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Possibly will continue.

Harley gave a squeal of delight when she walked through the door, and spotted ivy that had grown up the walls and around the furniture, and a pretty exotic flower in the middle of the table. She instantly knew that Pamela Isley was back, but who knew for how long. She walked over to the flower on the table, and studied it for a moment. It was an extremely large red, black, and white flower. Pamela had created the hybrid herself. She claimed it as her Harley flower, to remind her of Harley when she was gone.

"Ivy?" She called out when she heard some noises that sounded like objects being moved around in the kitchen. Harley excitedly walked that direction. When she walked through the kitchen door frame she saw Pamela with a watering pail in her hand, and she was filling it up in the sink. When she turned around, a smile spread widely across her pretty face.

"For my babies." She said, nodding towards the watering pail, and she headed out of the kitchen. Harley quickly followed her out.

"When did you come back?" Harley questioned, as she watched Pamela gently tilt the watering pail into the soil of a potted familiar looking plant that Harley could not name.

"Hmmm….," She started, then paused for a moment and walked over to the plant on the table. "Around five, I would say," She put her hand onto a petal of the flower, and softly stroked the petal. The flower automatically livened. Both of the girls smiled. "And it is almost nine now.", she said, glancing up to the clock on the living room wall. "Where were you?"

"Well, I didn't know you were coming back tonight. I went some where with Selina." Harley said, with a smile on her face, which then disappeared when she saw Pamela's turn into a frown.

"With Selina, Huh?" She said, looking back at the plant rather than looking at Harley. Harley put her hands on her hips and frowned.

"You should very well know that it was not like that!", Harley then said with an angry expression on her face. "It was a gig! A gig!" She repeated herself to make sure Pamela understood. "Someone needed an easy job done, and Selina knew I needed the money, so she asked me if I wanted in, and of course, I said yes." Pamela then sighed.

"I know, I know." Pamela looked up at Harley. "Selina is our friend, and a damn good one at that. I'm just an extremely jealous person I guess. I couldn't imagine how my babies would feel if I didn't show them love everyday." She spoke as she stroked a petal again with her finger. "I also do realize she loves the Bat, and what you and Selina did was a one time thing." She made sure to greatly empathize the "one". Harley's expression sadden at the mention of her moment with Selina. She hated when it was used against her. Selina and her had kissed just once accidentally. It had just kind of happened. Pamela had went out to do some grocery shopping since she was in charge of cooking mostly. Harley had been home all alone with Selina walked in, and slumped how onto the couch, with tears in her eyes. When Harley sat down next to her and tried to ease her, Selina's cry only grew worse. In between the crying and choking noises, Harley could only understand the name Bruce being spoken. In an attempt to soothe Selina, Harley began to rub her back in a large circle movement. They were snuggled up on the couch when Harley kissed Selina, her lips most with tears. At that moment, Pamela had walked in the door. The incident occurred about five months ago, and one week before Pamela had left to do some volunteer work in the Amazon with some rainforest plants.

"I-," Harley started, but was interrupted when Pamela started to continue with what she was saying.

"But, I guess I'll just have to trust you guys. Selina is like a sister to me, and this is her place after all." Pamela said, gesturing around the huge building they now resided it that used to be a animal shelter. She again smiled at Harley, but this time, her eyes betrayed her, for a sad look was in them. Harley stepped towards her slowly.

"Come on Red," She said as she draped her arms around Pamela. "I think it is about time to go to sleep." Harley said, as she leaded Pamela towards the bedroom. For the first time in five months, Harley fell asleep in Pamela's arms. The last thing Harley remembered before she fell asleep in the soft petals of Pamela's large flowery bed was the warmth of Pamela's body as she snuggled closer, and gently kissed Harley on the cheek.