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Chapter one:

"Mom, where did all the albums go?" Mac asked as she put an empty box to fill in front of the closet in her parents bedroom. She looked around but the closet was completely empty.

"Mac, honey, I have them packed away." Rainey called from the kitchen, where she was packing all the china and kitchen ware.

"Thanks Mom!" Mac looked to see if she had missed anything left to pack away in the remaining empty boxes.

Mackalya Lane was officially moving. Jack and Rainey Lane had decided to move to Ireland, more precisely Dublin. They had to live close to Mac. So this was a big move from Ashton to Dublin. Mac was still living in the bookstore close to Jericho Barrons. Mac was officially the proud owner of Barrons Books & Baubles.

The Unseelie were still out there but most had returned back to their prison. The world had emerged from the chaos, all claiming that the 'dark days' were over. The Seelie Fae were trying to find a new queen. They were trying to find the next high power, now that V'lane was gone. The Keltars are sorting out their own problem: Christian. They have no idea but it's suspected he's turning into a Fae. Ryodan and his club is booming in business as tourism in Dublin is on the rise again. Temple Bar is filling up quickly once again. Everyone is recovering and returning to the way things were. Jayne and his men are returning the justice system to Dublin. Thankfully, they have stopped eating unseelie. Kat has become the new Haven Mistress and a fine one at that. Mackayla had also secured her own position among the Haven members. Mac hadn't heard from Dani in a while, not since the war was over. Jericho Barrons was still in his garage behind the bookstore. He drops by everyday in the bookstore while Mac works. Mac had changed since the day she first stepped in Dublin to find her sister's killer. She had changed and now she was stronger and much smarter.

"Everything's packed. Remember, our flight's leaving tonight at seven." Jack Lane announced coming through the front door.

Mac looked at the black watch on her wrist- 6:15. We're leaving Ashford for good. Mac thought. She was sad at leaving her hometown. She had gone to all her favorite and memorable places the day before. She had remembered so many things from the years past when the world was perfect and Alina was still around.

And soon it was time to leave for the airport. Mac looked back at the house. I'll never forget. Blowing a kiss, Mac left towards the ca. Jack, Rainey and Mac looked at their beloved house one last time before departing to the airport.

Mac opened the door of BB &B. her parents were in their newly bought house. Mac set down her luggage turned and closed the door. She was turning the last of the deadbolts when two arms wrapped around her.

"Welcome home, Mac" Jericho greeted Mac as he lowered his head to the crook of Mac's shoulder and neck.

"I'm back." Mac put her hands on Jericho's arms and closed her eyes.

A moment later Jericho pulled back and picked her up. "Now, let's go." Barrons carried Bridal style to their room. Mac laughed but let the man carry the to their room for the night and possible up-coming day.

A/N- An extremely short chapter... I know. But this is just the beginning.