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Oh and who else thought it was about time Beck was the one to kiss Jade in the episode Diddly-Bops? They are adorable but I mean, it would be nice if Beck was the one to kiss her first.

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Beck and Jade were just hanging out at the RV.

Both of them were laying on the bed.

Beck was playing with Jade's hair.

"You know you have beautiful hair?" asked Beck.

"Yes. I do. Now quit playing with it." replied Jade.

"Well then." said Beck trying to act hurt.

"Oh shut up, Beck. You can be such a girl."

"I love you Jade."


"A simple, I love you too Beck would've worked just fine babe."


Jade soon fell asleep.

While Beck watched her sleep peacefully, he started to think why is was the one who always told her, "I love you."

It was never her who said "I love you Beck." He loved her. He loved her alot, & he knew she loved him. But hearing those three words come out of her mouth would make him feel loved. Yeah, they fucked almost every night but "I love you Beck" would mean even more to him.

So he decided not to say it until she said it.

The next day at school:

Jade was at her locker when Beck came up to her.

"Hey babe."


She leaned up to give him a peck.

He smiled.

Before turning back, she saw Andre lean down to give Tori a kiss.

That got her thinking.

While walking to class...she was thinking.

Andre always gives Tori a kiss.

How come I'm always the one to kiss Beck first.

Isn't the guy supposed to kiss the girl first?

Shit. These past 2 years, we've done this girlfriend, boyfriend thing wrong.

You know what, Im not going to kiss him. Well atleast not until he kisses me first. Now that I think about it...if he was so in love with me...why wouldnt he kiss me first...OHMYGOD! What if he's cheating on me...with Allyssa Vaughn! Nah...i beat the living shit out of her..I don't think she would dare to go near Beck after that...whatever.