I decided that now would be a good place to end our story. Katniss and Peeta were already given their happy ending in Hunger Games, so I'll end this with something a lot of you have been asking for, Stosh's POV. I hope you enjoyed the story! I am so thankfully for all of the reviews and the ideas, I truly appreciate it!

- LM



The last four months had flown by. Over that time I had been able to spend four glorious weeks with Ollie and Sage in District 15. When I wasn't visiting with them, I was helping Cruz build the Medical Center in District 12. We had already started the foundation for the nursery that would attach to the north end of the building.

President Paylor had come through on her promise to start working on the new plan immediately. Already similar nurseries were being built in the other districts. Some were being constructed as Medical Centers, and in the larger Districts they were being added on to hospitals. Some Districts were even building multiple nurseries so it was more accessible for every couple.

President Paylor had aired a message three months ago with the new plan. She commended the citizens of Panem for stepping up to help Revive our healing nation. She gave reports of the rise in pregnancies and said she was optimistic that the Breeding Center would be rendered useless in a matter of years.

Peeta and Katniss traveled back and forth between District 12 and District 14. They still counseled the boys and girls there while training new counselors to take their positions. They were also playing a big part in setting up the counseling center and nursery here. The four of us had become a team, working as one to build a better Panem. We hadn't seen Gale yet but Katniss assured me that he was doing well back in his position as Commander of the Breeding Center.

I had just settled down at the kitchen table when the phone rang. I had finished construction on our new home last week. We had built it on a lot near the Medical Center so that I could travel back and forth in a matter of minutes. Cruz asked me to help run the center with him and I had agreed. Our home was larger than the ones in the Seam, but not as grand as the ones in Victor's Village. I had a feeling Ollie would love. It was just perfect for our family.

"Hello?" I answered the phone, expecting Cruz to be on the other end reminding me to stop for supplies in the morning.

"Stosh?" Ollie's voice sounded pained, but calm. "It's time."

"What? NOW?" I jumped from the chair. "I'll never make it in time." The doctor had warned Ollie that she might go early again. I had planned to head out to District 15 once she hit full term and stay until the baby was born.

"They are doing everything they can to slow me down. I am not moving as fast as I was with Sage, but I can't promise anything. Just hurry." There was a click on the other end.

I grabbed my jacket and rushed out into the street. Where would I go to get a hovercraft? My trips there were always scheduled and I was picked up at Town Hall. I ran toward the town square but instead of heading into the large building looming at the other end I ran through the square and toward Victor's Village. I banged my fist on the door that used to belong to Ollie and I, hoping he had come home already. He had a habit of working late.

A light clicked on in the kitchen and the door opened. Cruz was half dressed, as if he was ready to jump in the shower. "Stosh? What's wrong?" His eyes grew wide.

"It's time, Cruz."

Realization fell on his face. "She's having the baby?"

I nodded. "Are you coming?"

He looked confused. "Wait, you want me to come?"

I tapped my foot. "There is a good chance that baby is yours. I can't wait any longer. Decide now."

"I'll grab a shirt." He bolted up the stairs and was back in less than a minute. Together we ran to town hall. The Peacekeepers eyed us but moved out of our way. We were here often to talk with the Mayor Toin about the progress of the Medical Center.

The receptionist was still at work, yawning while she sorted through papers. She startled when we came running in. "You boys are in a hurry. Can I help you with something?"

I slammed my hands on the counter. "We need to get to District 15, and now."

She smiled. "Well it's your lucky night."

We arrived in District 15 in record time. The Capitol had issued one small hovercraft to each District Mayor in case of a national emergency. It would travel five times faster than the normal hovercrafts. Apparently the Mayor had told his receptionist that if we ever came in needing to leave in a hurry, we had permission to use it.

We rushed through the hospital wing; Cruz led that way onto the maternity ward. A nurse ushered us to Ollie's room and we slid to a stop outside the door. I could hear Ollie screaming inside, she was still pushing. Cruz gave me a shove. "Get in there, I'll be waiting outside."

I nodded and pushed the door open, taking a deep breath. Tonight –or this morning rather—I would finally have an answer. Ollie's screaming was louder in the room, her yells were semi-primal. I rushed to her side and she grasped my hand hard enough that I almost cried out in pain.

"It's about time." Ollie gasped.

Dr. Weaver looked up. "The baby is crowning, you give new meaning to 'just in time' Stosh." He looked back at Ollie. "Just a few more pushes. You're almost there!"

She took a deep breath and began to push again. The nurse on the other side of her counted to ten, and on ten Ollie took another deep breath and started to push all over again. The whole scene amazed me, I had missed Sage's birth on the beach so I had not been sure what to expect. I only wish I had arrived sooner.

Dr. Weaver kept encouraging her. "The head is out Ollie, one more push!" I couldn't bring myself to look.

Ollie gasped and I watched as sudden relief fell over her face. A piercing cry filled the room as our baby took its first breath. "It's a girl!" Dr. Weaver exclaimed.

I kept my gaze on Ollie. She looked at me with tears in her eyes, and I could feel tears forming in my own. Ollie smiled. "A little girl Stosh." She looked down to where Dr. Weaver held our daughter. "Look at her Stosh." She whispered.

I turned my head slowly. Dr. Weaver held up her little pink form; her face was turning red as she wailed. She had a full head of dark hair, just like Sage's, and if she opened her eyes I would bet they were dark grey. And when I looked at her I knew. I just knew that I was her biological father.

I let go of my emotions and the tears started streaming down my cheeks. I looked back at Ollie and she crying as well, but her face still beamed with joy.

"What should we call her?" She watched as a nurse whisked our daughter away to be cleaned and checked over.

I kissed Ollie gently on the lips and leaned my forehead against hers. "Mia."

"Mia?" She asked.

"Yeah." I murmured. "It means 'mine'."