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When Selina finally got home late that night, she could already assume what she had missed, for the rooms were all covered in plants. She had been out all night with Dick. They spent the majority of the night talking. Which 99.9% of was the subject of Bruce. Now, the feeling love is pretty hard to descirbe, but, it's everywhere. Even when lacking a heart, it's still there. Selina loved Bruce, although now she wouldn't admit it. He was "Bruce Wayne" a rich playboy. Every woman he ever loved had betrayed him in some way. It was hard for him to trust anyone. But, Selina alwyas believed in Bruce. Even when he died, she knew at that moment that he would find a way to be back in her life. He also had four young boys counting on him, if you were to count Jason. Selina peaked through the open door way to check on Red and Harley. They were both curled up together, sleeping. She smiled, and then fully shut the door. She then proceeded to walk into the kitchen area to get some cat food out of the cupboard to feed her cats. After that was all done, she poured her self a glass of milk, and walked over to the window. Selina took a drink, and then stared out the window at Gotham City. It seemed decently peaceful at this time. The city was partially lit up and the sky was full of stars. Selina sighed.

"Bruce, why do you have to be gone when I need you most?" Selina said, mostly to heself, partially to Bruce, whom she knew wouldn't hear her anyway. Her eyes started to tear up just a tad bit, but Selina knew she had to be strong. She wiped the tears away with one hand, and headed off to bed.

Selina awoke to the sound of pans being moved around in the kitchen. She then stretched and yawned, then climbed out of bed. Selina headed towards the kitchen, still in the clothes she slept in. Harley was in the kitchen doing what looked like attempting to make breakfast, but in reality, was making a huge mess.

"What in the world are you doing?" Selina said angrilly, but still half asleep. "You've basically destroyed my kitchen. " She then started to try and clean up some of the mess.

"I'm making Red and I some breakfast before she wakes up." Harley smiled as she spoke. There was a huge portion of salad with slice fruits in a bowl on the counter, and it looks as though Harley was trying to make herself some eggs and such other breakfast foods. Obvisouly, the salad for Red was the easy part.

"If you didn't wake her up already, like you did me." Selina walked up and took the spatula from her hand, and started to take over the cooking. "Let me help." Selina cracked a new egg and dropped it in the pan, and let it sizzele until the clear liquid turned white, and then flipped it over.

"Thanks for the help." Harley said as Pamela walked in the kitchen. Harley then ran up to Harley, and flung her hands around Pamela's neck.

"Mornin' Puddin'," Harley squealed and then kissed her. Pamela expression was one of irratation and disgust, since Harls had called her "Puddin", the idiodic nickname that she had given the Joker when they had been together. Harley knew that Pamela did not like to be called that, does anyone like to be called by the lovers ex's pet names? But sometimes, it just slipped. Pamela decided to ignore it, and kissed Harley back. "I made some breakfast for you and I, with a little help from Selina." Harley glanced back at Selina and smiled.

"Yeah, sure, a little." Selina scoffed.

"I bet." Pamela weakly smiled at Selina. She knew how Harley was when it came to cooking and such. She was such a child at some points, but Pamela still loved her. Pamela was just a tad bit jealous of the fact that Selina and Harley had been spending time together, espically when she had been gone. She knew it was stupid to worry, but she couldn't help it. She knew that Selina was in love with the Batman. She knew it, yet she she was still jealous. And then, when she wasn't stupidly jealous with Selina for now reasons sometimes, she worried about the Joker. She used to worry that Harley would leave her and run back to him the second he said the word, but with each passing day, she worried less about it. And with each passing day, she loved Harley more.

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I had trouble deciding on the whole Pamela eating thing. Would it be canabalism? Does she just use photosynthesis or what? I researched online and found that a few times she was seen eating vegtables and fruits, so I just went with that. I know she needs sunlight and water, as seen in GCS, but I guess the girl can eat too. Each chapter will be about 800-1000 words. Sorry about being so short.