Hoopla everybody! Just a short introduction to a new idea here, if you like it, it will continue, but you should know that it will be Dorcas/James/Gabriel centric.

I do not own Larkrise to Candleford, I imagine the BBC and Flora Thompson. Oh and I also borrowed a cheeky quote from To Kill A Mockingbird (everything good to eat) which is Harper Lee's.

Anyway, enjoy (hopefully).


'Spring, as everyone in Larkrise and Candleford knows, is a time for new life. The cold winter months give way to a lighter, happier time and the promise of summer, with bright colours and everything good to eat is just around the corner. However this year, spring was to be a more turbulent time for the residents of our two small settlements, town and village, than the time of winter's tempests had ever been.'

Dorcas Lane woke early, as she had done on the first day of spring every year of her life. It was one of her many little traditions, as was the quiet reflection on her life that she carried out each and every morning before Minnie brought through her morning tea with the usual clatter. However this particular morning, Dorcas could not claim to be entirely happy with the way things seemed to be going. She did not personally stoop to gossip about her friends and neighbours, but had, as ever caught the word on the streets from Pearl Pratt. Gabriel was preparing to leave, and had not thought to inform her.