back, Ally yelled,

"Jess, he's been here since six. And he's also had four cups of


Jessica cracked up, causing coffee to snort out her nose. Jeremy

grabbed a napkin and wiped up the mess. "God Jess, drink coffee much?"

Jessica shook her head. "All the time. Hear that Ally?" She called.

"Working here has turned me into an addict!"

Ally walked out of the back room. "Very funny. Come on you two. We open

in less then half an hour. Can you please get to work?"

They nodded. Jeremy looked at Ally. "What needs to be filled?"

Five hours later, Jessica looked up to the clock. Almost twelve,

meaning that her shift was almost over. The morning hadn't been anything

but pure chaos. Not only had sure put up with dozens of over-caffinated

customers, but Will Simmons had come by with a few of his idiotic

buddies- Josh Radinsky and Matt Wells. Will had even had the nerve to hit on

her- right in front of Jeremy. He'd told him off, and said that if he

ever hit on his girlfriend again, no one would see Will again- or at

least not with a severe limp.

Finally, the clock hit twelve. Jessica smiled, and walked into the back

room to get her purse. Jeremy was back there, too. "Hey Jess, wanna do

lunch together?"

"Sure. I'm ready to go. Are you?"

Jeremy nodded, and the two of them walked out.

When they got out to the parking lot, she notice Andy, Tia, and her

sister all getting out of Andy's car. "Hey Liz!"

she called, and ran over to her.

"Hi Jess."

"Hi Liz. Listen, Jeremy and I are going out to lunch, so do you want to

take the Jeep?"

Elizabeth nodded, and Jessica handed her the keys. "See you later!"

Jessica sauntered back over to Jeremy. "It looks like you'll even get

to take me home. I turned the Jeep over to Liz."

Jeremy smiled. "Don't mind a bit. Means I get to spend more time with

my girl."

"Oh, does that mean that you own me now?" Jessica teased.

That night, Jessica arrived back home around six. She was

immediately greeted by her sister. "Hi Jess!"

Jessica walked in and threw her purse on the couch. "Hi Liz. How come

you aren't out with Conner? I thought that you guys were going out


Elizabeth nodded. "We were, but I've had a bad stomachache ever since

this afternoon."

By now, Jessica had found her way into the kitchen. She reached into

the refrigerator and grabbed a Diet Coke. "Liz, you've been sick alot


Elizabeth frowned. "What do you mean?"

Jessica sat down at the table, and her sister followed suit. "What I

mean is what I said. Think about it. You said you felt sick at Tia's on

Saturday morning, and same on Sunday. You left school after third period

on Monday, and said you felt sick on Wednesday, and on Thursday. And I

know that you threw up after dinner on Friday, but you didn't tell mom

because you didn't want her to make you stay home from the Riot."

Elizabeth looked at her sister sheepishly. "Okay, I guess that I have

felt sick lately."

Jessica raised her eyebrows. "And I didn't tell you, but Conner asked

me on Thursday if something was bothering you because you'd been acting

crappy all week."

"Oh great. Now he asks you about me."

Jessica shrugged. "Are you sure you don't have some bug or something?"

Elizabeth shrugged. "I'm sure I'm fine."

Jessica didn't look convinced, but nodded anyway. "Okay I'll believe


Jessica bounced into her sister's room at seven the next morning

to see if she was up for school yet. To her surprise, Elizabeth was

still in bed.

"Hey Elizabeth, wake up!" She called.

Elizabeth poked her head out from under the covers. "Jess? Will you

please go downstairs and tell mom I don't feel well enough to go to school

today?" She pleaded weakly.

Jessica crossed her arms over her chest. "I swear you've got some virus

or something."

Elizabeth had fallen back asleep, and woken up about an hour and a

half later. Apparently, Jessica had told their mom.

At that moment, Alice walked in the door. "Good morning, honey. It's

nice to see you're up. Are you feeling any better?"

"Not really." Elizabeth watched her mom walk over and sit on the edge

of her bed.

"Liz, you've been sick alot lately."

"Jessica informed me of that last night."

"My point is, it's not like you. I think that you're coming down for

something." Before Elizabeth could protest, her mom continued. "I think

that it's time you went and saw a doctor."

"Mom..." Elizabeth complained.

"No ifs, ands, or buts. You have an appointment at ten fifteen

tomorrow. So I'll pick you up at school after third period."

Elizabeth realized that there was no point in arguing, so she nodded.

"Okay, now do you want me to bring you some breakfast?"

The next morning, Jessica walked into Mr.Collins's class, and

began to walk over to a seat between Tia and Melissa, but Mr.Collins

stopped her. "Jessica, can I see you for a second?"

Jessica walked up to his desk. "Yeah? Am I in trouble?"

Mr.Collins shook his head. "No, you're not in trouble, Jessica, but I

was wondering about Liz. Is she sick again today?"

Jessica shook her head. "No, but she wouldn't be here today. She has a

doctor's appointment. She's been sick a lot lately, and mom wanted to

make sure that she was okay."

Mr.Collins nodded. "You can sit down now. Thanks Jessica."

Elizabeth sat with her mom, wanting to know what was taking the

doctor so long. They'd gotten in at ten twenty, and it was noon now.

First, she'd had to get examined, and then got to have a bunch of tests

run. Then they'd waited awhile, and the doctor had asked Elizabeth a lot

of questions in private.

Elizabeth blushed thinking about it. A lot of personal questions. Really

personal questions. That had been half an hour ago.

"Ms. Wakefield? Elizabeth?" The doctor asked. They turned to face the


"Yes?" Alice asked.

"Well, we have the test results in." She started. "And it turns out

that Elizabeth isn't sick."

"Then what's wrong?"

"It actually turns out that Elizabeth is pregnant."

Elizabeth Wakefield 12:08 P.M.

Oh. My. God.

This is the end of The Love Game. The story will continue in a new fan

fiction called The Future Starts Now. I hope that you liked this story

and are looking forward to the next one! ~Elle : )